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Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Good Song Thanks For The Memories even Tho They Weren't So Great


I remember listening to this song a while back when it was released but I had no idea about who and whatnot.. I adore the punk-like style Fall Out Boy have to their Music and this song (compared to their other songs) represents this type
Haha, one night stand! This song is very very good for me makes me remember her.
[Newest]I would love to hear Usher sing this song. And Usher could voice Sonic the Hedgehog.

2Sugar, We're Goin Down
Come on people... THIS is the song that everyone knows about! When people think Fall Out Boy they think SUGAR, WE'RE GOIN' DOWN DOWN! Seriously Thanks for the memories shouldn't even be in the top 10 let alone in front of this legendary song! And how are songs like Dance Dance, I Don't Care, This Ain't A Scene, Beat It, Grand Theft Autumn etc behind Thanks For The Memories!? Anyway, I'll just add that this song is almost CERTIFIED TRIPLE PLATINUM in America, that means its almost sold 3 million copies over there as a single! It's also Platinum in the UK among other countries! VOTE!
LOVE IT the best song out of all the albums by far they are such a great band I really love this song so much it has great meaning and excellent instrumentals.
THIS SONG IS THEIR LEGACY! It is the epitome of perfection and thus well known for a reason! T SUGAR WE"RE GOINg DOWN DOWN. "Oh don't mind me I'm just watching you two from the closet" Oh fall out boy how easily you charm.
[Newest]I love this song! I mean, come on. Thanks For The Memories is awesome, but this is better. It's like, Fall Out Boy's theme song! It's their most well-known, too. I don't even know HOW this got behind Thanks For The Memories.
More comments about Sugar, We're Goin Down

3Dance, Dance
This song is intense. I love it. This is definitely one of their best songs. Look it up. Download it. NOW!
LOVE <3 such fun song. It makes you just want to dance and have a fun time. The music video is so good and so funny. One absolute amazing song that you must have on your ipod.
I'm no good with words, but this is the one of the few songs I can listen to on loop and never get bored of
[Newest]This is a really really great song

4The Phoenix
Superb song; been listening' to it almost non-stop since gettin' "Save Rock and Roll" (and the rest of that album is great too; the only bad part is that Courtney Love screws up one of the songs that could have been great otherwise); this song pumps me up as much as "Hell Patrol" by Judas Priest
I was skeptical about Fall Out Boy's return but, honestly, after hearing this song, I was convinced the album was going to be great. Patrick is spectacular with this song and this is worthy of the top 10.
Even though I like FOB's old music better, this song is amazing! This song was an incredible com back, Just like the lyrics say.

Put on your war paint

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back
You know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start
So dance alone to the beat of your heart
[Newest]I'm gonna change you like a remix then ill raise you like a phoenix. BEST ONE

5My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
I totally freaked out when my local raio station that only plays crap like one direction played this song. It totally made my day
This song was word of the best things that happened to me. I remember the day that this came out I was really happy because it was the return and the reunion of fall out boy and I just screamed of joy and excitement because I was really sad and depressed during the hiatus because I thought that they would never come back. So that's the reason that this is my favorite fall out boy song and also the lyrics I really relatable to me and the song is just pure awesome.
Fall Out Boy's latest song got me falling out of my chair... Had to tap and dance to this piece of sheer brilliance
[Newest]I used to hear this song all the time and not know who it was. Now, I'm a huge FOB fan.

6This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race
First song I loved. Purely a masterpiece
I LOVE THIS SONG FOR ME IT HAS TO BE THIS THEN DANCE DANCE THNKS FR TH MMRS. Hurry up and start making more music fall out boy
Dance dance and this song should make the top 3 I can't believe they're number five and four respectively
[Newest]The best song of Fall out boy, you can just feel the rhythm and the power of this great song

7I Don't Care
Such a great song! Brilliant riff with a driving rhythm, great lyrics and lyrical style, and the rest of the gang on backing vocals do themselves proud.

