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Beverly Hills Cop

2Coming to America
I love that movie! have never seen all of Beverly Hills Cop so I can't compare it, but this one is hilarious!
Saw this movie last night and I feel in love with this movie
I especually love the dancing scene at the beginning

3Trading Places

448 HRS.

He actually got nominated for an Oscar in this movie


6Beverly Hills Cop II

7The Nutty Professor
This is a true comedy film. Eddie Murphy's portrayal of a fat college professor will stay in your head forever. The great thing about this film is you get to see him as a more serious character and watch him turn into a fast talking crazy maniac. If you want to see the funniest thing ever, watch the family dinner scenes.


The water park scene kicks ass!
I will show you how a bitch go down a slide

9Shrek 2
Shrek is love. Shrek is life

10Harlem Nights

The Contenders

11Another 48 HRS.

12The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Best movie ever [on rotten tomatoes it got 5 percent ] but still yeah! Pluto NASH

13Eddie Murphy Raw

14Dr. Dolittle

15Beverly Hills Cop III
Is movie was a complete dissapointment.


The 1st shrek is the best


18Meet Dave

19I Spy

20Daddy Day Care

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