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The Top Ten

Nicki Minaj
The girl is sick. Great voice, great style, great flow. And she goes so hard.
What is up with the rest of this list? Half of them aren't even rappers, and the other half suck.

Hard to make a top ten list out of female rappers, but here is the top 5:
1. Nicki Minaj
2. MC Lyte
3. Lil Kim (who I might have put at 2 if I hadn't just been listening to MC Lyte)
4. Lauryn Hill
5. Eve (had to show her love cause she's underrated)
Honorable mention to Trina

Nicki Minaj is beast! Shes beautiful AND talented. Her rap is a new style of rap, more unique, and hidden meaningful I suppose. Rock on Nicki I'm supporting you all the way!
She is so talented and beautiful, I feel so jealous of her laugh out loud, although her voice and singing is so awesome and I love her rapping
[Newest]Nicki is my girl
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Kolera is the best female rapper.
Her lyrics and the beat of her songs are the best.
Turkey's number one female rapper..
Turkish women king of rap singer :))))
[Newest]When I hear here voice I stop to listing

3Lil Kim
How is this #2 behind Nicki Minaj? Lil Kim is easily the Queen of Rap, Nicki is just in it for the attention. Nicki has like, what, one half-decent song? And she's not rap, she's teeniebopper "hip-pop". Lil Kim is real rap and she's been going strong for years. Get Lil Kim to #1 on this list!
Lil kim is the QUEEN! If you look at her catalog of music its diversity is enough to solidify her spot. Throughout all that diversity she was neVer looked at like a joke. Lil kim is the QUEEN!
By far the best. In my opinion, she's better than most male rappers these days. While it may be true that Biggie wrote much of her older stuff, The Naked Truth was by far her best album and showed how much she developed as an artist. And as for her new stuff, she destroyed Nikki Minaj (who isn't very good anyways, just another Lil Kim wanna be, who's now trying to be the lady gaga of rap) with Black Friday.
[Newest]You guys are disrespectful. Nicky Minaj at no. 1? Whatever guys, lime really. I don't know who's worse, you our her!
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4Missy Elliott
Firstly, every one of her songs is original and different yet always great. Secondly she has never had any beef with any one. Thirdly she is one of the most influential woman in the world.

Finally I can't see y'all disrespect Lil Kim like that, even diddy said she will always be queen, one of the greats, her legacy is huge and no one can argue with facts like that. End of. Kim and Missy will be Queens 4 life
Terrific Attitude, great songs!
Awesome rapper! B est ever female rapper in the world! Better than all of the girls here. Number 1.
[Newest]She is the best seller, and the most creative period.

5Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill is one of the best rappers altogether. She is right up there with the men and better (Seriously) than most. She is on BIG/ Pac's level. When I listen or look at Nicki Minaj I feel like I'm being punked by the music industry.
OK why is Nicki Minaj number one? She is one of the worst artists ever to walk the face of the earth. To be honest, I don't think Lauryn Hill is the best but I just voted for her to get Minaj off the top spot. I guarantee the majority of people who voted for Nicki Minaj can't even name 5 female rappers. People need to listen with their own ears instead of going along with what the media tells them.
Lauryn Hill should be number 1 are you kidding who's done what she did with the fugees and her album... my god Nelly as number 1 is a joke just a joke. Ms Hill didn't need to use sex to sell her music, it was her poetic words and rhyming ability the fact she was beautiful was just a bonus.
[Newest]She is not just a rapper, she is an incredibly talented and gifted singer.

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This is the best rapper. Nicki Minaj is nothing compared to this queen of rap. She should be number one. If you've heard "Let me blow ya mind", you know what real rap is. Nicki Minaj doesn't even know how to rap. Like who the hell comes up with "starships are meant to fly". What does that even mean. In conclusion, EVE should be at the top of the list. And Iggy should just stay at the bottom. First things first you suck. Eve is the best.
Eve is the realest! Should be number 1! Her songs aren't just catchy and booty shaker- they're inspirational too- love is blind, life is hard, make it out this town, never gone.. A talented, inspirational and truly humble artist!
Mixing her hotness and gangster lifestyle am sure she deserved to be one among the rappers in this world. I can't compare her to Miss Eliot so I thought she got luck to be the 5th.


