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1The Beatles

I have to agree the Beatles are the most successful english band of all time I love some of their songs and they are from Liverpool which in my opinion is the best part of the country they are also probably the most iconic group of english people and to top this list so long after they was in their prime is remarkable

It kills me when people trash them. I was born in the wrong time period.

The Beatles changed the music industry forever. One direction, however, who think they are 'better' will never have such a legacy. Teens today wear The Beatles t-shirts, can you really imagine teens wearing one direction t-shirts in 50 years? Nope, I didn't think so.

Beatles are the best and the animals should be in top 10

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2Led Zeppelin

Better than Beatles! Why? Guitar solos are excellent, Drum beats too... Bass is very good in most songs, and Plant's voice is actually 10/10

Better than the Beatles, Roberts voice is just incredible and Jimmie well you know!

It has made the toughest song stairway to heaven and lo! It's the best

No explanations... Just that they are the best

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3One Direction

What an insult to music. all they do is make teenage girls feel beautiful and take advantage of their insecurities. Sorry 1D fans, but maybe you should try listening to actual music.

You shouldn't compare it to Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
They are immortal bands, they wrote the story of the music.
One Direction are really good, but by far not the best English or World band.

Technically one direction should not be on this list because one of the members is Irish

One direction is the best pull them up to first

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4Pink Floyd

go listen to dark side, the wall, and meddle. you'll see why pink floyd pwns and deserves to be #1. there will probably never gonna be a better band than them. - russian

I'm with the Floyd. One Direction may one day be classed as a great band, but to be truly great you have to stand the test of time

Best band of all time, but out of any band I'm glad Beatles are up there

You wanna know how jesus, god, moses and abraham sound when they play in a rock band? Well they sound just like Pink Floyd

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Queen is number one on my list. They created amazing songs that people will remember for a long time, I don't think they will ever be missed. Freddie had a beautiful four octave voice, and was a one of the best front men that ever lived. Roger has great drumming skills, and a nice high voice. Brian's guitar skills will never match anybody else's. John was one of the quiet, and most relaxed bass players I've ever seen. Their concerts will never bore you, Freddie always kept the crowd going along with him, with his amazing, strong voice, and his strutting on stage. He would make jokes sometimes laugh out loud. Anyway Queen is truly an amazing band! They truly 'took my breath away'.

Queen are truly amazing band love listening to them! I think they should be higher up on the table you had some off the best musicians in the band like Freddie mercy, insane singer one of the best singers of all time

Queen is immortal. They are eternal. And everyone knows and (most likely) loves them!


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BY far the absolute best band in the world due to the amazing songwriting of N Gallagher and the beautiful voice of L Gallagher. The best and most talented band in the history of the world.

The reason they are one of the greatest british bands ever is because they dominated the 90s with 2 of the greatest albums ever made. Morning Glory and definitely maybe defined the decade and even if they didn't really break america that wasnt due to them not being a great band, it was mostly because whenever they went on tour there they more or less broke up. Even their worse albums are still good, just can't live up to their first two, they also have incredible b sides

The best band in the world

Amazing group sadly the Gallagher brothers always had conflicts otherwise a truly influential and memorable group OASIS lives forever

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7Linkin Park

Aren't Linkin Park American?

Awesome Band. Never Realized Any Band Better.

Linkin park is best in the world

No one can match Linkin Park

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8The Rolling Stones

It's a good band. I like to listen the songs of this band.

The fact that One Direction is ahead of The Rolling Stones makes me want to puke


Truly the band with the most variations in sound. Don't believe me? Listen to Kid A and The Bends. Note the difference. - U2FAN101

Radiohead bellow One Direction (not the worst band ever, but is still kind of trash pop crap) and Linkin Park (A band that isn't Brittish, they're God damn American). This list is crap Radiohead should be at least two spots higher, at least. - Quart

They deserve to be at the top, unlike the Beatles they are daring and creative. They the greatest ever

Listen to Kid A and then The Bends. They have a big variation

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They are an awesome band with meaningful songs

They should be N.1! They are the best

They have composed some of the most sentimental songs I have ever heard. they should be in top three.

I love Coldplay. They should not be below One Direction

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11The Who

Rock gods like none other, Keith is the best drummer, John is the best bassist, Roger is a fantastic singer and Pete is the greatest songwriter, plus a fantastic guitarist.

This band is really incredible. Instead of 1D put the who in top ten... -_-

12The Smiths

This list is whack the smiths were amazing no boy band should be in the top 20

How is one direction is front of these guys?

Mozzer! Moz! Morrissey! This is why this band needs to be number one! The pope of mopes lyrics along with marrs guitar riffs are just perfection.

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13Iron Maiden

Their singer Bruce Dickinson is a polymath. A pilot, fenceman, Radio DJ and various other things he is amazing at. Steve Harris plays the bass with his fingers, and not may people can do that. Their drummer Nicko Mcbrain is one of the best drummers on this planet. Their guitarists Adrian, Dave and Janick are amazing. Every song the band has put out on all of their 15 albums are amazing. And best of all, they're British!

Bruce Dickinson is the most talented vocalist of all time in my opinion and the guitar is incredible, they have 6 DVD's made about them 5 of which were chart topping, and to top it off they even have their own beer, they cannot be beat by 5 boys with voice correction and 1d

Iron Maiden should be in 6th place, not some kids called 1D -. -

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14Black Sabbath

#9? What? Is this a joke? -_-


The best british band of all times.

One direction above than MUSE. They don't even write their own music

They do real music! Simply the best

Best band to attack the illuminati, you should be agree!

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16Joy Division
17Deep Purple

In Asia, westlife is still number one.

They r just unique

Westlife are Irish, they are not British!

Westlife has melodious songs

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19Arctic Monkeys

One Direction should not be on this list...

How are they not in the top 10? And who put one direction on this list

Should be #1 because 1d need to be killed

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20Duran Duran

They are so cool and their music is amazing. I'm a teenager and would rather listen to them any day compared to the crappiness of 1D.

Duran Duran changed the face of music in the 80s and took the UK, America, the whole world by storm. Every song is a classic. Not just Duran Duran, but Spandau, Coldplay, etc are all better than One Direction. Fact! DD beats 1D!

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