Best Elvis Presley Songs

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The Top Ten

Jailhouse Rock
I think this should definitely stay at number 1 because it's such a cool song. A very great dancing hit!
Great classic! This song made my fall in love with Elvis. Shame he can't make any other great songs like this one.
1of the best classic rocks ever...
[Newest]The best rock and roll hit to play and jam along to. Really great. I also really loves Suspicious Minds.

2Hound Dog
One of the best song of king elvis
Classical toptrack from elvis presley, with good guitar and drum sessions
I like to sing along to this song


3Suspicious Minds
Amazing! Just had to vote for this one because I cannot choose between "Jailhouse Rock" or "All Shook Up" and I love this song as well. Classic one that everyone seems to know
Just a great song. That extra fade in and out at the of the song is just brilliant. Just when you think your joy ride is over, he hits the gas one final time. By far the best song he performed live.
The best but where is can't help falling in love with you!
[Newest]The Best song ever!

4Can't Help Falling in Love
All time classic, absolutely beautiful and it will never be forgotten
Very beautiful song, I would give this song a 3rd place after Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog
Absolutely beautiful and heart-breaking all at once.
[Newest]I can dig Elvis

5A Little Less Conversation
This song was one of the first songs I heard of Elvis, by far his best, definitely deserves to be in top three
This is a great song. A must have for any fan like me. Always has been my favorite


Always been my favorite Elvis song!


6Heartbreak Hotel
Best elvis song is don't be cruel but this is second

7In the Ghetto
Such a realistic story with such a good words and music.. Who can not be effected this song?
This song is my absolute favourite, I remember my father always used to sing me this every night. I think it should be in the top 5 at least.
Just pure honesty. Clear and to the point. wonderful easy listening music with outstanding and meaningful words. Just a great song.
[Newest]This just gets me every time.

8All Shook Up
Even if I'll never have a fraction of the singing voice Elvis had, that won't stop me from always singing along to this amazingly giddy song which perfectly captures the feeling of being in love.
His voice is amazing no matter what he sings, but this is my favorite with the rest of his songs tying for second place.
His first number 1 hit in England and his best song ever! This song got me into Elvis when I was 14

9Love Me Tender
One of the best Elvis songs in the world such a beautiful ballad
I love that song

10Always On My Mind
Elvis sings this with emotion in his voice, I believe he was singing this to Priscilla,
It is very full of emotion and I can't stop listening to it
Amazing lyrics and a beutiful voice from the king. I also think the song was written to Priscilla. Rest in peace Elvis
[Newest]Incredible lyrics. Emotional ballad.

The Contenders

11Blue Suede Shoes
All time favorite Elvis song! Very catchy!
This is a great cover song


Would be #1 on this list if it was indigo suede shoes.

12(You're The) Devil In Disguise

13Don't Be Cruel
Love the beat! Best beat of all of Elviss songs.
Ahhh such a cute song <3 I smile whenever I hear this

14Burning Love
One of the best songs I've ever heard from Elvis. Peru loves Elvis.
He had me at "Lord Almighty feel my tempature risin"

15It's Now or Never
I have to say this because it was the very first Elvis record I bought, I have bought many since but this has to be in my list for that reason

16The Wonder of You
Fabulous song, number one in the UK in 1970.

17If I Can Dream
This is one of the most powerful songs Elvis ever did. This should easily be top ten if not too five. Name another song (besides An American Trilogy) that Elvis did that was powerfully and so meaningful vocally.
This is a fabulous song, full of emotion by Elvis.
Definitely in my top 3! Beautiful song

18Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Just awesome! "now the stage is barren... Witn emptiness around me... If you wont come back to me.. Ill rig the curtain down... "...
Beautiful song, also the laughing version is good too, shows Elvis humour, his laugh was infectious.
This is the sexiest song I think he does!

19(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
I did this song in my 5th grade musical... Great memories.

20Viva Las Vegas
Viva las vegas, it's song for playboy. too hot too dance for this song

21Kentucky Rain
Most powerful and full of emotion

22That's All Right
The song that more or less invented rockabilly.

23Tutti Frutti

24Return to Sender

25An American Trilogy
His single most epic and emotional song he has ever produced. Must be in the top ten, just listen and you'll see.
Elvis was very patriotic to his country, this is a song full of emotion by Elvis. Great song.
This song has so much effort put into it and it is like two different songs. Great classic song.
[Newest]A great song. Gives you goosebumps.

26(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame

27Blue Christmas
One of my favorite Christmas songs


One of favorite songs


29Wooden Heart

30Blue Moon

31Little Sister


33Stuck On You

34Such a Night
Such a fun song! I always enjoy listening to it

35How Great Thou Art
Elvis was very religious believe it or not. His favourite music was gospel. I love to hear him sing this particular one.

36King Creole
Listening to this in the radio now, awesome!


37The Girl of My Best Friend
One of elvis very best. very modern song and instrument arrangement is also good. please vote this song.
An amazing song. But I don't mind if it's not on the top 10. Cause' almost all of his songs are really good.

38Mystery Train
What the hell?!
This song is my favorite one, the whole feel is just brilliant. Unbeatable
If you want to know about rock n' roll you start right here

39Old Shep
This song is too underrated.

40Make the World Go Away

41Promised Land

42Santa Lucia

43Hard Headed Women

44You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'


46My Boy
Great song, I believe although it is about a boy, Elvis sang this with Lisa in mind after he and Priscilla split.

47It Is No Secret

48Follow That Dream
Best song ever by Elvis Presley.

49Bossa Nova Baby
I like the song bossa nova baby

50Bridge Over Troubled Water

51Thinking About You
A very passionate song... Elvis does a good job

52Good Luck Charm
What! This song was as good as don't be cruel should be at top 15

53Love Me, Love the Life I Lead

54You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

I know this a paul song and he is the best but nevertheless the king's rendition was also very genuine and passionate those have not heard it I will recommend them to listen it, I hope you will like.

56You Gave Me a Mountain
The most personal and emotional song by the king

57Reconsider Baby

58Way Down
One of the elvis last major hits. Should be much above in the list

59Don't Cry Daddy

60(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I

61Moody Blue

62Milkcow Blues Boogie
It moves from lurking, lingering expectation to outbursting, thumping, feverish duende. In one song Elvis gives the taste, the bridge he is from dormant fifties to arising lust for total life, from lullabytime to awakening rhythm glory, infectuous blaze for body and pelvis to join.

63I Just Can't Help Believing

One of the better songs by elvis... The drums arrangement is also unique at that time, its different from other elvis songs

65Only You

66Crying In the Chapel
This song was #1 in uk charts and #3 in us billboard. Probably one of the best song rendered by elvis and one of the best gospel songs of all time

67Gentle On My Mind

68Let Me Be There
Very powerful performance by elvis, it is a cover song but probably one of the last rock songs from the king

69Seperate Ways

70You're a Heartbreaker

71Edge of Reality

72Unchained Melody
Simply phenomenal singing by elvis... Love you

73Lover Doll

74The Impossible Dream
Elvis great song of all time

75I Got A Feelin' In My Body

76I Got Lucky
It was the main song listed for Kid Galahad


77Kiss Me Quick

78His Latest Flame

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