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41 Little Jeannie Little Jeannie
42 Tinderbox Tinderbox
43 Skyline Pigeon Skyline Pigeon

What! This song was 30's! Why this wonderful masterpiece in the LAST PLACE?! It should top 40 of ALL THE TIME! - gyungmin

Only true Elton fans remember this. It is rarely heard on the radio and not often included in live shows(I've been to 57 since Baileys in Watford). This will always be my all time favourite piece of music. I'll have it at my funeral as a celebration of life listening to eltons music

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44 The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On
45 The One The One

Went crazy when I saw him perform this song in Milan dedicating it to his friend the late Gianni Versace. The piano finale is amazingly beautiful, those notes came so easily and beautifully that us people in the audience would look at each other like saying : is he really doing this so heavenly? Truly inspiring song on the easiness of true love

This song reminds me of one people, and he's The One

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46 Empty Garden Empty Garden

Definitely a top five song in my opinion. He puts so much emotion behind it.

A beautiful song for John Lennon.

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47 Healing Hands Healing Hands
48 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

I had like this song because its melody was so brilliant and please put this at the top ten

One of Elton John's best song ever!

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49 Ghetto Gospel Ghetto Gospel

It s awesome duet with Tupac

50 This Train Don't Stop There Anymore This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

The best song he has performed since the 1976 BLUE MOVES era.

And his best music video EVER. - dek

An amazing song! The lyrics are great

One of my all time favourite songs. - xpixie

Why this song at 65? It should be top 20! - gyungmin

51 I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
52 The Measure of a Man The Measure of a Man

An amazing song by Elton John! It is one of the soundtracks of Rocky 5! For me, it deserves to be in the top 10!

Underrated as hell! Unbelievable lyrics and incredibly moving.

53 Original Sin Original Sin

One of his newer songs. Just a beautiful piece of music.

54 Take Me to the Pilot Take Me to the Pilot
55 Sixty Years On Sixty Years On
56 In Neon In Neon
57 Made In England Made In England
58 The Last Song The Last Song
59 I Need You to Turn To I Need You to Turn To

I Need You To Turn To is probably the most underrated song of all time. It's simply a masterpiece!

HOW IS THIS NOT HERE! This song is the essence of amazing...

60 Where to Now St. Peter? Where to Now St. Peter?

Best Elton John / Bernie Taupin collaboration hands down. Soaring and poetic, one of the few pop songs to ever deal meaningfully with the topic of death.

The old stuff with taupin on the typewriter n elton on the piano its all sooo good! Razor face elderberry wine writing. N on n on

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