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41 Return of the Psycho
42 Get the Guns
43 Straight From the Vault

It was between this and Infinite, but I enjoy more songs on this then on Infinite. That's why I included this EP to end the list.

I love this ep, I own it and its fun to listen to, its his left over material, and its awesome. Its probably not the best because it is his left over material, but songs that make it good are, Fame, Oh no, dudey, fly away, things get worse. the rest where okay, but didn't reach the potential Eminem has - MCyungkidd

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44 The Singles The Singles

It's good in my in my I pinion should be on top 10

45 Straight From the Lab Straight From the Lab

A great EP with vibrant songs and a top flow with a constant focus that kind of damaged the EP as well. Still pretty good.

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46 Eminem Presents: The Re-Up Eminem Presents: The Re-Up

Should not be last. Most of these aren't even official releases, but this is an official release, and a quite good one, too

Still a pretty good album with various artists

Worst album. Better than the Slim Shady EP? That's bull.

I like this album

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