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61Nobody's Child
62Down Home Town
63Night In the City
64Bluebird Is Dead
65Eldorado - Finale
66So Fine

Upbeat great song never tire of this song still sounds great typical seventies sound doesn't get played enough

67Steppin' Out
69King of the Universe

Perhaps the greatest song in history.

70Queen of the Hours
71Destination Unknown

A really fun song!

72Oh No, Not Susan

People are not as familiar with this early ELO, in comparison to its hits on the Out Of The Blue album, etc. But this song should be up there with the best of them.


How is this so low? Shangri-La is one of the high points of the album. It brings everything together beautifully with the reuse of the orchestrated parts of Telephone Line, as well as Opera lady from Rockaria! Perhaps the strongest album-closer in ELO's entire disgocraphy


Severely underrated. At least top 20 material. I can't believe I had to add it to the list myself. - N7Khajiit

Love to crank it up when I here this song.

76Rain is Falling
77Four Little Diamonds

Grand Theft Auto Vice City memories!

Generally it's a decent list, but this at 75 makes a bit of a mockery of it.

78I'm Alive

Not arguing with this being 76, but where is "Birmingham Blues"? Not even on the list...

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