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1 Stan Stan

What why is not afraid ahead of this. The song is genius and should be top. Never have I heard a story like this, its just incredible. The video is just as good, and is played brilliantly, probably his best song lyrically wise.

It's not about best song, which a lot of people are voting because of. The Stan video isn't just a music video, it's art. And the monster video is the same, both should be top 5, but Stan is the greatest video of all time

As if the song wasnt enough they made a video too. Oh Well... its an awesome song nonetheless. - fireinside96

Honestly his best song and best music video, I scrolled down and saw someone say Not Afraid is better. It's not like nowadays music videos of people dancing and some guy climbing the stairs. - JosephElkito19

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2 Not Afraid Not Afraid

Best video of eminem ever...
Actually lose yourself is the best song of eminem but this song's video made it better dan lose yourself's video...
This song rocks

It's the best video ever by Eminem!

an interesting video... a true comeback video! LOVED IT

Best force of rap god

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3 Without Me Without Me

Its best video not best song, yes lose yourself is without a doubt better, but as for music video, this had so much more to the video, costumes, cars, acting, editing and other really creative things. - gdawg9325

Hilarious. Easily the funniest music video of the last decade. The dawn of Eminem's rise to fame.

This video is hilarious, with all the costumes and funny acting. I have watched this video 1000 times and still laugh the whole time!

Went as Rap Boy for Halloween

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4 The Real Slim Shady The Real Slim Shady

How does Not Afraid have a better video than this or Without Me, this video is just hilarious.

This song is the best Eminem song and video by all means...,

I love the hilarity involved with the one.

This video should be no.2

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5 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone

Love this song, and the music video is so good as well

You need not to have a sad life to feel Eminem... Just listen to this song guys and you can feel everything that made the rapgod... Long live Eminem

I was gunna vote not afraid, but then I remember the first time watching this made me almost cry

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6 Lose Yourself Lose Yourself

You better Lose Yourself in the Music the Moment you Own it you better never let it go! You only get 1 shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime!

Seriously why does Not Afraid Always toward the to of the list. Not Afraid is not shadys best work. Of course I think stan is the best shady music video, no doubt about it. Lose yourself should be #2 on this list

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7 My Name Is My Name Is

Are you serious!?! THIS VIDEO GOT HIM FAMOUS #1 PLEASE! - FailedStunt78

I like the part where he was dressed as Marilyn Manson.

8 The Way I Am

The music video is weird but cool at the same time

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9 Love the Way You Lie Love the Way You Lie

Uh, have you checked recently that this almost has 700,000 views on YouTube. That's the most views ever on his channel

Rihanna is in it! We can see her thighs, what else do you need?

One of few rap songs that reached a billion views on YouTube

it's one hell of a video..

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10 Like Toy Soldiers Like Toy Soldiers

Such a sad music video you can really see the emotion put into both the song and the video, some of Eminem's best work by far. - jongraham

You can see the story being build up so nicely. From kids reading a book, to the actual shooting, from eminem's daughter sleeping to eminem losing his friend in a hospital, from those ghetto wars to runyan avenue recording a song, this is as real as it gets. Great video.

Great song RIP (return if possible) bugs and 2pac

My favorite music video of all time - letdot52

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? You Don't Know You Don't Know
? White America White America V 1 Comment
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11 Rap God

One of the most creative and well edited videos of all time, this needs to be on the top 10

Superb rapping technique and delivery. great pump song... Eminem at his spit-fire best

This is one of the best song I ever you need more songs like this fast and loud

Love the Max Headroom reference!

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12 Space Bound

It reminds me of a man I will always love!

Ah, space bound. A masterpiece. WHY IS THIS NOT #1

I don't understand that why space bound is in 13th position. It must be keep at least top three.
Maruf Sarkar Munna

13 Mosh

He stand up against Bush unlike the other rappers. He gave his opinion. He was not afraid! The sad part was, he was too late. At least he showed that he loves his country. But thanks god the monkey is gone

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14 Berzerk

The most amazing one, the hell is Stan doing at the top? It most be Not Afraid

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15 The Monster The Monster

I love how it goes back thru all his career & has a little new & old shady. It's perfect for a sequel album. And since its looking back at his career it just may be his last music video ever.

Love this song and its video it should be at least #10

This is his best music video in a decade & I barely even like the song

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16 We Made You We Made You

Such a cool and hilarious video. I watched it over and over for hours. Definitely one of his best videos of all time.

Eminem is one of a demon that was living in scootland he tooked he's spirit you rock shady boy

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17 Cleanin' Out My Closet Cleanin' Out My Closet

It is so personal and the video just makes it so much more real. He has gone through a lot of crap - Mayce712

18 Just Don't Give a F***
19 Just Lose It Just Lose It
20 3 A.M.

Em is the only rapper I know who can blend in horror with rap to perfection. I also love the haunted and sadistic Em, I think he pulls it off really well!

A music video in combination with a splatter movie it can't get better anymore. The comeback of the old murdering slim shady. Two words: just awesome!

One scary ass video... Even teaches us a lesson: Don't be around Eminem when its 3am...

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