The video's hilarious too!
AWESOME SONG! should be at number one spot because its a great song, catchy, and just a fun song. I honestly think this song should be at the top. Along with dance, dance and this ain't a scene, its an arms race.
best and best video! I love the bass in this and certainly most catchy and memorable, thanks for the memories is good but I think this is better by a long shot
[Newest]He doesn't care what you think as long as ita about him

8The Take Over, The Break's Over
Love all fob. Overall my favourite and most listened to song. Under rated
the beat is so catchy after a day of searching I have finally found it here and even watched it
I love this song. It sounds amazing and catchy. And although, the music video was rather enjoyable in a humorous way, The mob and Hemingway really caught my attention.

9Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy
It's quite simple, isn't it? This is the ORIGINAL FOB.
This song is brilliant! The video is so amazing and it has their angsty teen/college poetic aspect to it. It just reminds me of my childhood and brings back so many great feelings of nostalgia. I wish Fall Out Boy had stayed like this forever.
Awesome song! Seriously! Why is it number 6th!? Gosh, crazy people, all of you, who voted for Thanks for the Memories. Yeah, it's a good song but this one right here is true original Fall Out Boy! Love this song!
[Newest]Great lyrics and great punk sound

10I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)
Greatest song EVER. So sweet and catchy. The video is also good! Don't understand why this is number 7? ITS AMAZING. Can't believe this isn't in the top 5.
One of the classics that get me every time. Makes me feel something when I hear it, unlike some of their new music. Though their new music is great, I don't feel anything that makes me think. This song is beautiful and I love it!
Amazing, can't stop listening to it. I seem to have a favourite Fall Out Boy song ever week but this one seems to be at the top of my favourite list along with Tiffany Blews. How is that not at the top either!?
[Newest]Oh it's so sweet and so easy to sing with! I love this whole bloody album!

The Contenders

11Alone Together
This should on thr top ten, damn this song is so good I could even listen to days
This is my absolute favorite song. I can listen to it for hours and not get tired of it. It sounds amazing and has an important message in it if you listen to the lyrics. I would definitely place at #1.
It's hard to say which is my favorite out of all of them. But I know that this is the most underrated song by far
[Newest]I really think thus song is one of the best fall out boy songs, I also Coventry music video, not giving anything away but Pete kills someone

12What a Catch, Donnie
Seriously, the lyrics are amazing! The throwback to old singles is classic! The last minute is the best minute in FOB ever.
This there best song yet come on guys this song is the mash-up of there songs like the grand theft autumn, sugar where going down, thanks for the memories its like there last song but its not I hope this song get more votes and this should be in the top ten to overall awesomeness I respect the FOB keep on rocking guys!
This is probably the most heart-felt, beautifully written, sung and played Fall out Boy song out there. It still has their feel to it, and their witty lyrics on top of that. I almost died during the ending when they made a tribute to all their past hits. If FOB had just stopped their career after this song, It wouldn't even be so bad.
[Newest]Definitely should be at the top of the list. The way it recaps all of their greatest hits using amazing artists. Perfection.

Why 68? It deserves number 1! Some legends are told some turn to dust or to gold but you will remember me remember me for centuries...
I heard this for 5 seconds and immediately paused it. Why? To go download it.
This song is so powerful, and it just makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like you are special, and important and that someone should care about you.
[Newest]How is this not number one?!?

14Young Volcanoes
I absolutely love this song! The guitar rhythm pulls you in. It's different from their other songs but still had the Fall Out Boy charm.
This is a song that you could let your imagination run every which way while listening to. When I write stories I listen to this song among others for inspiration. Should be second to only My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.
THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! This song should really be in the Top 5! So much like Light Em Up which is also so cool. Can't stop listening to this! I love this song!
[Newest]Spectacular, unique, gorgeous song.

