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Kentucky Fried Chicken


KFC is the best! oh yeah! I don't care if the chicken is cooked in animal fat.
omg why is this so low down the list mcdonalds is my least favourite fast food place the fries suck and so does everything else KFC all the way baby!!!!!
KFC is dank1 I love is so much, love the taste of the chicken and the popcorn chicken. The cheesy bbq roller is what I love as well.
Kfc kfc we all like kfc! Kfc kfc it is liked by you and me! It should be over number three! Its number one mcdonalds is number 2!
The Kentucky Fried Chicken changed the definition of fast food. The best fast food restaurant ever after mcdonalds.
I love kfc and mcdonalds but I prefer kfc because it has the best taste and the hot wings are my favorite
Total rip-off but worth it, rarely get it, 2 bad Australia does not have burger king.

Australia is the best
The best fast food that you can identity what you are eating, better than any burger or sandwich meat.
Popcorn chicken all the way baby!
Also why is McDonalds ranked one I mean they are the mo
Guys kfc is like AWESOME. it has THE BEST CHICKEN in the whole damn world
KFC is so delicious and their service is very fast and stable. I love KFC.
When a resturant has chicken in the title its good no matter if its called chicken garbage. THe grease on it is amazing... Jk it's actually healthy
KFC is my favourite one. Although I love McDonalds' ^^ Burger King too
Who doesn't love a bit of KFC. It is like an orchestra playing in your mouth. Really I expect people to think it was in second because Mc Donald's. Everyone thinks it just low class but in is incredible -
I'm in love with it😍
KFC get my best fast food especially with the nuggets and chips
I instantly became depressed when I found this wasn't number 1...
Should be number one! So much variety and amazing taste! Great with your family or by yourself, AND it's not usually as busy as Maccy dees!
Yum me and my family go here all the time and I have 3 sisters
KFC has the most delicious food ever in my opinion
If you like chicken then this is the place to go to
The chicken is beautiful! my mouth is watering!
Fried chicken of KFC is famous world wide.
love their friend chicken very crispy
Awesome chicken and biscuits!
Its very very tasty chicken

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