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I love this guy. He is the artist that got me into dustep. None of the artists below have nothing on him. Skrillex is magnificent in many ways. Soony Moore thank you for your magic. Your music live on forever in dubstep history. Guy with the comment below is right Skrillex is the KING OF DUBSTEP. Gonna give you a thumbs up.
This guy totally deserves the number 1 spot, he is the one who brought me to dubstep. SKRILLEX IS THE DUBSTEP KING, just like Michael Jackson is the king of pop and Eminem king of hip-hop.
Skrillex is the king of dubstep and always be... He's all songs is awesome.!
Love this guy, man. His dubstep makes me crazy.
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2Knife Party
I will give credit to Skrillex simply because "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" introduced me to the world of dubstep. But the more I explored, searching for bigger and better dubstep, I stumbled upon a website talking about up and coming dubstep producers. Knife Party was on the list, shockingly as number four of five bands, and they recommended Centipede by Knife Party to listen to. Needless to say, that song dramatically blew my mind and they have continued to do so with almost every song they have produced. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are absolute musical masterminds. They were when they were in Pendulum, they are now in Knife Party, and they will continue to be hopefully for a while longer. Knife Party for life!
God, I used to hate dubstep, skrillex was just not good. I had a friend who is really into dubstep who showed me centipede, and that's where it started. Some of knife party's best tracks in my opinion are Rage Valley, Unison (knife party remix), bonfire, centipede piledriver feat. Steve aoki, and zoology with skrillex. Needless to say, after you've heard one of knife party's tracks, they are clearly the best out there. No questions asked
I really can't believe this guys aren't in the top position!
They don't have many songs, but he ones they have are great. Bonfire is the best song ever, and their remixes are always great.
Come on everybody, lets take Knife Party to the NÂș1!
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3Flux Pavilion
I remember I first started listening to dubstep because of these songs in the top twenty on my radio, and Skrillex had been the producer of some songs that I found that had nice rhythms and beats. I started to search pandora for Dubstep, Pendulum (I liked that band also- check out the island part 2), Skrillex, Nero, and a little more. I believe I had come across Flux through the remix of Gold Dust which is so great and I have loved all his other music ever since then. The real track that I could listen to 24/7 is I Can't Stop which is undoubtedly my absolute favorite dubstep track right now along with all of his other music. I say Flux would beat out Skrillex any day. People who voted Skrillex should check out I Can't Stop.
Flux Pavilion is much better than Skrillex.
I'm not a Skrillex hater, I listen to his music, too, but Flux Pavilion's dubstep is awesome.
His dubstep is great.
Catchy, nice beat.
But the thing is it needs more flavor.
More variation.
The synths he uses are mostly the same.
It's a few oscillators and probably a saw and a pulse wave and he makes chords.

I love his music though.
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To this day, only Nero has been able to bring out a side to dubstep that has kept me hooked since the first time I heard them. Almost every single one of their tracks has an emotional and uplifting energy that has been replicated by no other.
Nero I think has their own type of music. Revolutionized dubstep!

Excision is god of dubstep.
Excision makes that Music that Blow your sub' up even if the volume isn't turned on max.
Excision is same as good like skrillex, maybe even better.
Excision mixes songs to perfection.. he is the only dubstep artist I can actually listen to all his songs... very very few may not be my favorite but I still like them. what I like the most is the filth he brings in songs and also his bass.. he is by far in my opinion the best
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Bassnectar is like no other. He isn't't just a bunch of random monsters rar rars put together and call it musik. Bassnectar has a style that no other dj could pull off. Listen to ugly ft Amp Live and you'll know what I'm talking about. BASSNECTAR 4LiFE!
He has the most headbangers for sure. Plus he is super wise and has an amazing passion for music. Can't wait to rave at his concert one week from now!
Number 6?! Really?! Sorry Skrillex, Flux, but Bassnectar deserves the first spot. Then Knife Party, Excision and Tiesto. Where is Tiesto anyway?
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He should be in the top 15 at least
Why is this guy in 24th? He did a way better version of bass cannon the the guys in top spot...
This guys talent is greatly overlooked. I salute you zomboy!
This is hardcore dubstep redefined... Blow your mind and party on people!
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8Zeds Dead
Zeds Dead creates great songs with great rhythm, I especially like their two songs Eyes on Fire and Out for Blood
Demon gave me love for dubstep
Really... is zed dead... Y I love his song demons I droped me into heaven