15Beat It
I'm surprised this is so low. I was seriously expecting it to be in the top 5, FOB have MANY great songs but this ones takes it to the next level for me, the vocals and the beat are awesome. I can't believe songs like "Thanks For The Memories" and "I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me ^^ You)", they're both great but shouldn't be way ahead of this.
This song was MADE to be a ROCK song, it ROCKS hard! MJ is a legend and Beat It is my favorite song by him but this cover just blows it out of the water. Patrick has a more powerful voice than MJ and it suits this song better, the bass is great, the solo is even better than the original and FOB are Rock legends in my eyes.
WRONG! It's way better than the original. This rocks, Patrick's vocals are great on this. How is this not in the top 10!?
[Newest]This cover is so much better than the original. This bass is legendary and it deserves to be in the top 5. I understand people automatically vote Thanks For The Memories but if they heard this cover they would agree its something amazing.

16Save Rock and Roll
The greatest band in the world managed to get someone who was knighted by a queen to sing in their song and made one of the greatest songs I've ever heard, it was an instant classic that brought back what rock and roll was all about.
WHAT A GREAT AND AMAZING SONG! Full of powerful lyrics and such a great tune! Absolutely amazing, long live fall out boy and elton john!
This is a truly great song. Fall Out Boy is here, and here to stay.
[Newest]This song males me cry along with the video

17A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me
This one's amazing how come it's only 14th? One of the greatest songs they made
This song is one of the best, I think it should be in the top ten. Not to mention the instrumentals in this song are amazing, along with an amusing video to top it all off! Great piece of musical art
Really? I don't think any song off of Save Rock and Roll should be above the classics. They have downgraded, but I am still a die hard fan because their old music still lives on!
[Newest]I love the video, Pete is vampire

18Just One Yesterday
Foxes' vocals add something extra to this song. It's an amazing song nevertheless! Confusing video though! But that's not what matters, the music is simply stunning and I don't think there are many songs out there that sound like this song!
New one.
And my most favorite song in the album.
Awesome song! Then again, all Fall Out Boy songs are awesome. Even so, this is more awesome than the rest.
[Newest]I love every second of the song: the lyrics, the tune, the instruments - everything!

19Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On a Bad Bet
Epic song. With a bridge and chorus that makes you sing along and really gets into your head. One of my favorite FOB songs.
just pure awesomeness! its so powerful and it should be higher on the list!

I really do love every song that fob has ever made but this is my absolute favorite


This song is amazing! The beginning melody drew me right in. Also the chorus is awesome: "Does your husband know the way that the sunshine gleams from your wedding band? "
[Newest]I love and listen to fallout boy all the time, and though some of the songs above are more notorious, I just don't see how they can beat other songs like these or get so much more attention.

20America's Suitehearts
The intro is epic on this and this song really shows Patrick's vocal range.
This song should be WAY higher on the list, the video is really unique and it shows the message of how fame effects people. Not to mention the song itself is really catchy with the simple lyrics and the actual background guitar track
Best song ever. It's always on repeat for me, and needs to be number one no matter what!
[Newest]This song is part of my childhood. I used to love a lot of FOB songs before I even knew who they were and that they were all by the same band

21I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
Probably one of the best songs they have ever made! There are very few FOB songs that I hate, and I even liked their two most recent albums. That being said, their older stuff was amazing and "I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me" is one of the overlooked gems on From Under The Cork Tree.
There are very few FOB songs that I hate, and I even liked their two most recent albums. That being said, their older stuff was amazing and "I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me" is one of the overlooked gems on From Under The Cork Tree.
Who placed this at number ten? It should be number 1!
[Newest]One of their heavier songs.

22The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Such a good song with Patrick's awesome voice, Pete's death growl and an epic beat with a hilarious video to top it all of. Brilliant
Noo! What the hell! This song is superamazing! Just take the time give it a listen and I promise you'll change your mind about keeping it so low
[Newest]One of their heaviest and I love it!

This song needs more recognition if it is this low on this list! Patrick, as usual, is amazing with the vocals and this song is overall just great! It needs to be higher up.
Very Fall Out Boy style lyrics with lots of energy. This song can basically represent "Take This to Your Grave". And that was probably their greatest album.
I've read about the after life but I've never really lived.

