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May It Be
I love this song! It's calm, and is motivational as well as relaxing. Whenever I watch 'The Fellowship of the Ring', I always watch the credits in order to listen to this.
This was the very first song I ever heard by Enya and fell in love with it. Her voice is amazing and so pure sounding. I love the lord of the rings, especially for the awesome soundtrack it had.
Superb soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


This song is so perfect! WHY CAN'T I BUY IT WITHOUT BUTING YHE WHOLE ALBUM?!?! I can imagine it playing in a peaceful death scene, like in "children of the mind" when Ender dies

2Only Time
Used as a soundtrack in the media about the attacks of September 11, 2001


Most wonderful voice I have ever heard
One of the best songs evoking sad emotions.
[Newest]Enya has the voice of an angel!

3If I Could Be Where You Are

4Hope Has a Place

5Caribbean Blue
This has got to be my favorite so far. I love the ocean theme that the song paints an infallible image of. You feel as if you are drifting on a docile current of waves, the sun is shining modestly and a flock of seagulls flies by. Just listen to it, and let it take you on a scenic journey.
All enya songs have this magical quality that evokes an emotion inside you and transports you into another place, but Caribbean blue gives me the strongest feeling. I feel like I'm on a boat alone on an endless sea, and it's so serene and magical.


Absolutely divine. I just close my eyes and my mind takes me on a journey to an imaginary world. Think Avatar and your flying through the air at breathtaking speeds.
I love all Enya's songs but Caribbean Blue is far the best one for me. That mystical atmosphere and magical melodies just make it the best.

6China Roses

7Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)
Most stunning version of silent Night I have ever heard. Sensational!
First enya song I heard. At least got to be somewhere on the list.

8The Celts
WOW guys! You will not believe it but simply like it cause you will miss one-half of your life if you miss these pleasure! Have fun and good day to one and all!

9Sail Away

10Orinoco Flow
Is the best with no doubt! I love this tune so much. Such a soulful melody and very inspiring as well. Whener I listen to it, it moves me in many ways.
Easily the best Enya song ever. Only time is the only one that can compare. I love this song!

The Contenders

11Evening Falls
It puts me in the mood

12Wild Child
The very first song I heard from she...
Awesome voice.. ! Enya I love you r voice

13Anywhere Is

14Athair Ar Neamh
Mar gheall go dtuigim céard a bhfuil sí ag canadh
Because I understand what she's singing
The title translates to 'Father in Heaven'

This song makes me kinda sad but at the same time it gives me new hope. It's amazing.

16One Toy Soldier

17How Can I Keep From Singing?

18Marble Halls

19The Memory of Trees

20One by One

Simply her best! Smooth and soft piano sends the chills up your spine



24Afer Ventus

25Only If...
So cool. It takes me to my dreamland


27Shepherd Moons

28Less Than a Pearl

29Someone Said Goodbye

30Willows On the Water
Cool and soothing I must say-Tasvir


32Flora's Secret

33Storms In Africa


35No Holly for Miss Quinn

Simply marvelous1 My favorite Enya song.

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