[Newest]Eve Needs To Be Before Nicki!

7Queen Latifah
When I think of Women and Rap together, a mere 101% of the time I think of Queen Latifah...
Queen Latifah's old school raps were amazing, while Nicki just plain sucks.
She should so be higher on the chart, I mean it's the QUEEN LATIFAH! I love her movies and her amazing voice! 👑#The REAL Queen #Queen Latifah👑

She's under rated she's the most consistent she's very humble She's really the only female rapper From the 90's That never left the game she was consistent And have been consistent and still is consistent She's the baddest chick She hated on a lot...Hip hop has cheated her out A lot of awards that I feel like she deserved She's a legend in the game She is the one and only official Queen of the South Hate it or love it She has been holding the south down for a long time Ti is the king of the south and Trina is the Queen of the South... She's independent artist now she's on her own self Is called Rockstar music group... She has a cosmetic line perfume line A clothing line She's going to be featured in a movie coming to theaters soon... So I would say trina is most definitely my favorite female rapper of all time...
this lady is serious with rap and always stay to the beat, she is the best rapper, she will never go off beat.
Trina Is The Best Rapper I Have Ever Know... I Love Her Song Called "Here We Go" You Are Very Beast I Support You All Of The Way... Rock ON

9MC Lyte
Nicki Minaj? Seriously, how could you possibly place someone else than MC Lyte or Lauryn Hill on top of the list? People need to start listening to real rap, not commercial crap.
MC Lyte at 10? Nicki Minaj at 2? Are you kidding me? MC Lyte is the best female rapper ever, followed by Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah. Only those 3 deserve the title "Queen of Rap". Nicki Minaj started her career in 2004 and I've never even heard of Kolera. Lyte raps about real stuff, unlike most of today's mainstream "rappers". Lyte as a Rock was a classic. REAL Hip-Hop. Stuff that has meaning.
she's realest among female rappers, BIG UP!
[Newest]Nicki Minaj is dope and original hands down but MC Lyte has to be #1 to be real with you. I also think Remy Ma should be on this list too

10Left Eye
Left Eye IS the truest rapper out here, she is WAY better than Minaj, even though her stuff is dope, Lisa always represented those girls who didn't always want to reveal their bodies and wanted to be independent. Nicki's stuff is okay but her raps don't talk about the big issues today. Lisa's Legacy STILL lives on through Tboz and Chili, that is why Left Eye deserves top spot!
! She should be on top of the list... Well she was cute and got this kind of rapping that anyone can dig. She was another doll I can say


Left Eye is the best. She rapped from the heart and didn't have to show off her body to sell albums. RIP Left Eye we love and miss you! TLC4eva!
[Newest]Left Eye I don't even have to decide best female rapper is her and nobody else

The Contenders

11Iggy Azalea
Iggy should be way up there best white rapper
This my girl..rank her higher!
Iggy azalea has great talent, I think she's better than Nicki Minaj not at rapping but a better influence than Nicki. Iggy seems to be the more kind women than Nicki because Nicki seems kinda rude and acts better than everyone.
[Newest]I think iggy should be first

I'm not saying Missing In Action is the best female rapper of all time, but I can say she's the best female rapper of this generation. Why? Because she doesn't rap about being fancy, she doesn't rap about having a big ass, she doesn't rap about having a lot of money, and she isn't all the time rapping about love.

M.I.A. raps about REAL stuff. She raps about identity politics, poverty, revolution, gender and sexual stereotypes, war. She raps about REAL problems. She's a TRUE artist, and doesn't need neither a cute face nor a big behind to express what she wants to say.