Such an amazing line. This is the Fall Out Boy I fell in love with.
[Newest]I remember when I first heard this song, I think I was hugging the radio

24The Music or the Misery
This is effing EPIC! Listen to the beat after the 2 minute mark! How is this not in the top 5!?
Um, lets be real. Vote for the good songs and great lyrics, not all the effing radio hits.
This song is so amazing I love it so much I love all of the other songs above this song is by far the best The music or the misery for number 1 I went to sleep a poet and I woke up a fraud
Badass song! Don't know why this isn't top instead of Thnks fr th mmrs?! Come people, if you are going to vote please make sure you are fully educated in FOB songs rather than voting because "you heard that one song on the radio that one time so it's the best." Like what?

25Fame < Infamy
the beat in this is great, I don't see why it isn't on the list.
Pretty awesome song, surprised it isn't in the top ten.
Soon, perhaps...
This song's great! This song must be on the top ten list!
[Newest]How is this song not higher up on the list? Fame < Infamy is my absolute favourite FOB song, how is My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark ahead of it!?

26Dead On Arrival
What the heck!? How is Saturday ahead of this!? Get this above Saturday ASAP, this is a much better song and one of their signatures!
This song is their best song! This is way better than My songs know what you did in the dark, thanks for the memories, dance dance, etc
This is a signature fall out boy song that deserves respect. It started it all

277 Minutes In Heaven
That's the 2nd best song that I hear from FOB, This song should be in the Top ten, the lyrics and the guitar song are sole from Fall Out Boys
I love this song! One of my favorites and really underrated! Awesome drums; listening to it right now!
I love this song it made me sad though cause this song if you notice mentions something bout Pete trying to kill himself every time I hear this I think of poor Pete I love them a but this song is sad but really good

I love this song so much, I wish they always played it all the time on the radio
Immortals is definitely big hero 6's song one of the best songs I've ever heard
My absolute favorite song by FOB. Could listen to this for days on end
[Newest]Should be in the top ten

29Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes
What the heck!? How is this not in the top 20? It's one of the absolute best songs from Folie a Deux. It has an awesome beat with awesome vocals and nice little guitar riffs throughout. Not to mention the lyrics
Don't let the title out you off! Get ready for your socks to be blown off! Just an all round amazing song! Don't know it till you try it!
"Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy" is possibly their best line of all time. Very autobiographical. People seem to only know the singles...
[Newest]One of my favorites from my favorite album

30Chicago Is So Two Years Ago
This song is so amazing. You have to be an FOB fan to know and appreciate it you can't have just heard one or two songs. It's so classic FOB, catchy and the lyrics are very relatable.
Why is this so far down on the list? This song is definitely a gem. This should be higher up in the list.
With every breath I wish your body would be broken again... again. This song should be in the top 15 without question. It's miles better than Saturday!

31The (Shipped) Gold Standard
How could this song possibly be so low down on the list? This is one of Fall Out Boys greatest hits! From start to finish the sound completely overwhelms you and inspires great emotion, Top 5 would be fair, position 27 is an injustice (maybe the song 27 should be at place 27)
This song is a must on everyones itunes library. It is epic and very well worth listening to.
One of my all time favourite songs. I love the melody and the lyrics are amazing


[Newest]I love this song, one of their best

32Hum Hallelujah
This is by far THE best Fall Out Boy song ever. Why is this so low in the list, it deserves top 10, at LEAST. This song is amazing! Add in the real emotion, Patrick Stump's vocals and Pete's heartbreaking lyrics, and this song is unbeatable. I mean, "I love you in the same way there's a chapel in a hospital". That has to be one of the best FOB lyric of all time.
This needs to be in the top 20 at least! This is ridiculously good and it's ridiculously low on the list!
The emotions behind the lyrics are so beautiful!

