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21Conchita - Rise Like a Phoenix

It is really amazing, her outfit and her. Conchita rocks

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22Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw

Sounds like Lovers On the Sun but awesome! Absolutely happy this song won, despite I'm from Ireland - sryanbruen

In my opinion one of the best winners ever in this amazing contest!

Why isn't Heroes in Top 10?! It's by far the best song in eurovision, and has a really cute mesage about bullying. We are the heroes of our time!

23Dana International - Diva

Dana the best of eurovision! Diva! Diva! ! Diva!

24Celine Dion - Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi

Wonderful song and a great interpreter, all the songs are good (because they have won, and there must be something good in them) but I think this is the best of all the list. In the second place I would have place the turkish song, because it is the first of a new category of folk-pop melodies competing in the eurovision, and one of the fewest songs util then performed alongside with a coreography. A real show!

I'm currently listening to this song on replay. It's amazing and breathtaking.

25Toto Cotugno - Insieme 1992

This song is an hymn in these difficult times 20 years after.

26Johnny Logan - What's Another Year

One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life! - cookie20jd

27Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String
28Secret Garden - Nocturne

It is a serene and beautiful song - the violin is nice and amazing. Besides, it was the song who broke the winning streak of Ireland.

I just love secret garden. their songs are mostly just instrumental, but they are full of pure emotions. - sepehr

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29Gigliola Cinquetti - Non Ho L'età

Unforgettable song... I'm impressed you didn't placed it in the list. Like in the most of the nicest songs of the eurovision you must listen to the message inside the text, and this one is really beautiful.

30Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now

Consummate performance and a wonderful song. Even his outfit was great.

31Brotherhood of Man - Save Your Kisses for Me

Amazing Song - Don't see how this is so low though!

32Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up

One of the three best with Waterloo and Save Your Kisses For Me. It was amazing, and the skirt rip made it the most memorable performance ever! They are one of the few too have Number 1 hits after Eurovision in there own country and others like America with Talking in Your Sleep. Bucks Fizz and Abba are the Best!

making your mind up lol I love this song =) - AgNetHaX

33Massiel - La La La
34Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann - Dansevise

Greatest Eurovision song. Unique, atmospheric.

Great song from great country

35A-Ba-Ni-Bi - Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta
36Teach In - Ding A DongV1 Comment
37Sandra Kim - J'aime La Vie

She managed to win and she was just 13! That's amazing! Really deserved! Best Belgium entry.

38Ell/Nikki - Running Scared

I voted for this. My country gave it 12 points! Well done, Azerbaijan! From Turkey.

39Lys Assia - Refrain
40Tu te reconnaitras - Anne Marie DavidV1 Comment
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