Additionally, she's a philanthropist and an activist.

You don't see that kind of people everyday;))
She should definitely be in the top of the list! She is so much better than some of the others that have been mentioned. Her songs definitely have better beat, better lyrics, better distinction, better quality. She even talks about worldly problems in some of her songs... I guess mainstream pop culture takes over, but she is capable of fulfilling that as well.
Without doubt, her album "Kala" is one of the best albums a female hip hop artist ever created and in my opinion, it's the best album of the 2000s.
M.I.A. combines hip hop music with electro beats, African and Indian influences and lyrics which actually make sense and have political message. She's an experimental, adorable artist and a great rapper!

13Foxy Brown
Broken silence is the best female rap album ever released. A world where Nicki Minaj is voted as the best is a world where people don't know REAL hip hop
Foxy always kept it real and that's what I admired about her. Foxy always kept business separate from personal life and never let her rivalry's slow her down. People may have their favorite album by her but what ever she does will always been my favorite.
I think she is the one of the best Female Rappers I have ever heard.
[Newest]Boogie is the bomb she shouldn't be here, she started at 16 and was one of the youngest artist to hit platinum and go for gold!

FERGIE IS A LEGEND! She has the best rhymes. Her song's Pedestal, Clumsy, London Bridge and Fergalicious. Also she is amazing in the Black Eyed Peas and she can sing for a long time without Stopping. She's like the queen of all Music, no joke
Fergie can do anything with her voice and she is so perfect, she can rap really fast (as Eminem) for a long time without losing breath, this girl is amazing!


What the hell is Nicki Minaj doing at 1st!
You have got to be kidding me!
In my opinion she sucks at rapping so don't go bothering me.
But fergie is good!


[Newest]She's got it all! She isn't just a great rapper, but also a great singer!

15Salt n Pepa
These girls called salt n pepa are hands down, no questions asked, the number one females to ever roc the mic. Just listen to their sound on everything that they did and you will understand why. These girls did and still can, roc any sound and style that any rapper puts out there, male or female, yet still keeping it classy and not trashy, like some other's who are on this list. No other female rapper has yet to come close to outselling their 1993 album called "very necessary". Except for lauren hill. Yet she did mostly singing on that album. No less than Platinum and gold for these talented queens from queens. Simply the best to ever do it, that's for sure.
What the heck is Nelly Furtado doing on this list, especially at number 1?
Salt n Pepa are the original female rappers and SHOULD be #1.


GET UP ON THIS! Salt n Pepa have true talent and don't get nearly enough recognition. Nicki Minaj is #1?! She is a joke and an insult to rap.

16Remy Ma
Remy Ma has the real attitude on the game. She got "balls". Free Remy MA. That's all peace out.
Remy Ma is so real. Remy's lyrics & flow is straight untouchable..
Top 10! Her flow was on point

17Azealia Banks
Definitely the new and one to beat. Her songs keep improving and very noticeably. She is rising and I hope gets to the top, because she has that potential and she could rock it.
Azealia Banks is the most innovative female rapper at the moment, no doubt.
The girl is young, she got skill, she got flow. Total respect to her
[Newest]Needs to be higher.

18Lil Mama
Lil Mama's straight up garbadge. What the hell kinda song is lip gloss.
Lil mama is a good rapper
Seriously people. 14? Lil mama is one of the best awesome so awesome so sso so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome the best listen to gierlfriend remix with avril lavigne

19Becky G
She is only 16, just started singing. She got a talent and have a bright future ahead.
MY GOD! I'm so suprised Becky doesn't have more votes! She is my ultimate role model! I personally think that whole "Jenny from the Block and Becky from the Block" thing is cool but Becky's is so much better and Becky was the one who inspired me to wanna rap! Becky G is the best of the best... So vote for her!
She is incredible, I'm so surprised she is not higher in the list. The first song I heard by her was "Becky from the block", an other version from JLo's "Jenny from the block". Personally, I liked Becky's version better. She is very sweet and I adore her. I have the same age with her and I look up to her. She is like a younger JLo! 11111111111111111111111111111111
[Newest]Please take away this fake Rebecca Black wannabe!

