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21 Phenomenal Phenomenal V 1 Comment
22 No Love

Great song and great video. Deserves to be higher but can one do? All of em's songs and videos are so good that we get confused...

Well... Not afraid is great but nothing new, just like the lives haha lolol. Love the way you lie is quite a common story, lololol,
Stan good of course, lose yourself great but the movie better :):),
The real slim better than without me, but no love, the CHORUS, Eminem's part... The storytelling in the Lil Wayne part better than Stan, the effects in the Chorus better than Love the way you lie and hand gestures in Eminem's part much better than lose yourself and not afraid.

23 Fast Lane

You gotta give it a shot and then you'll realize what is the worth of this song
Amazing visuals

V 1 Comment
24 Superman Superman

Funny and sexy at the same time. How is this not somewhere in the top three? - ckShady

This video makes me break every time I watch it. It should be so much higher.

go on your ube and it comes up with an amazing vid 4 it - bradz

V 1 Comment
25 Forgot About Dre
26 Mockingbird

Should be in top 5. It displays eminem's love for his daughter.

" I'm not sure if this has a music video"

What? , if definitely has a video, go on YouTube, its on Eminems official channel, nice song

27 Beautiful

Understanding The Meaning Of The Video

Should be in the top ten, very cool - Hotheart123

28 Guilty Conscience (feat. Dr Dre) Guilty Conscience (feat. Dr Dre)

This song is awesome! The video follows the concept of consciences perfectly this is a must see for fans of the classic shady

29 Role Model

This is his best song and video.
Without me is a close second though!

30 Ass Like That

That's Great, I love Slim Shady

31 Lighters
32 Survival

Amazing song great I haven't seen the video but just for the song its amazing (better that Not Afraid)

33 Hailie's Song Hailie's Song

It's so touching... I cried while watching it

34 Shake That A**
35 Legacy Legacy
36 Headlights Headlights
37 You're Never Over You're Never Over

This may not be a real video but it is my favourite

38 Sing for the Moment
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