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This band represents a wide range of musical influences and genres and is in no way defined by one genre only. That's one of the most beautiful characteristics about HIM, they sing in all colors and still manage to deliver their sound beautifully with their signature romantic sense. Ville, the vocalist, is a lyrical genius and never fails to keep up with the modern dark poet lyrical style, whether drunk or sober. Together, with Mige, the funny bassist, Burton, the handsome keyboardist, Linde, the introverted cute guitarist and Gas, the adorable drummer, they put on so much effort and talent to produce pieces of arts that never die with time. Add to all that the fact that they are truly amazing with their fans, which is something that most artists miss nowadays. HIM are really underrated in a world full of posers who claim they know everything about music and call HIM 'wannabes', because HIM deliver artistic music in all its colors, which is their specialty, unlike limited bands nowadays. That's why they deserve to win.
I just love HIM and the music they put out. When someone is in love and you hear all the lyrics you have a scene Of Love for that person you are with. And you can relate to there music Much Love
Angela Marie
Amazing band, amazing music, lyrics, and very warm and nice to their fans.
Go HIM, GO HIM! Best band ever!
[Newest]Number one band of all time, perfect
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2The Beatles
The Beatles should seriously be number 1. What's it doing at number 2?
You can find Beatles in every other bands, because they invented a new idea of music
The Beatles were, are and will be the best
[Newest]Why of the god given earth is Beatles #2

3Led Zeppelin
Come on! Half of these bands wouldn't exist without Led Zeppelin.
Not only the best band in Europe, but the best band in the world!
The epitome of excellence.

4Poets of the Fall
This is my favorite band ever, not just in Europe, but the entire world - and I'm American, by the way! Their music is impeccably produced, entirely by the band and their independent label. It's difficult to express how deeply their music has touched me over the years, since I first discovered them in 2009. They are all incredible musicians, but together they have created something you simply don't hear these days. Their sound incorporates elements from many different genres, but is still completely unique to anything I have ever heard before. Their music is memorable and will stay with you forever. It was a blessing to have discovered them, and I feel bad for those who will probably never have the opportunity to hear their music simply because they are not well known in the US. Hopefully we can change that though!
I hope they will get the success they deserve outside of Finland some day. It would be sweet to see them preform in person but they rarely come this side of the ocean.
The only word that describes them is, "MAGNIFICENT"! A great band, with a great lineup! Marko, with excellent and diverse vocals, Olli and Jaska, with a unique and impressive guitar work, Captain, with pleasing and rhythmic keyboards, Jani, with great bass work and jari, with awesome drum work! Overall, this band is simply excellent! All of their songs are unique, inspiring and creative! Songs like carnival of rust, cradled in love, late goodbye, lift, diamonds for tears and maybe tomorrow is a better day, have a special place in my heart! The songs are simply great! They deserve much more than the limelight they get! Its a knows fact, that they are the most underrated band is rock history! So let us all make an effort to make the people realise, that POTF is not just great, they are, THE BEST!
[Newest]For me they are simply no. 1. They are true to their name. I Love them just not for their incredible music but also for their ingenious lyrics. Simply Poets of the Fall.
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5Pink Floyd
pink floyd, black sabbath, the beatles, the who, led zeppelin are 5 knights of the round table
Influential, different, brave, heartbreaking, bold... There are some many ways to describe Pink Floyd. One of the best bands I know.
Pink Floyd has been & will always be my favorite band.

A really damn good Danish band! I love them, really recommended for those who like foreign language songs. Kind of a heavy rock sound mixed with techno :D

One of the most consistently excellent Scandinavian bands of late. They have at least five really good albums. They also have a good twenty to twenty five great stand-alone songs.



Europe is still rocking and have proven that they are one of the best bands from Europe.
It's the final countdown
The best band is Europe!
[Newest]The final countdown is so fantastic.

In my opinion, queen is the greatest band of all time. As far as singing quality goes, they are unsurpassable. They can do opera, and they can do heavy metal. They are the best.
There the BEST band in the WORLD!

The Contenders


12The Pigeon Detectives

13A Toys Orchestra

"Best heavy metal band from Roumania"

15Iron Maiden
The best Metal band of them all. Power, melodic anthems, with crafted musicianship. Speed, intensity, and at other times, complex and thoughtful and even progressive. Great live act, great stage show, great albums, great songs. May never be beaten.
Iron Maiden are just the greatest European band of all time!

Few can match their power, awe and excellence on stage, and they are the best band when it comes to live performances.
The best band ever! Which other band has 10 studio masterpieces, 1 great album and 4 good albums? The beatles are cool, but Maiden are GODS!
[Newest]Not just the best band in Europe, but one of the best in the world. No one can match the live performance given by this band.

16The Rolling Stones

Hello, where is muse, u know the band that redefined bass and guitar, basically the 2nd biggest european band ever

Deserves to be on the top of list, they are best, especially matt, his vocals are just awesome!
Their song is so cool! Our time is running out~ and many more...!

18Kaiser Chiefs

Best live performance I've ever seen.
One of the most amazing bands
My favourite band for 10 years, and I still love them just as much. They put on the best concert I'v ever seen.

20Black Sabbath

Cold play is the best decently in my opinion
They are so awesome ya

22Arctic Monkeys


Best songs in the symphonic metal history! Listen this music of you donÂ't know what this is!
Them songs are awesome!
Best band in like EVER!


26Depeche Mode

This band was amazingly popular in the 70s, and has stood the test of time very well. The broadway play, Mamma Mia! Has had huge success, as well as their greatest hits album, ABBA GOLD. In fact, ABBA GOLD has become the second best selling album in the UK, more popular there than even The Beatles. If this list is ranking popularity in Europe and not the US, than ABBA should very well be high up on it. They were not very big in the US, because they were focused primarily on countries in Europe and even Australia. ABBA is, in my opinion, the best of European music.


29Tokio Hotel
I love Tokio Hotel! The music is good and the guys are cute.

30Deep Purple

31The Rasmus

32Sigur Ros

Cry for the moon and burn trough a cinder, listen to them
Cry for the moon is best song!

The nearly 5 decade of carrier, and the 80-100 000 000 sold record says everything! HIM is the MOST POPULAR OF ALL TIME? Ridiculous! If HIM is the first, then the Europe should be the second... The final countdown was a bigger hit, than any song from HIM. To be honest I know a quiet few songs from HIM, but I remember only one hit... Maybe join me in death...

The best band in the world
Best pop-rock band ever! Kicking live!





40Sunrise Avenue


42One Direction

43Within Temptation
76?! Should be way up there!

44Judas Priest



47Golden Earring



50Blind Guardian

51Snow Patrol


53Los Bravos

54Hanoi Rocks




58Pet Shop Boys

59Bring Me the Horizon
It must be in top tens




63Mercyful Fate



66Rhapsody of Fire



They are head liners in a quiet few festival in Europe! European power metal ban is a European band too!

The kickassness of Latvian folk/pagan metal!

71Shocking Blue

72George Baker Selection


74The Who
Really one of the best bands of all times, come on The Who it's awesome

75Def Leppard
I can't believe definitely leppard are not in this list.. what! You guys are gone mad... I my opinioun definitely leppard should be in top three... I hope you understand the rock music clearly...

76The Prodigy


78Take That
One of the biggest bands in England.

79Asking Alexandria

80Children Of Bodom
Children Of Bodom is low because todays peoples are only listening to awful musics!

81PsihoModo Pop

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