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The Top Ten

Mr. Blue Sky
Happiness through sound. I defy anyone to hear Mr. Blue Sky without a smile creeping onto their face. Incredible vocals!
Got this album 35+ years ago, still have it & play it in this modern world... ELO went bit electrica in the 80's but the 70's is outright winner...
Best song of their career, one of my favorite songs of all times. It was inventive and innovative and can pick up my spirits on a really bad day.
You could heave your wshole family killed and this song will still makeyou smile the best happiest song ever written cachy funny perect
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2Don't Bring Me Down
Fell in love with the beat the first time I heard it in Super 8.
My favorite ELO song.
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3Telephone Line
One of the most legendary love songs ever.

"Ok, so no one's answering, but can you just let it ring a little longer... ? "

It describes the rush of speaking to a lover and then being denied by the same lover in one song. You can't beat that
I automatically became an ELO fan after I heard this song
A natural song. Nothing forced about it.
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4Livin' Thing
Amazing topic and tells audience that living is something to be happy for. Me and my family love this song. It's pure.
This song is too good to refuse. I listen to it everyday and it never gets boring or leaves a sour taste in your mouth, unlike the awful trash today such as Eminem, who is only cool because he thinks he is black
First ever single I bought and I never get tired of listening to it.
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5Sweet Talkin' Woman
I defy you to play this in the car with your friends and it have everyone choose their favorite part (melody/backup) and sing it at the top of their lungs
Very catchy chorus. Might have just officially sold me on picking up some of their material.
"Slow down, sweet talking' woman *slow down* you've got me running, you've got me searching"... This song is always stuck in my head, and I'm caught humming and signing this amazing song on a daily basis. One of many ELO hits, and certainly one of their best songs, period.
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6Evil Woman
This song has the best intro you will ever hear!
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7Hold On Tight
Love it, love it. I even learned the French bit in the middle so I could sing along. Memories of happy days...
No question in my mind a Fab Fab song. I play it up loud in my car. Hold on tight to your Dreams!
I like this song as #1. Just awesome!
It is the best 1 by phoebe
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8All Over the World
I hum this song when I am going to work or not feeling to go. I think it's one of the best songs Jeff ever wrote. Hum with me!
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Song Always brightens my day.
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9Can't Get It Out of My Head
I Love This Song.Can't Get It Out of My Head
I have to listen to this beauty over and over on full blast. Outstanding Jeff Lynne acoustics.
Just a great song by a fantastic band
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Beautiful melody, beautiful backup, Harmony, creative bridges, soaring voice of Olivia Newton John, space age ending, what is not to love people! ElO's Bohemian Rhapsody
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The Contenders

11Confusion Listen to sample

12Turn to Stone
My personally favorite. This song is insanely catchy and infectious!


Best song to have ever been made.
This is proper rock song! Tops, for sure!
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I love this one. It's just awesome. The pick instrumental composition is breathtaking.
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14Getting to the Point
I guess a lot of people aren't into this very late era ELO, but I believe Jeff was writing quality songs from the very beginning right through to Balance of Power. To me this is the last ELO album, because Zoom was really more Jeff Lynne than ELO (good as it was), and this was the best track on it.
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15Shine a Little Love Listen to sample

16Do Ya
The BEST song they've made. Catchy guitar riff and amazing chorus. Should be #1


Great song! This should be number 1 baby. Great guitar roto this and evil woman are the best if you know rock 'n' roll
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17Calling America
This song got me into ELO at 14.. Twilight and Turn to Stone made them my fave group forever!
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18Last Train to London
How the hell this song is not even in the list here?!? It should be in the top 3. It was one of their biggest hits... You better listen to it
I cannot think that in an ideal chart of ELO could miss this fantastic song!
Fantastic catchy symphonic sound. Listen & you will agree with me.
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19Stranger On a Quiet Street

20Wild West Hero
This is simply the best songs by ELO. Everything in this tune is wonderful. Just listen to the a capella parts. Wow. Just Wow.
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21Rock n Roll is King
You gotta be kidding. This is easily in the top three for this amazing band and I am not a grandpa or grandma.
Loved watching my mom and grandfather jive to this classic!

