Best Fantasy Basketball Players of All-time


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Michael Jordan
Wilt Chamberlin may have scored the most points in a whole game, and have the most rebounds, but Michael was a great shooter, and passer. And being a great passer means assist and assist give you the most points. Is there any thing he can't do if there is tell me?
may be wilt chamberlain is the highest scorer in a single game, but michael jordan was a scoring machine and ll score in critical or crucial situation. so mike... is the best
Why is there even any doubt? MJ will always be the best player of all time.
[Newest]You are the best dunker in the world

2Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain did things on the basketball court Michael Jordan couldn't dream of... One season he averaged 50 points and 26 rebounds a game... He also holds the record for most consecutive triple doubles AND had enough blocks to entertain all of the world's toddlers... There's no way he can't be #1 on this list
watch the video of him in his prime. michael jordan never had 100 points or 50 rebounds. in the video he is at his prime and more athletic than jordan.
should be:
1: wilt chamberlain
2: oscar robertson
3:larry bird
4:kareem abdul jabar
5:jordan....until jimmer fredette dominates the nba
No one could match him. He lacked a team more than Jordan. Put him with the surroundings Jordan had (or on the Celtics) and there would not even be a hint of discussion. Numbers don't lie. Compare seasons he wanted to score, rebound or even assist and no one was better.
[Newest]Chamberlain averaged 23 rebounds per game. Jordan=6 rebs per game. enough said

3Magic Johnson
Best fantasy player and best player
Magic is a all around player
Reallly Mgaic Johnson had it when the ball landed on his hand we all knew it was good! 1MAgic 2jordan 3coby


4Shaquille O'Neal

5LeBron James
Lebron James is a best basketball player. He plays well. I wanna play with him. He is a main player of miami heat. I love him.
I so wanna meet Lebron he is the best player ever. Also he makes the heat the best team ever!
Lebron should be the second best player and Kevin Durant should be the third best player
[Newest]I think Kevin durant

6Kobe Bryant
No doubt this guy is a true franchise player. He has stuck with the Lakers through thick and thin. That's why he would be my first pick for my basketball fantasy team. Just a thought, Kobe's stats would be higher if he had the same back up that Lebron has had in the past years
He has had that famous 81 pt. game. Could've had another against dallas when phil jackson sat him down at end of 3rd quarter, he had 62 pt. S at that pt. (outscored whole dallas team). He had 4 consecutive 50+ pt games. Has one of the greatest facial dunks. Greatest clutch shots (no choking), fearless, slam dunk champ, 4 time all star MVP & many other things like shoot & make shots from wherever he wants (even 4 feet behind 3 pt line, that sick block on andre miller, ray allen, lebron james & playoff game winning block against blazers famous 3 consecutive clutch shots against raptors (cold blooded), epic fakes, foul drawing ability on jumpshots, makes good, creative assists and last but NOT the least - is a great defender, check the videos - perimeter defense on wade, can force steals stop good players like LeBron, Paul, KD or anyone. Although he's old now n people are starting to forget the real MAMBA but he can still school some these young players.

7Kevin Durant
Did you see his amazing tricks
Wow he is totally amazing
No way he is the best

8Kareem Abdul Jabbar

9Oscar Robertson
Extremely underrated, posted the most all-around stats, should be top 3. He nearly AVERAGED a triple double his whole career, most players today still dream of getting just one. Michael Jordan may be more talented but Oscar has better stat lines.
Only player in NBA history to average a Triple-Double for an entire season.
This website is not correct it should have Stphen Curry should have the fourth place this old dude in booty short's was probably good but was not all that

10Dirk Nowitzki

The Contenders

11Hakeem Olajuwon

12Chris Paul
Chris paul is the best

13John Stockton

14Karl Malone
The mailman deliviered every night for 18 years straight! 2nd all time is points, give me a break! Getting feeds off of John Stockton (the assist leader) made him a deadly scorer and passer! #1 Power Forward of All Time!

15Andre Drummond

16Carmelo Anthony

17Ersan Ilyasova

18Kyle Korver

19Andre Miller

20Patrick Patterson

21Al Jefferson

22LaMarcus Aldridge

23Deron Williams

24Russell Westbrook

25Paul Millsap

26Andrew Bynum

27Josh Smith

28Paul Pierce

29John Wall

30Enes Kanter

31Drazen Petrovic

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