33Alpha Dog
This song is amazing! How can this not at least be in the top 10!?! Most under-rated fall out boy song, ever.
Their actual best song..
What why ain't it first Um
[Newest]One of their best and it deserves to be in the Top 5!

34Rat a Tat
Every time I hear this song, I just can't help but get up and dance and sing along. Kind of disappointed that The Kids Aren't Alright isn't on this list, but this song is probably my second fave.
Number 45 is much much much lower than I should be. I've been listening to this for days! Probably because I just saw the video... Listen to it๐Ÿ‘
This song deserves a lot more credit than people give it. Its a great song only thing letting it down is courtney love.

35Honorable Mention
This is my favorite song by them its so underrated. I could listen to it over and over. Everyone should give it a try and I love how much they admire John Cusack I got in to his films because of Fall Out Boy.

36Where Did the Party Go
I don't know about you guys, but this is possibly the best song on the new album, "Save Rock and Roll"
FOB, quite literally, saved Rock 'n' Roll with their latest comeback album. Pete Wentz is a lyrical genius. Patrick kills it on vocals. Joe and Andy are awesome... As per usual...
I always blast the bridge to this in my car, fantastic song
[Newest]Best song ever make number 1 please



That's all ;)

It just has pretty melody
This is one of FOB's best songs..
But yeah, this is a pretty amazing song.
It did what it set out to do; pump you up for the album!
That message at the beginning would always pull me in -- snaring me -- and after being captured in, it would then transition into the oh-so-lovely drums, followed with Patrick's voice, kick-starting 'Infinity On High' amazingly with it's lovely 'thrilling' tunes.
[Newest]74? What the hell?

38The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes
"Take this to your Grave and I'll take it to mine"
Definitely my favorite song from Take This To Your Grave.
I would would be alive if this came it my grave

39Jet Pack Blues
Phenomenal lyrics and tune. My personal favourite Fall Out Boy song!

40Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
Keep quiet,
Nothing comes as easy as you.
Can I lay in your bed all day?
I'll be your best kept secret
And your biggest mistake.
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day.
Oh, and the awesome "You look so good in blue, you look so good in blue". This should be in the top 20 at least.
Acousticly this is amazing. The fast pace to the song along with the simplistic repetition puts it in a different category to more popular and famous songs by FOB.
This song captures something about love that I haven't seen many other songs be able to. It's a really beautiful song, but it feels real to me. "The hand behind this pen relieves a failure every day." That part really gets me. The melody on the guitar is simple put pretty, and this entire song deserves so much more recognition. It's more than just a song, it feels like a perfect description of a moment.
[Newest]Too awesome. Way better than acoustic version in my opinion

I swear to god, I got the new album and I didn't expect one song to stand out as much as this

I love the direction fob is going in, light em up in save rock and roll, and novocaine in this album. Got me hooked to the whole damn album lol. Definitely their best song in the same
Such a good song! Vocals make me happy

42Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
Extremely underrated, my favourite Fall Out Boy song of all time followed closely by Where Is Your Boy?
WOW, this song is so underrated here. It's awesome!
Epic song, should be in the top 5

43Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today
For us old school FOB fans this is the best song ever. Taylor swift writes catchy songs about boys who hurt her, FOB wrote an angry from the heart anthem here that is way underrated. When Patrick just yells in the second verse it's like he threw every emotion he had into it. This is the song that made me a FOB fan for life!
This is one of the best from take this to your grave should be much higher
Love that beginning riff

44Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued
I love this song so much, it's really funny too because the original name was 'My Name Is David Ruffin And These Are The Temptations'

The song is warning you about being trapped by fame
Nice opener to from under the cork tree. More punky than the others. that's why I like it.

45Calm Before The Storm
This is far better than Saturday...


The song title is a reference to the infamous '27 Club'.

Absolutely genius lyrics, deserves to be higher.
This song's gotta be higher on the list
This song awesome... How is it not better rated? The lyrics, rhythm, sound...

