Top Ten Best Dubstep Albums


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1Untrue - Burial
2Skream - Skream
3Burial - Burial
4Dubstep Allstars 5 - N-Type
5Underwater Dancehall - Pinch
6Oneiric - Boxcutter
7Mary-Anne Hobbs - Warrior Dubz - Mary Anne Hobbs
8Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Best songs ever scary monsters and nice sprites rock and roll will take you to the mountain kill everybody and remixes

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910 Tons Heavy - Various Artists
10World Is Gone - Various

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11Bangarang - Skrillex

One of his Best albums.

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12Rage Valley - Knife Party
13Timestretch ep - Bassnectar

All of bassnectar's music is cool.

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14De Generate - Vex'd
15Monstercat 007 - Solace
16X Rated - Excision
17Game Time EP - Zomboy
18Glyphic - Boxcutter
19More Monsters and Sprites - Skrillex
20My Name is Skrillex - Skrillex
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Top Remixes

1. Untrue - Burial
2. Skream - Skream
3. Burial - Burial
1. Rage Valley - Knife Party
2. Monstercat 007 - Solace
3. X Rated - Excision



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