20Karmin (Amy Heidemann)
She's such an amazing rapper, and can also actually sing too. I can't believe how fast she raps, especially in "I told you so"
Fastest female rapper in the world people!
This girl can rap more awesome than Nicki Minaj. she should be ranking number one
[Newest]Amy is one of the best things that happened to the music world. She has a really clear voice and can rap like there's no tomorrow.


21Gangsta Boo
Listen to her verse on any Three Six Mafia song or simply listen to Yelawolf - Throw It Up and you will see how dope she is

22Lisa 'Left-eye' Lopes
Who the hell put Nicki Minaj number 1. Left eye was the best.R.I. P SWEETHEART. TLC4EVA. WE LOVE YOU.
Isn't Left Eye already Number 9


23Jean Grae
The fact that Nicki Minaj has the most votes shows how people don't know real hip-hop anymore, Jean Grae would kill most other MCs, male or females
More technical than most male rappers today! It's actually a little scary how lyrical she is and I genuinely think that Jean's a more technical rapper than Eminem. Bold statement but true and it's actually offensive how Jean's 20th and Nicki's first.
Jean Grae all the way! She is one of THE best rappers male or female! To me, if a rapper can't stand on their lyrics alone, they're not real artists. Anyone can make a hot beat or video or potray a sexy/provocative/controversial image but it doesn't make them lyrically-gifted. Or in this case, lyrically-jeanious! When it comes to rapping, words need to be like poetry & stand on their own.

Because she is very flexable and after body party it just everything she does is good her and nicki manaj are my idols

25Snow Tha Product
Snow should be at least in the top ten. Wake Ya Game Up! & youtube her you won't regret it I promise!
Amazing rapper she should be in top 10 at least.
Snow the Product by far best female rapper. No matter how fast she raps you can actually understand what she is saying.. #Nicki minaj sucks!

26Yoon Mi-rae
OKAY. T NOT BEING THE FIRST ON THE LIST IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE. T is the queen of rap. She can take anyone at any time. Bitch please, Nicki is nothing to her(though I do acknowledge that Minaj is great and deserves her place in top-10). But NO-ONE can beat T. The sight of seeing everyone else but T on this list is making me sick. Even CL is here? Awh, come on! You gotta be kidding me... Tasha might not have a huge-ass fanbase like CL or Nicki, but she is the beast no doubt about it. The fact that some people vote CL or even Fergie as THE BEST... It's unbelievable. Tasha is a raw rapper, she doesn't need to fake anything.


Definitely the Queen. She really should at least be in the Top 5. I don't like Nicki she mixed rap with other things but If you're looking for a REAL rapper then Tashas the one. CL doesn't even write her own raps and is so full of herself. And half of the people on the list aren't even rappers... Whuts up with you people?
Drunker Tiger & Yoon Mi-Rae: Monster.. This is all I have to say... Shes too good boost her up people
[Newest]She is perfect you should listen her songs

27Rah Digga
How can you not love Rah Digga? First Lady of the Flipmode Squad, successful in her own right? She's got skills that are rival to Missy Elliot and MC Lyte if you ask me - but then you've got kids nowadays listening to the trash of Trina, Fergie and Nicki Minaj. All that party rap has its own place, but Rah, Missy, Lauryn Hill -- all the female rappers of yesteryear will remain the best; always, always the best.
Digga can outrap most if not all the others on the list, she can even outrap some male rappers too. I say she deserves a spot in the top 5
What is she here! She should be up there with kim and missy. I didn't even know nicki garbage was even called rap.

28Da Brat
she was the fe male that sold over 1,000,000 copies
My favorite female rapper
I'm riding with you till the wheels fall off.

