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21Believe MeV3 Comments
22Crew Love

Such I nice relaxing song and it makes me think about my crush if only I was in 7th grade again

Drake and The Weeknd? Enough said

Such a good pump-up song, This song really gives you that "reflection" mentality.

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23One Dance

Awesome! This song is so great! This beat and... It's a perfect summer song!

Awesome new song and is very catchy its like the better version of hotline bling

Most addicting hook I've ever heard, best song on Views for me!

Surprised this song isn't top 10... It's amazing and I love it. Best song from the album views at least.

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245AM in Toronto

This is his best pure Rap song. Murdered this song, filled with enough subliminal shots to make someone drunk laugh out loud

Listened to this song one time and can't stop. Drake goes hard definitely better than most songs he puts out now.

Drakes most underrated song in my opinion. Spits absolute fire over this beat while taking some subtle shots at some others

He went hard on this

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Fancy should be at least top 3 on here but 9am in dallas is easily the best song ever by any artist this son though shows drakes different voices although he makes music in several diffent voices and writes his own music

Best drake songs, I don't know what everybody else is talking about, it should at least be in the top 3

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26Right Above It

This song is amazing! Drake and Weezy make magic, sick beat. Just downright amazing

Should for sure be in the top 10, I don't know how it was at number 9 and got moved down to number 12, you guys need to vote this one back up to the top 10s

The beat alone makes this the best workout song I have, not to mention the epic flow and inspirational hook. One of the two weezy songs I actually really like.

This one is awesome

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270 to 100

Simply a masterpiece from start to finish. Starts with a dope and catchy rap style song that gets you super hype (0 to 100) then flows into a wavy lyrical masterpiece outro (The Catch Up)

Easily best song of 2014 and of Drake's songs. From going hard with a timeless flow in the 0-100 verse, to slowing it down and flowing effortlessly over the smooth Catch Up beat. Should be number 1.

It's obviously one of Drake's best songs, the beats are fantastic, and the rap is on point

Great song for gym workout

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28I'm On One

Some of the best rappers featured are on this song. Drake killed it through the whole song and Rick Ross added this laid back fluid feeling when he comes in. This song makes me want to go get a big house over looking a city, sit and smoke some expensive cigars with my friends and watch the world run.

Music of my life, the instrumental is terrible and drake voice is so perfect in this song, definitely it his best in my opinion

Whenever I'm on one I feel like singing after day 2 or so... This fills that void

Fire beat with even better rapping from Drake - LabelGod

29I'm Goin In

This has nice flow, but the lyrics are so stupid. Like seriously.

This song is honestly in the top tens in my opinion its one of young jeezy's songs and Waynes and drakes also

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30Doing It Wrong

Easily the best! So much passion in the lyrics its ridiculous, even the harmonica is bomb. It should at least be in the top 10. It can relate to so many people. Do Right And Kill EVERYTHING.

I have to say that when I listened to this song it moved me deeply, some of the best and most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard, in this song Drake speaks the pure and utter truth, this song is very passionate and you can tell Drake means what he is saying. His best song in my opinion

Amazing. I think if people heard it once like I did they would realize the true beauty it has. I have never been so moved by a song before. Drake speaks the blunt truth in this song.

What a beautiful song, everything he saying is so true

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31Shot for Me

This is one of drakes best songs I love this song so much is speaks to me in loads of ways I actully adore drake and this song I love him so much this song should get an award ts so good best song ever (take a shot for me)

This song is amazing you don't understand; it helped me get over a really bad heartbreak, I love it

The weekend wrote most of this song but still should b in the top 5

Best part is the Irish prayer

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What this song is to dope to be at no 33 should be no 5 it's awesome lyrics, dope video and go a sick beat

Not a big fan of drake. Half of the time he dosen't even rap, or do anything of substance, like in started from the bottom. I'm more of a 90s guy. With that being said, this goes hard. Drake actually shows off some of his rapping skill here, which is why his later songs piss me off because I know he can rap he just is a sell out. Also, the fact that drakes talking songs are above this pisses me off - Themusicman

Am I the only one that has energy got allot of energy?

One of the best out of ALL his songs

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33Up All Night

This song rocks the socks off all the others, but all drake is rocking 'Up all night' should be number 1 no question!

This is possibly one of the best songs from the whole 'thank me later' album, it should be at least top 15

This needs to be number one, this is the one song on my playlist I listen to over and over again, it never gets old. Vote for it!

Such an amazing song, super good beat too. If you listen to this you won't regret it I promise.

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Actually has flow to it, even though it's not about a serious subject, it's his best delivered song by far - u_maddox_bro

Why is this song on 52? Its one of drake's best songs for me! ;P its sould next to 'over' something/;

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Such a beautiful, emotional song. It's Drake talking about adjusting to success and dealing with all the highs and lows that come with it. Such a beautiful song I have no idea how it's not in the top 10, this song is one of his best. I could listen to it all day.

What's going on people is no1 listening to the lyrics, this song plays str8 thru

36Furthest Thing

Somewhere between psychotic and iconic. Somewhere between I want and I got. This is above any other lyricist, period

This one should really be voted higher..

Drake did everything right on this track. His lyrics on point, flow on point, beat on point, and ending definitely on point. Best Drake song, period.

The meaning of the lyrics are better than ANY of his other songs, and the song shows a soft side of Drake

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37Summer Sixteen

It is a pretty decent song and it should be at least in the top 20. But I doubt it will garner many votes now considering how many people won't go this far down the list just to vote for it

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He's got some nice lyrics in this one, and its sonically the best music he's ever put out.

This is definitely Drake's best song. It's far from the commercialised crap in Thank Me Later, and lyrically above Comeback Season and most of Take Care.. It's a real song, full of real emotion, which can be heard in his voice in every line.

Great lyrics and emotion with some clever metaphors "and I be gettin high just to balance out the lows"

One of the best drake songs

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39The Language

Best album ever possible, all sounds is different from any other songs back then.

THIS is his best track, aside from the end... Nothing beats this!

My homeboy likes this 1 but I don't think he tried hard enough

Drake kills his verses

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40Worst Behavior

This song should at least be top 7 or 5 it's my personal favourite song the lyrics is so awesome, Drake got swag

Look at the top 5 and replace this song with any 7 of those

One of the best lyrics I've ever heard from Drake, and the beat is frikin' cool, the chorus is great, this song has everything.

This is an amazing song deserves to be top 20 at least

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