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61Toy Story

Great movie for all ages.

62Ice Age

No movie is as creative as this. Car BUGS?! Who would've thought of that? Car everythings! This movie was surprisingly good to me; no one came out of the theater disappointed of this movie!


I'll love this movie forever

65Men in Black 3

This would be the standard for a family film if Jeremy Clarkson was in charge of a film studio.

68St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
69Wild Wild West
70Home Alone

All 3 home alone movies were equally hilarious with great acting and clever plots. A classic and a masterpiece.

71Monsters, Inc.

This movie is great for kids who are scared of the "monsters" under the bed or in the closet! It's an interesting look at monsters and great for showing kids they are not out to hurt them.


Christina Ricci is amazing in this movie ( also Devon Sawa! )

74Spy Kids

The other musicals on this list can "Consider Themselves" inferior to "Oliver, Oliver"

If you are going to introduce your kid to the works of Charles Dickens, this might be the way to go.

Incidently Oliver! Pretty much influenced every other family oriented musical going at the time. - Dale

If you want a family musical Oliver! Is arguably the way to go. More broad appeal than the likes of Sleeping Beauty. Oom Pah Pah

Definitely true there. Boys wouldn't be interested in a bimbo princess dumb enough to prick her finger intentionally. Both genders would be interested in the misadventures of a workhouse orphan.

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Awesome movie wish I could see it everyday

77Space Jam
78Guardians of the GalaxyV1 Comment
79The Fox and the Hound
80Charlotte's Web (1973)
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