Best Eddie Money Songs


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1Take Me Home Tonight

I like this song but I'm not sure why...
I crank up the volume when it's on - Ajkloth

2Baby Hold On
3Walk On Water
4Peace In Our Time
5I Wanna Go Back
6Think I'm In Love

Many good ones on this list and a lot of songs got votes for the 'best'. But I'll take this one here.

7Two Tickets to Paradise

This should be #1. I love so many of his songs, even the non-hit album tracks, but this song is part of our national lexicon. It has a positive message, great riff, awesome guitar solo, and is a crowd sing-a-long. by the way, Eddie Money has never gotten the credit he deserves in my humble opinion. Great song writer and performer. He rocks!

8I'll Get By
9Endless Nights

The Contenders

11Maybe I'm a Fool
12Can't Keep a Good Man Down
13We Should Be Sleeping
16You've Really Got a Hold On Me
17Wanna Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
18Rock and Roll the Place
19Life for the Taking
20Call On Me
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Top Remixes

1. Take Me Home Tonight
2. Walk On Water
3. Baby Hold On
1. Two Tickets to Paradise
2. Shakin
3. Baby Hold On



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