Best Fast Bowlers in Cricket History


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The Top Ten

Wasim Akram
He was the king of swing. He had the ability to swing the ball both side as well. He is one of the finest bowler in cricket history. He is the best bowler in test and one day match.
No doubt that Wasim Akram is the best fast bowler in the World. He could have more wickets but unfortunately he was born where no fast pitches were available & he bowled on slow dead wickets but he proved his ability and became world's greatest fast bowler.
Wasim akram not only the best fast bowler but also one of the most finest bowler of all time.
[Newest]He was a great legend for Pakistan

2Dale Steyn
No one can ever beat dale. Each and every batsmen will be scared about his bowling. In ipl he is the best bowler ever seen. So I vote him as the all time best bowler. There is no bowler like steyn and there will be never.
Dale steyn is the best fast bowler. He can swing the ball both the two sides. He is my favorite bowler. His bowling speed does not comes under 135 km/s.
[Newest]He is the best he know to swing the ball on both sides...

3Glen Mcgrath
His line and length makes him the best. One of the few that could stop the laras and tandulkers.

He was a machine that just kept on going.
Mcgrath is far better bowler than Akram in test matches. His record, average strike rare, economy all better than akram in both forms of the game. In test which is real cricket he has 149 more wickets than Akram. His home & away record both are excellent. His percentage of wicket of top order batsman is much higher than Akram. Mcgrath is the most successful fast bowler in history of the game.
His swing is best
Glen mcgrath is the best bowler all over the world
He is the only bowler who bowled any kind of batsman
[Newest]The best bowler, must be rank 1. no other rank justifies him

4Brett Lee
Brett lee is the world best fast bowler... I don't why he is 15% of vote... I love brett lee very much. His million dollar cute smile
Bret lee's fast is just so fast I don't know how the batsmen can hit brett lee's fast bowling he outstanding I have never seen a fast bowler so far
[Newest]Best fast bowler in cricket history. No one cane can displace him from that position

5Shoaib Akhtar
How is he on number 13? He should be 1st! Absolutely an amazing bowler. Just Love him.
He is a top bowler in the world. He create the bowl, if pakistan won the champians tropy 2013 please please please shoib akher come back please.
Shoaib akhteryouare very fast bowler and I hope back in pakistani team ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; thankyou
[Newest]Most dangerous dreadful fast bowler ever on scene and never come again

6Waqar Younis
Great and number one great bowler in cricket history'i m big fan waqar younas is master blaster bowler
No one has much control on recerse swing as waqar had
Our selector do not good with waqar younis
[Newest]Wiki your banana bowl wasn't like bananas for opposition batters

7Dennis Lillee
The perfect combination of pace and consistency


The greatest Fast bowler of them all
I m sorry 2 say... I have never seen that's type of bowler for last 30 years. He is the best.

8Malcolm Marshall
Fast leg cutters either way, vicious bouncers rising at a good length but also could make the ball speed on with little bounce. Unplayable and a very nice person
How did he generate so much pace for a relatively short man? Died far too young and suspect suspect he would have been a great inspiration and coach to future generations in the WIS and much further afield.
one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time


[Newest]Very clever and pitch his ball very good length and bouncing from that spot, dangerous Pace bowler all the time.

9Lasith Malinga
Malinga can bowl super fast reverse swinging yorkers in to your toe. He is a bower with slinging action and change the speed change the length regularly. I think when he is in mood greatest players even in big trouble. Beware of lion of asia
The only bowler who has the unique bowling style and often used to take important wickets when his nation is in need
Malinga is the Best ODI and T20 bowler. No one can bowl in the death overs as he does.
[Newest]Best Pace Bowler in death overs, he known as side action deliveries.

10Zaheer Khan
He is one of the best bowler in India at the time of very bad situation he know how to bowl and he is yorker specialist
He is abowler who has a wonderful arm action and is the only spearhead in india team. He is an excellent bowler, must keep it up.
I think he should be in top 5 as he can take wickets on any pitch and he has done it a lot of times and
[Newest]He is a sachin of bowling

The Contenders

11Fred Trueman
FIERY FRED.. The fastest English Bowler


With Lindwall, the smoothest approach to the wicket, and a classical side on flowing powerful action... Poetry in motion

12Shane Robert Watson
He is a great allrounder... rickey P.

13Michael Holding
Sheer pace and length.. Bowled the finest over in history to geoffrey boycott


Whispering death. Sublime grace and pace.
You r the best bowler in the history of cricket
[Newest]Slow runner but heavy pace in his ball, most of the wickets just out side the Off sticks.

14Junaid Khan
His bowling action is wonderful then others
Voting for humid khan
Junaid khan is the best

15Allan Donald
A pleasure to watch this man bowl... Sheer class
The smoothest bowling action ever. Poetry in motion.

16Richard Hadlee
Look at the figures, this guy was in a team full if average players, he won games single handed. I'm not a kiwi but remember watching him bowl, he was a awesome bowler and I think it would take a good argument to put him out of a real top 3 of All time greatest bowlers
How can we miss him? He is certainly one of the greatest of all times. He had a unique quality to lift the bowl from good length that none of the modern day fast bowlers could do.
Come on guys - Shane Watson ranked higher than Sir Richard Hadlee?

17Shane Bond
TEST:bond only played 18 matches but amazingly got a staggering 87 wickets the reason was he had lots of unfortunate injuries. He had an amazing average of 22.09 and NZ's best strike rate:38.7 ODI:he has set 7 new zealand records1. Best bowling in an innings 6/19 2. Best career average 20.88 3. The most 4 wicket-plus hauls 11 all of this in only 82 matches. WOW!
Number one bowler in nz
Shane bond only one best bowler in cricket history
[Newest]No doubt he would be the best if he didn't have injuries.

18Curtly Ambrose
Tall, fast and scary... Rarely bowled a ball and when you riled him up, he would run through the opposition like a hot knife through butter. Remember Perth?
unplayable when on song and accurate most of the time


I thiink he is a bit underrated but his no.of wickets, average and strike rate is right up there at the top.Not to forget his athletic body and run up, accuracy and bounce. For me he is right in top 3 of all time.
[Newest]A gentle giant miser to give away runs

19Imran Khan
He is a ever green all rounder in world cricket history
Simpy the most consistent All- Rounder.
Good blower butt not for good that in Pakistan 2015

20Praveen Kumar
One of the worlds topest bowler who can bowl inswing as well as out swing perfectly
He has brilliant swinging ability and even the best batsmen are afraid of facing his bowling.
The fastest bowler in the history of cricket, nobody can match him for pace

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