A reminder that there was a time when rock and roll was seen as anti establishment. Classical musicians and politicians would not be seen dead at a rock concert. How times have changed.
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Laugh out loud 23 You got to be kidding me. Armatures!
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24The Diary of Horace Wimp
Guys this song is simply amazing! I really think it's their best song, even better then mr. Blue sky. The lyrics are awesome as well
Totally the best ELO song! How can it be anything else? Don't be afraid! Just knock on the door! Well he just stood there mumbling and fumbling!
Discovery is an album that never fails to by enjoyed every time you play it. Fantastic move by ELO into the the music style of the time without losing their trademark sound. Brilliant.
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25Strange Magic
Definitely one of their best. Loved it the first time I heard it!
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26Ticket to the Moon Listen to sample

27Fire On High Listen to sample

2810538 Overture
One of their first... And definitely one of the most outrageously original tracks in that era. There's a very good reason this was chosen for the Oscar-winning American Hustle... This is one of the greatest tracks of all time.
If you're a ELO fan and have never listened to this song, don't ignore it! This THE MOST Underrated ELO Song!
Probably the only song in history that makes you want to "air cello". Quite brilliant!
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29Big Wheels Listen to sample

30Ma-Ma-Ma Belle Listen to sample

How is this so low!? It has one of the most artistic intros and then folows up with ELO's best verse and chorus. Simply a masterpiece. VOTE UP!
Amazing song. One of the best sounds to have ever entered my head. Needs to be number 1!
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32Four Little Diamonds
Grand Theft Auto Vice City memories!
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33Endless Lies
This song is absolutely amazing, The vocals are strong and match the likes of the great Alto singers of yesteryear. How it eluded to be on this list before now befuddles me
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34Poker Listen to sample

35One Summer Dream Listen to sample

A brilliant melodic sound. The verse, chorus, intro has everything you want it to have. Should be in top ten! Its a piece of art... , it truly is.
Weird but love it, very lively
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37Moment In Paradise
One of the most inspirational and beautiful songs I've ever heard. I cannot believe this is so low. It deserves to be in the top 5 at least. As soon as I heard this song, it instantly became my favourite ELO song due to its amazing melodies and its unique sound. Wonderful track... Absolutely magnificent!
This is a beautiful Ballad - Beatles style. It came at a time when ELO had lost momentum (2001), but had it been released in ELOs hey-day, it would have become a massive hit. Every time someone hears it for the 1st time, they are absolutelly impressed.
One of their absolute bests! Zoom is one of their best albums too, just behind Out of The Blue and A New World Record, and this is their best slow and happy song. Should definitely be in the top 5!

38Here is the News
I don't understand why this song is so unknown. I heard it on the radio one day as a tribute to a radio reporter who passed out earlier that week. It blew my mind, never having heard this song before.

Also: Any Dutchman would recognize the intro of the song since it's used as jingle for the VPRO.


Amazing song. Up there with 10538 Overture.
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39Kuiama Listen to sample

40Mister Kingdom Listen to sample

41Boy Blue
This song is on a whole different level from all others. Nothing else they made compares to this. It probably doesn't even belong in the same genre as the rest of these. It is just amazing
The arrangement and words of this song are beyond belief. The greatest example of what the world knows as "the elo sound".
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42It's Over Listen to sample

43Don't Walk Away
Great song off the Xanadu album. Possibly their best
Should be Number 1
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44Alright Listen to sample

45Lonesome Lullaby Listen to sample

46Hello My Old Friend
This was an out-take from the planned double album of 1983, which due to the bands record label's lack of backing became the single album "Secret Messages". "Hello my old friend" is a haunting ballad about what happened to the English Midland Black Countries Industrial Heritage following the closure of the the Mills and Factories in the late 1970's and early 1980's due to Thatcherism. It is a beautiful song with straight from the heart lyrics by Jeff, showing how he felt about the desolation of the West Midlands where he was born and grew up in. You will find this song on YouTube. I think this is Jeff Lynne's best composition and a true hidden gem, hope you agree.

David MacGregor.

Halifax, UK.
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Love ELO, have for years and years. Mr Blue Sky, Sweet Talking Woman particularly great. So many others, too. But for sheer power and musical transportation (not talking cars, here), you can't beat "Eldorado."
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48Standin' In the Rain
Best barroque space progresive rock song ever. Perfect all. Sublime Mozart xx century...
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49Latitude 88 North Listen to sample

50Sweet Is the Night Listen to sample

51On the Run Listen to sample

52Nellie Takes Her Bow Listen to sample

53Bluebird Listen to sample

54The Way Life's Meant to Be Listen to sample

55The Lights Go Down Listen to sample

56Nobody's Child Listen to sample

57I'm Alive Listen to sample

58Down Home Town Listen to sample

59Across the Border Listen to sample

60Secret Messages
As a kid I had this on a 45, which I played non-stop on 33 to better enjoy every little nuance in this wall of sound.
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61Night In the City Listen to sample

62Bluebird Is Dead Listen to sample

63Eldorado - Finale Listen to sample

6421st Century Man Listen to sample

65Long Black Road Listen to sample

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