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The Top Ten

Mr. Blue Sky
Happiness through sound. I defy anyone to hear Mr. Blue Sky without a smile creeping onto their face. Incredible vocals!
Got this album 35+ years ago, still have it & play it in this modern world... ELO went bit electrica in the 80's but the 70's is outright winner...
Best song of their career, one of my favorite songs of all times. It was inventive and innovative and can pick up my spirits on a really bad day.
[Newest]This Song Has A Strange Magic

2Don't Bring Me Down
Fell in love with the beat the first time I heard it in Super 8.
That back beat has got to be one of the catchiest ever. And the rhythm guitar riff is absolutely awesome! Much edgier than the rest of Discovery.
My favorite ELO song.

3Telephone Line
One of the most legendary love songs ever.

"Ok, so no one's answering, but can you just let it ring a little longer... ? "

It describes the rush of speaking to a lover and then being denied by the same lover in one song. You can't beat that
I automatically became an ELO fan after I heard this song
The best song in my life memories.

4Livin' Thing
Amazing topic and tells audience that living is something to be happy for. Me and my family love this song. It's pure.
This song is too good to refuse. I listen to it everyday and it never gets boring or leaves a sour taste in your mouth, unlike the awful trash today such as Eminem, who is only cool because he thinks he is black
Jeff Lynne kept this one simple for someone who could over produce a little, Living thing had perfect construction and beautiful melody.
[Newest]Beautiful, beautiful song with wonderful lyrics

5Sweet Talkin' Woman
I defy you to play this in the car with your friends and it have everyone choose their favorite part (melody/backup) and sing it at the top of their lungs
Very catchy chorus. Might have just officially sold me on picking up some of their material.
Best played loud, when driving. Unbeatable.

6Evil Woman
This song has the best intro you will ever hear!
It's impossible not to sing along with.

"E-evil woman…"


7Turn to Stone
Hands down best ELO song ever. The 2nd verse lyrics and music, descending chords, so perfectly captures the essence of longing "The dying embers of a night
(A fire that slowly fades till dawn)
Still glow upon the wall so bright
(Turnin', turnin', turnin')"
My personally favorite. This song is insanely catchy and infectious!


Best song to have ever been made.
[Newest]Super, super song. Pop perfection...

8All Over the World
I hum this song when I am going to work or not feeling to go. I think it's one of the best songs Jeff ever wrote. Hum with me!
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Song Always brightens my day.

9Can't Get It Out of My Head
I have to listen to this beauty over and over on full blast. Outstanding Jeff Lynne acoustics.
I Love This Song.Can't Get It Out of My Head
I love every thing about this song! From the amazing chorus to the orchestra, this song couldn't be any better!

10Hold On Tight
Love it, love it. I even learned the French bit in the middle so I could sing along. Memories of happy days...
No question in my mind a Fab Fab song. I play it up loud in my car. Hold on tight to your Dreams!
I like this song as #1. Just awesome!
[Newest]It is the best 1 by phoebe

The Contenders

Beautiful melody, beautiful backup, Harmony, creative bridges, soaring voice of Olivia Newton John, space age ending, what is not to love people! ElO's Bohemian Rhapsody
I prefer the re-recorded version with Jeff Lynne on vocals. It's my favourite of their songs.

I love this one. It's just awesome. The pick instrumental composition is breathtaking.
Amazing song to follow Prologue. The transition is amazing, one of they're best!


14Shine a Little Love

15Last Train to London
How the hell this song is not even in the list here?!? It should be in the top 3. It was one of their biggest hits... You better listen to it
Top 3 ELO song. Cause I really want tonight to last forever, I really want to stay with you, let the music play on down the line tonight
I cannot think that in an ideal chart of ELO could miss this fantastic song!

16Stranger On a Quiet Street

17Wild West Hero
This is simply the best songs by ELO. Everything in this tune is wonderful. Just listen to the a capella parts. Wow. Just Wow.
First and last lines are exactly the same. Anyone notice this.

18Rock n Roll is King
You gotta be kidding. This is easily in the top three for this amazing band and I am not a grandpa or grandma.
Loved watching my mom and grandfather jive to this classic!

19Do Ya
The BEST song they've made. Catchy guitar riff and amazing chorus. Should be #1


Great song! This should be number 1 baby. Great guitar roto this and evil woman are the best if you know rock 'n' roll

20Getting to the Point
I guess a lot of people aren't into this very late era ELO, but I believe Jeff was writing quality songs from the very beginning right through to Balance of Power. To me this is the last ELO album, because Zoom was really more Jeff Lynne than ELO (good as it was), and this was the best track on it.

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