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21Mohammad Amir

He is a great bowler and young talent in the cricket history and I hope that he come back one day and prove every one that he is the best

Genius left arm fast bowler will be back one day

Can swing it with amazing pace, an absolute wonder of a bowler.

He's second wasim Akram

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22Praveen Kumar

He has brilliant swinging ability and even the best batsmen are afraid of facing his bowling.

The fastest bowler in the history of cricket, nobody can match him for pace

One of the worlds topest bowler who can bowl inswing as well as out swing perfectly

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23Morné Morkel

Please how can you not like him and his bowling home and dale steyn

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24Mashrafe Mortaza

Are you trying to tell me that someone with a 41.52 bowling average is ranked at 26? This just proves that the voters know zero about Cricket, wake up to yourselves and recognize the greats of the game before these drop kicks.

He is a great dedicated player with very good bowling skills.

He is an inspiration for his country and cricket.

He is a magical bowler.

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25Kapil Dev


Arguably, the best fast bowler India ever had. He was a real master of swing bowling. Controlled line and length with banana swing kept the batsman guessing.

The Highest run scorer against Zimbabwe, 179 Not Out Against Zimbabwe and made india win, so this is the best batsmen list right?

Best fast bowler India has ever produced.

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26Courtney Walsh

West indies have produced no of fast bowlers MR walsh was accurate with nagging length


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27Mohammad Sami

1. one of the unpredictable bowler

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28Mitchell Starc

The best in the world at present and has done more than what others done in their entire carrier.

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29Sydney Barnes

Wicket taking machine.. Truly great and respected even by the australians - lionking_88

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30Mohammad Irfan

One of the Greatest Pakistani bowlers in history and best in present

He comes at 10 fastest bowler currently whereas he is the tallest crickter in the cricket history and he is a left hand fast bowler

He is awesome and if great Waqar Younus could spend some time on him...

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31Jeff Thomson

Can't believe he was left off the list. Fast, fast and then fast.

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32S Sreesanth

His outsingers are amazing than any other bowlers who included in the list

No doubt.. The best and the coolest fast bowling phenomenon the modern cricket could hae ever witnessed.

33Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Present time he is the ultimate sultan of swing balling. Not only that he has variation which added extra spice to his ability

This man will surely make a history

His swing bowliong is very well in cricket history you make success in your career

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34Umesh Yadav

He is really a very agressive bowler with a spine shivering pace

Best in the world should replace wasim akram from list number 1 umesh yadav

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35Chaminda Vaas

I don't know why he is at the bottom of the list.. One of the greatest fast bowler of all times.

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36R. P. Singh

He has played wonderfully in ipl and I hope he continues to do so.

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37Hameed Hassan

I love Hamid Hassan we all afghan proud of him

Only good while bowling to tail-enders - Adron

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38Shaun TaitV2 Comments
39James Anderson

He is the best English bowler of his generation.
He can swing it both ways,he is dangerous on any surface now and he proves all the time.
On his day he is unplayable.
A great team man and s good leader of the pack.
Love him.

I am not satisfied by this rank jimy shuld be after w.akram he is now 3rd most wicket taker fast bowler in test by taking 454 wicket in 116 matches I think v less matches then other and hopefully he wil be nbr one test fast bowler

James Andeson is next Akram.Today's king of swing.Nobody wants to face him.Always under pressure when facing him.England are a junkyard team without Anderson.He rules England cricket.

40Shahid Afridi
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