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She has great music and should be number one she definitely is better than a lot of these dancers because of her talent in dancing with her music that is why she should be at number one cause her dancing is unbeatable in also homers tl write this comment

That's true. Shakira should be number 1

Are you kidding me? Shakira is No. 2? She should be No. 1, not Madhuri Dixit! And I am an Indian... Like Madhuri Dixit!

She is the sexiest person on the earth

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2Sridevi Kapoor

Sri is best dancers. She is very nice dancers

Sri is best dancers. She was a great dancers

One of the best

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3Jennifer Lopez

Jen is my personal favorite female dancer. She can dance any kind of dancing. I think she's the most versatile & universal dancer - Irina2932

Jennifer I really like how you dance and sing your songs are great I just like your songs I can't stop saying it I love love love it I'm hema 7 years old

I think her dance is sexy and well. I love her.

She is my inspiration,she's the best...

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I Love Beyonce Knowles she is a Entertainer that can do both Occupations, she can Sing and Dance with her Three-Octave Vocal Range Vocal Ability and her Rare Sexy Dance Moves she can't do no wrong and she's Beautiful I've Loved Beyonce ever Since she was in Destiny's Child Back in the 90's, now as a Soloist she's even more Better she is a Hollywood Celebrity now, better Known for her Dance Skills now.

It has to be Beyonce either first or second, she is amazing nearly every music video she is dancing and she always puts 110% into her dancers so that's why

He moves er just so powerful and it moves me

Beyonce is just the best for me and also "runs the world of dance"

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I really think she dances like jaggers oh yess!

During the 80's she was right up there with Michael Jackson

Madonna isn't number 1!?

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6Madhuri Dixit

She is the best dancer in the world who can dance on any beat of the world perfectly. She is not only the best dancer but also the most beautiful lady in India after Aiswarya Rai & also the best actress in India.

Waiting for your come back in Bollywood.

Madhuri Dixit the Most Beautiful Lady In India of All Time, Best dancer of all time, one of the best actress of all time

She is the crown of the dance and expressions.

I love him and his expression

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It would really make your fans happy if you keep dancing like you used to. You're the best girl.

Ciara is an amazing dancer, she is probably the est female dancer out right now.

Ciara should be #1 because she have topped every style of dancing even styles that male dance do!

She is the best in the world

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8Britney Spears

Why ain't she number one?
I mean maybe her dancing skills are declining, but that's because of some wounds in her knees!
Look at her I'm A Salve 4 you session, and Toxic, Me Against The Music... She danced better than her crew!
That's so rare!

Watch Me Against The Music and you'll see why britney has to be at the top 5! Love her...

In her prime she was the best.

Good luck Britney go

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9Janet Jackson

She is the best I have ever seen, so many dancers of this generation learned and looked up to her. Thanks Janet Damita Jo Jackson my all time best female dancer or let me say Mrs Rhythm Nation.

If it was not for JANET JACKSON these "great" dancers would not be around because jant was the one who paved the way for them. So they need to think twice about these... oh and could people stop comparing janet to Madonna the was and will forever be a janet jackson so all of these critiques is pure nonsense.

Janet reigns supreme in the female dance category hands down. No other female even comes close to her dominating dance moves, energy, and raw physical abilities.

Janet should be #1. Best of all time.

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Zendaya! I hope you see this but you are really awesome!

I like her dance moves

Zendya is everything you can imagine of

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I Loved Aaliyah's Dance Moves she always had a Dance Ability of always making her steps look so Popular and cool inspirational and Sexy, Aaliyah had a Talent not just in Movies/Films but as well a Dancer as well, Aaliyah was so smooth she didn't need to really Dance all she had to do was point her finger at the Camera and Belly Dance and she was Dancing all of the way I wish I could Dance like Aaliyah she had some Cool Moves and I Miss her so much Rest in Peace Aaliyah, not only was she Great in the '90s, but once the Early '00s cam around her Dancing Ability has even more Evolved into this Magical kind of Choreography she has Done.

I love Aaliyah So Much because she wasn't trying to compete with other Musical Artists Aaliyah Did her own thing her own Genre, she had Great R&B Music, great Actress and let's not forget her Dancing she Dance like she wasn't trying to Dance but really she was Dancing and Dancing really Good Precision especially the Flamenco Dance Routine in the Video "Are You That Somebody" when I first seen that Video I knew from there that I wanted to be A Dancer when I Grow Up thanks to Aaliyah I Love You Baby Girl.

What made Aaliyah a Great Dancer was her Sex Appeal she would Dance so Smooth with Baggy Clothes and still Managed to be Beautiful and Sexy Aaliyah was a Entertainer she could do it all not only was she a Great Singer and Actress, she was also Beautiful and a Phenomenal Dancer and also a Fashion Model, Aaliyah didn't try to Compete with other Artists or Dancers she Loved the Material she was Doing and she was Truely Inspirational and Influential and could do it all Sing, Dance, Fashion Model and was a Great Actress, and Still The "Try Again" Music Video is one of the Best Choreographed Music Videos Ever Aaliyah was Born to Dance.

Aaliyah's dance moves look so easy and simple but it is so much harder to execute than it seems, she is definitely one of the best female dancers.

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12Aishwarya Rai

Ash expression, attitude. Perfect moves and evergreen

She is really awesome at acting

I think aish is best in dancing and no doubt no one take position of aish in acting and beauty

13Hema Malini
14Jenna Dewan

She is the best hands down she is amazing and my role model

15Kim Hyoyeon

She is the best she can do all styles with so much passion, all her determination and power encouraged me and saved my life. I love her so much

The people ahead of her aren't better, they're just more popular.

She is the best!

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16Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is a star. She started dancing from the age if 4

17Natalia Oreiro
18Shriya Saran
19Minzy (2NE1)

She's awesome! The BEST! Check her out... She's just an amazing dancer! And Singer for! 2NE1 Hwaiting! ^__^

20Sofia Boutella

Sofia should at least be top 3 on this list. She is the best

Sofia boutella is a best dancer.

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