4720 Dollar Nose Bleed
It was so unbelievable that this song is in the last!
Come on guys, haven't you heard of this song yet?!
Try listening to the sample. This song is supposed to be on the top 10 or at least top 20.
How is this one of the last? Fall Out Boy PLUS Panic at the Disco.

And the nice tune

And the poetic lyrics

Sure the ending was kinda weird but its still dang awesome
Seriously? This is my favorite Fall Out Boy song AND favorite song of all time. Everything about this is just so catchy and awesome and fhjhehrgkjsgj~! Way too underrated. Not to mention how awesome Brendon Urie is in this :3
[Newest]Brendon Urie an amazing voice. And this song is absolutely fantastic.

48Of All the Gin Joints In All the World
Um, wow. This is voted really low, and it doesn't deserve number 41!
This is not my favorite song, but it's definitely top five. I'm voting for it solely because it is a crime that it is #40!
I know TYG was great, but this song bests anything off that album.
Easily one of their best! And possibly my favourite intro ever
[Newest]One of the best songs off one of the best albums!

49Coffee's for Closers
I'm really surprised this isn't on the list. Easily one of the best Fall Out Boy songs, and perhaps one of the most underrated songs out there. The violin at the end is absolutely spectacular. Give it a listen.
What the heck... I'm actually pretty surprised, though I can understand why it's so behind since it's fairly old. I agree, please give this song a listen! The violin at the end is the bomb for com
Easily one of their best songs. The violin at the end is beatiful. This is drastically unheard of and underrated.
[Newest]Back when I was really into Fall Out Boy, this one was my favorite

50Uma Thurman
This needs to be higher up in the list. Fantastic song!

51Miss Missing You
This IS like one of THE BEST fall out boy songs ever. It should totally be at the top! It has such a catchy tune, a great beat, good lyrics, and you WILL NEVER GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Please vote! :P Go FOB!
What. The. ASDFGHJKL. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FOB SONG AND IT'S SO AMAZING... I mean, "The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger"... That's favourite line of any FOB song. I just adore it...


This song is so underrated! It's one of the best FOB songs or songs in general.
[Newest]How is this so far down, by far one of the best

52She's My Winona
Amazing and catchy song, should be at least in the top 10!
This song should be number one. The nostalgic feel and catchy riff is amazing.

53Tiffany Blews
Love this song who cares that little Wayne is on it!
The music and meaning is just so wonderful!
I think we can all agree that Folie A Duex is the best thing to ever happen ever
Best song bay far

54Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year
That amazing high at the end of the song is reason enough to have this on your playlist, but this song offers much more. Amazing vocals and guitar work. In my opinion, worth of top 10.
"We're the therapists, pumping through your speakers. Delivering just what you need. Wear it, and poised. We're the best boys... "
That's my favorite line of this fantastic song.
My favorite fall out boy song, EVER! Just an amazing song in general... I think it is probably better than most of the songs in the top 10. VOTE THIS SONG UP!

55You're Crashing, But You're No Wave
Great song, and it has actual artistic meaning instead of just whining about relationships like so many of their other songs (No offense, and those can be good too, but this is a nice change of pace)
I don't understand, most under rated fall out boy song ever
Its brilliant, I urge everyone to have another listen
The way the songs arranged is amazing and the chorus gets you so passionate
Why isn't this on the list!? I'll tell you why! Because no-one has heard of this song, it's too awesome!
[Newest]This is a awesome song and the it really has that punk sound which defines Fall Out Boy.

82? This song needs to be 81 places ahead of where it is.
Crazy amazing how come 86 should be no1

57Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers
This is my favorite Fall Out Boy song ever. It's unlike any of their other songs and can't be compared to that of any other artist. Pete himself compared it to My Chemical Romance, but I barely see any resemblance; I love My Chem, but this song sounds much more polished than any of My Chemical Romance's heavy stuff. The lyrics are applicable to real world situations and there are a few of Pete's Arma Angelus-esque screams in it, which definitely differentiates it from any of FOB's other stuff. Definitely my favorite, and all-too underrated.