9Doctor P
Doctor P is a genius. He sees other songs in a way no other person does, just listen to some of his remixes (Last Ones Standing, Love Goes Down). Also his original stuff is so different from the others and still is awesomer (big boss, watch out, sweet shop).
I think that this guy is number 4 on the charts.
Man this dude is awesome give him some credit for number one
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I listen to many different artists and producers, but Datsik has always been my favourite. Some of his tracks are immensely well made, and I feel he needs more recognition.
Do you Datsik is more better than Skrillex? It damn sick!
Listen to Datsik - Fully Brown
Then you know it
Datsik is just awesome. He is so simple, yet so complex at the same time. Just drums and wubs. He has also been producing for a longer time than most artists and still going strong. Datsik is awesome!
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The Contenders

Deadmau5 isn't dubstep... But who cares, he is better than Skrillex. He deserves top be at the top of every list!
Deadmau5 is just pure gold
Not real dubstep, but just the best of all electro DJ's.
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12Pegboard Nerds
Well the list is obviously a popularity contest. The nerds are amazing, just listen to Bassline Kickin or Fire in the Hole
They are literally amazing. Just listen to Bassline kickin or Fire in the Hole
Pressure Cooker for the win
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His remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is awesome! It's almost as good as the original!
Zedd is a genius
He Is Just Awesome... ! I love his Mix... He stands out of the crowd in Dubstepness..
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I love his signature bass! His stuff is crazy heavy and loud

15Kill the Noise
Kill the noise is one if the heaviest bass monsters ever. Just look at tracks like thumbs up and jump ya body. KTN knows how to combine killer beats with ear shattering bass drops and he does it in a way that no other dubstep artist has shown me yet
One of the best dub step artists out there, definitely deserves to be in the top ten
This guy should top the list... He's got the best sound in the dubstep category... his EP "Kill Kill Kill" topped all edm chart... His track "BLACK MAGIC" is the best track ever produced by him... he is even good at drum n' bass... This guy should be placed beyond the top ten... !

Traxione's music is so brilliantly complex. He is a musical genius.
Best dubstep artiist ever! So underrated!
I really don't know who this is

Absolutely awesome, has a great mix of songs with different genres mixed in. With songs like Paradise proving that the band has some strong vocals.
One of my favourite bands. Their music is very mixed, and I simply LOVE the beats. It's actually something I can move to, not just a couple off sounds here and there.
Modestep is the best according to me!
Sunlight is my jam. And the vocals. Muy bien
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18Chase & Status

19Seven Lions
Should be in top 5...
Great dubstep artist
Still With Me Remix

Best Dubstep Art Ever!
Seven Lions are a game changer, bringing in various styles into a jive form of dubstep.
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20Swedish House Mafia
I think swedish house mafia makes trance nt dubsteps! But in trance shm is d best!
They're not even dubstep, they're electro house!

21Adventure Club
Need your heart :') At par with scary monsters in my opinion. Must listen artist. you will surely not regret for listening to songs like Need your heart, Rise and fall, Gold. Soft dubstep at its best!
Such an incredible sound and feel for every song
Ac is awesome! Love their songs RISE AND FALL!

22Daft Punk
And you know whats awesome about these guys is that you will never find another artists of any genre like these guys. They are the most different, unique, but absolutely brutal djs on the planet. They have sick flows and amazing beats. Plus, unlike most of these guys, Daft Punk's music actually works. It isn't just a buch of monster roars put together and called music. It is cohesive. There should be a statue of Daft Punk in every country in the world! BRING ON the FUNK!
What! Daft Punk should be much much higher than this! How can you not like Daft Punk? They are awesome!
What the hell? Daft Punk doesn't make dubstep.


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The man who INVENTS dubstep gets a #32 spot? Shame, shame.
The Godfather of dub step, genius
He should be in top ten. Exothermic Reaction is very good.
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24The Glitch Mob

I don't need to say anything but just download shaolin style (nero rmx)'
Piano tune (VIP) & Bloodbath (original).

26Feed Me
Feed Me is a musical genius. His songs have changed many things about dubstep, and hopefully her will continue to do so. I also encourage you to listen to One Click Headshot. That song really shows what Feed Me is made of.
Rat Trap is Awesome


Should be in the top 5. Definitely one of the best to ever live in the world of dubstep. I cannot believe his position is this low. The top should be skream, benga, digital mystiks, rusko, trolley snatcha, caspa, datsik, skrillex and doctor p just to name a few
Not hating, but has anyone realised how most of Rusko's good stuff comes from other artist's remixes. Netsky's remix of Everyday, Sub Focus' version of Hold On & Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love to name a few.
Rusko is a fantastic and very well rounded electronic producer. He kicks ass at many facets of dub including moombha, brostep, grime and glitch. Rusko is the man!
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29Benny Benassi
I agree with that. He's not a dubstep artist. He did the lyrics for Cinema, yes... But that song was mixed by skrillex.
Benny benassi has nothing to do with dubstep why is he on this list?


