Best Dropkick Murphys Songs

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The Top Ten

I'm Shipping Up to Boston

2The State of Massachusetts

3Rose Tattoo
I've heard almost every Murphys song and this is undeniably the best! This was the first Murphys song I ever heard and it got me absolutely hooked. This song just makes me want to drop everything and sing along to it! I also love the lyrics. They tell a story, one that says I am who I am because of you and everything around me.

4The Warrior's Code

5Kiss Me, I'm S***faced

6Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya

7The Green Fields of France

8The Boys Are Back

9Fields of Athenry
I imagine they love playing this song.

Red Sox theme song. #SoxNation

The Contenders

11Loyal to No One

12Time to Go


14(F)lannigan's Ball


16Wheel of Misfortune

17Worker's Song

18God Willing

19Prisoner's Song

20Curse of a Fallen Soul

21The Gauntlet

22Captain Kelly's Kitchen

23You're a Rebel

24Hang 'em High

25Famous for Nothing

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