One of the few songs that NEVER loses its momentum... the bridge to end part is full of emotion and beauty.
Great lyrics and great song deserves to be way higher

59Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)
I love this song its song epic

60The (After) Life of the Party
Most underrated song on infinity on high. By far
Love the chorus on this one

61From Now On We Are Enemies
Woah. This is kinda surprising, it should be top 20 at least. I think the chorus is just absolutely beautiful, the lyrics are witty, beautifully written, and it's a fast-paced song like Dance, Dance, (Coffee's for Closers) or This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms Race. I really love the line "A composer who never composed, sing the symphonies of the overdosed". Please listen to the song, we should get this higher up on the list!
What is such a good song doing here in the 56th spot?! Please give it a listen, it such a brilliant song! I think it my just be my favorite FOB song, despite so many other great ones. And I'm quite sure it'll become yours too. So please give it a listen before voting. You'll see how it automatically makes its way into the top 10.
Really? This song is awesome.

62Homesick at Space Camp
Song is amazing no one knows about it! Listen and youll see!
Listening to it right now

63The Pros and Cons of Breathing
Makes me wanna cry, and where is the kids aren't alright that song is like this one
Best song of fall out boys ever listen to it
Reminds me of 2014 best year ever so far
[Newest]Makes me cry, I don't know why

Holy crap. I can't believe that people haven't heard of this song. The meaning is lithe and brooding, and the overall a bittersweet beat. Tell me you don't feel a strum of pain when listening. It's so god
A very underrated song because it's a bonus track of the most underrated Fall Out Boy record. So many people ignore the existence of this song, and it's a top quality track.
Man, this is easily the most underrated Fall Out Boy song and also one of the best. Go give it a listen and tell me it doesn't start a kickdrum in your chest. Vote Up.

65I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)
This one is so amazing the lyrics and the tone is are great I'm shocked it's not at least a little bit higher above!
This is a beautiful song! It should be in at least top 30-20! This is probably my favorite FOB song, next to Young Volcanoes.
I just love this song.

66Bang the Doldrums
CAtchy, good melody, awesome lyrics, relatable, AMAZING! 1 Best of Fall Out Boy, and I've been a fan for quite a while.
Hands down their most underrated song! Catchy and should be way higher on this.
They knew it was over... THEY JUST didn't KNOW THE DATE
Enough said

67I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears and None On My Fingers
This song is amazing, I really don't understand why it isn't top 20. Great vocals as usual. Great music, great lyrics.
Like no joke how is this not top 5

68American Beauty/American Psycho
Can't wait until its out I beat it will be massive worldwide
Awesome song, my new favourite
This song is underrated.
American Beauty/American Psycho is one of the most rock sounding song in the album.

69Champagne For My Real Friends Real Pain For My Sham Friends
Gotta love the beginning riff. Gotta love it.

70Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)
I think this is one of the best ones out of the new album besides centuries but since January this month I love this song
Every track on the new album is amazing, this song is no exception
Why is this 73?

This is probably the best song in AB/AP (besides Centuries and the title track) and it's really catchy and amazing.

71Growing Up
I absolutely adore Fall Out Boy and love all of their songs ( new and old ) but this definitely is one of my favorites even though I'm a newer fan and listen to 'alone together' and 'light em up' more often. This song should've made the top 20 at least... it has outstanding drums, the guitar's got an awesome sound to it, and Patrick's voice shines with true emotion, and the lyrics are very real yet original.
Uh nobody is up voting this one? It's the first single from the first album! Such a great song! Give it a vote and a listen if you haven't heard it before!