31Stephen Walking

His music is amazing... Simply amazing, he puts so much detail and originalitty in his music its mind blowing, his music is simply deadmau5 level, in other words a creative genius
A real stand-out in the whole dance/electronica genre, a true musical prodigy
Savant is love. Savant is life.
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COME ON GUYS! Don't forget him
His tracks r really good
SKisM - Sexism *-*

34Alex Clare

35Dillon Francis

Worthy of the top 10

37Dub FX

3812th Planet

501's remixes of songs are creative, like a personalized style. Check out a fex of %01's remixes and see for yourself.


41Virtual Riot
This guy just does not cease to amaze me with every song he makes. personally I think he should be much higher than 41.
Absolutely amazing! He should #1 on this chart. I don't even know most of those failures that are higher than him here.

42Ry Legit
Not well known at all, but check out the music, one of my favorite artists so far and deserves much more attention
What? Why is this guy so low on the list?
Put it deeper, sweety man, double stuff, double kill, lock in, rampage are all good songs

43Tut Tut Child
Dragon Pirates, Power Fracture, and Dance to it are Epic.


Lights is just awesome

Has yet to disappoint me, therefore he is one of my favorite artists!

47Alex S
I'm so happy he broke away from the bronies. I like his solo stuff so much better.
Very creative producer. His stuff is always fresh and always awesome.
He is awesome. Only he broke from the bronies


Shadowbeatz makes a lot of cool songs. Check out his song " Just one more night" it's epic.
I love shadowbeatz and his brand new songs keep making the shadowbeatz
ShadowBeatz [AKA 'Hadow'] is the man... his music and dubstep will give you eargasm...

50Alvin Risk


Benga and skream invented and then popularized Dubstep whilst still doing their own thing. It is unquestionable that these two are the best ever. People who vote for Skrillex need to listen to real Dubstep, not screechy moonbachore
Benga Created Dubstep (With Skream of course) you Morons!

53Porter Robinson

54Mt Eden
Best dubstep artists ever!
Mount Eden practically PIONEERED dubstep. The music... It is revolutionary to the genre. you don't know how this isn't 1st, or at least 2nd
Best Dubstep Group ever.
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Can't express my love for his work, Watch your Back is among my favorites (Excuse the English)
Just listen to a few of his tracks, and you'll be hooked!
Eptic makes the filthiest tracks and should be easily rated in the top 10 dubstep Djs in the world
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Their songs are really heavy and all. But they build up to a drop, instead of just dropping it after like 10 seconds. They are extremely underrated.

Ajapai is one of my most favorite dub step composers, and he got me into the dubstep genre. He makes amazing songs with his unnatural sounds.


59Teddy Killerz

60Matthew Parker
One of the only dubstep guys I know of who doesn't have negative stuff (swear words, gross artwork, etc. ) in his music at all.
One swankin' dude if you ask me! He makes some dubstep that actually sounds different... MOST OTHER DUBSTEP ALL SOUNDS THE SAME!
He has never disappointed me with his music. It's always fun and creative.
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61Ben Moon
He has the most underrated orchestra dubstep music, check him out on Youtube.

62Cookie Monsta
Cookie Monsta could force Skrillex to shave off the other half of his head.

Just have a listen to blossom.. ,
His song blossom is very good





68Mizuki's Last Chance


70Camo & Crooked


Bro is like the king, insain drops!


74Birdy Nam Nam

75Child In Disguise

76Josh Chace
Check out his youtube channel his music is sick.

Not famous yet but check out his youtube channel. Cool music

Chrispy is amazing. Predator is great, and his remixes are also amazing.
He needs to be higher he is a lot better than this
He should be at least in the top 15
His songs are pure dubstep
Predator, inspecter gadget, Halloween
Are just awesome

Just pure awesomeness in his music
The piano is so melodic you will melt right into it
Deserves to be on top

Just listen to the island part 2
Great group but has nothing to do with this list they used to make drum n bass before they split.

Reso is absolute quality. All of his tracks are phenomenal and have amazing production. Seriously give this guy a listen!

Everything track Droptek makes is amazing, no questions asked. Oh and if your reading this search the song Gunslinger or Drop That Child
This is the shiiit!

Only one song but it's beast


85Black Sun Empire


87Ninja Kore



90Document One

91Kill Paris

92Bare Noize



Obsidia makes very original tracks


97Break the Noize


99Ronald Jenkees

100KOAN Sound

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