Best Earth Wind and Fire Songs


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The Top Ten

Love It So Much It's A Classic


Stands the true test of time
The coolest song in human history

2Boogie Wonderland
Great song great beat love this song

3Let's Groove
Amazing song love this one

4Shining Star
Really good song this one should be number 4
This one should be in the top 3 or 4


5After The Love Has Gone

6Got To Get You Into My Life
Amazing love the guitar solo
Love this song should be number 5 not number 8 amszing guitar and singing great beat vote this one up

7Sing a Song


9That's the Way of the World
This should be higher. The music is nice, cool, and calming for me. How it's not even in the top ten is beyond my reasoning.

10Serpentine Fire

The Contenders

11My Promise

The reeasons, the reasons that we here!

13Saturday Night



16In the Stone
Come on 14?
This song should be at the top 5 catchy music n catchy rhythm
People MUST listen to this song till the end
Its super wortn it!

17Every Now and Then
Mr White = Awesome!


19Let Me Talk

20Fall In Love With Me

21Could It Be Right

22On Your Face

Santana-like sound and sooo smooth. Really cool hypnotic beat.

How can this be left off any top 10 list?!?

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