72Pretty In Pink
Another old song from evening out with your girlfriend, one of the best fob songs ever. Give it a listen
OH MY GOD... This should be number one I love it so much seriously it sounds like something you would just stumble upon from a garage band then you obsess over it and then bam they become famous and it changes your life okay ok. Seriously it just sounds really punk too and I HATE it when people say fob isn't punk like stfu listen to this and tell me what you think (and snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers I ADORE that one)

73My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon
The lyrics in this song are genius and so moving. I'm a huge fob fan and this song is my favorite, especially the acoustic version. Definitely worth a listen.
As a person who's heard every single FOB song, this is definitely one of the best.
I love the non acoustic version. Especially at the end. I know yall agree

74The Kids Aren't Alright
Why the heck wasn't this on the list? The new album is not a particular favorite of mine but this is definitely one of my favorite fob songs of all time, the first fall out boy song to make me cry.
This song is my favorite one by the group and just generally amazing and great
This song is beautiful and catchy. It is by far my favorite song.

75Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

Such a good song! How has it not been added yet? Great guitar part!
Favourite FOB song ever. It's just so meaningful and heartfelt. There's such longing in it!
"I traved your shadows on the wall now I kiss them whenever I'm down."
"I sleep in your old shirts and walk through this house in your shoes, I know it's strange. It's a strange way of saying that I know I'm supposed to love you.
I'm supposed to love you."

77It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine. I Am Thinking It Must Be Love

78What's This?
I remember this song, I didn't know it was by then I heard Patrick start singing and I face palmed. Over all I love this song

79Reinventing the Wheel, to Run Myself Over
This is the first song I ever heard form Fall Out Boy and it will always be my favorite I'll admit they are better but this song still rocks. And laugh out loud I was playing burnout 3 when I first heard it and it just rocked!


80Love, Sex, Death
"Here we go again..." with an awesome Fall Out Boy song. Never lets me down, even with a short little song like this.
I love this song, and why wouldn't I its aggressive

81West Coast Smoker
Fantastic song. Start to finish.
One of my favorites

82Favorite Record

83Fourth of July
Definitely best song from album

84Death Valley
I think this should be in the top 30. They did add dub-step but, this is pretty odiously one of the best songs on save rock and roll. It has a sick beat, perfect chorus, and is perfect with its lyrics. I was literary waiting to hear this on the radio for days, kinda sad it wasn't popular.
Greatest song off Save Rock And Roll. Death Valley has EVERYTHING. The guitar from Joe is simply immense and Patrick absolutely smashes the vocals!
A great song by them, I love it
[Newest]This rose 15 spots in 1 day!

85Switchblades & Infidelity
Probably the best song from 'Evening Out'. Just listen to it!

86It's Hard to Say "I Do", When I Don't

One of the best hidden treasures.

88Legendary (Blink and You'll Miss It)


Holy smokes, why is this song last? It's so full of meaning and is definitely a jump from Fall Out Boy's usual genre, I think it gives a beautiful message compared to most of their songs. The second time the chorus plays is just gorgeous and displays Patrick's full vocal range, it's so gorgeously harmonized and I was hooked on it the first time I heard it. PLEASE listen to this if you haven't, listen to it again if you have, let's move this song up on the list.
I listened to this constantly for a week, how can this NOT be top ten? It's amazing and it shows Stump's entire range. Beautiful song with an amazing message
I'm so surprised this isn't in the top ten! The chorus is so amazing and different!
[Newest]I love this song so much even though I don't know the meaning. Holy Gee, how can it be 84, it should be in the top ten list : )

91Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part to Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows)
This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters, but this song is really amazing and catchy.
Yay... I love this song, especially Pete's little rant at the end
This one is one of my top favorites the lyrics are so true

92Grenade Jumper
Dude, the riff at the start of this song just gets me every time. It's amazing.
Fall Out Boy song from Infinity on High
Actually, it's from Take This To Your Grave

93The Mighty Fall
Man I love this song its super catchy its not really like them to release a song like this but they did it right! Just listen to it its pretty amazing it should DEFINITELY be higher on the list!
How exactly is this number 59? Best song in the album! The video is pretty gruesome, but, hey, it's FOB. They do what they want.
This song is to good! Love it
[Newest]I love this song as much as I love evanescence

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