Why is she here
I think she's the best among all

Rasheeda is so underrated. She deserves more recognition.
Li en ggt li

31Amy Heidemann
Amy Heidemann should definitely be top! She rapped Busta's verse like mad, without cursing?! Trust me, this IS talent! Nicki Minaj is nothing compared to her.
She slays all these rappers she Should be number 1
Hear 'I Told You So'. Your argument is invalid.
[Newest]Amy heidemann is the best... No one like her :D

32Angel Haze
This girl kicks serious ass
She's incredible! "No bueno" is a good song, it sums up her talent! She has the rage in her voice, the force too!
Her lyrics are really meaning. She's a true role model I love her
[Newest]She's got a great flow.

Kesha you are amazing! I don't think you should be all the way at number 22 I think you should be battling it out with nicki manaj or winning her love you X
I like her the best because of her ways of girl rapping. My favorite song by her is Take It Off
Kesha you are my best girl rapper in the world... I think Nikki minaj is only no1 woman rapper in the history.. But in my mind you are the best and number 1 girl rapper in the world... I love your song so much... My favorite song is tiktok
[Newest]Kesha you are my best girl rapper in the world!

I love her rap style
Vicodin, rum and coke..
Magic pills in my coat
Purple weed, purple smoke
Pink Champagne don't my throat
I'm feeling like a star, but I'm higher than a comet
When I'm on the dance floor all the hoochies want it cause...

Kreayshawn is my absolute favorite rapper. She deserves #1

35Lady NIle
Lady Nile comes through with the lyrics and style is versatile.
The best in the whole world!
Best From the Chi... Hands Down Son!
[Newest]Keep up the good work

36CL (Lee Chae Rin)
She is the best female rapper. Her mic skill is so high. I like better than nicki minaj.
I love cl! I am a major fan! Her and nicki minaj have inspired me to become the next best female rapper! Too bad I have quite a few years of school left... But that won't stop me! Those years will help me understand music even more! Thank you so much for your motivation and inspiration, I will keep on trying! I will be a fan for life! Love the next best female rapper... Jrnj (my intials) yes... I have two middle names... Bye!
No doubt in my mind this girl is the baddest female rapper known to man kind.
[Newest]CL changed the Korean rapping evolution no doubt.

I remember sole. I thought she was gonna go far. She got boo ed up and lazy.


Smooth voice, real skills. Classic. She rarely gets any love when people talk about female MC's

Best rapper, not famous with her booty but with her skills.
Diamond is the best female rapper

41Keny Arkana
She is best protest rapper ever.!

The only one Korean female that can rap as fast as a bullet train. no doubt sh'e the best

I'm feeling Lyrical. She got the torch now. Its been a long time coming but we moving in to stay
This legend in the making I can see it here music is refreshment from this bullcrap out now she reminds me of mia x and the sounds of true original femcees

Why wasn't Sirah on this list?!? Search her up you guys, best rapper ever!

45Willow Smith
Come on her parents are amazing and her brothers a hottie. Even though she doesn't have great style at least she believes in herself. I'm the future Mrs. Smith by the way
Why is she so low? She's amazing for her age!

46Hurricane G
The name sound's sack.

Damn ds woman s sick with poetic rap
Wow 38 people get real she should at least be n top 5 yall need 2 get out that fantasy world


49Ms. Dynamite


51Honey Cocaine
What? Honey, is young and VERY talented she deserves to be #1 love you honey!
Probably one of the BEST female rappers out there right now... Deserves to be AT LEAST in the top 10
She's real, simple as that!

52Nicki D
People are crazy to not have nikki D in the top to lyrically she walks circles around other female rappers and she was the first female signed toDefJam which paved the road for every other rapper on this list. wheres the respect.

53Monie Love
WOW! 106! She didn't have to rap about S** and that kind of stuff to get famous listen to its a shame An you will start thinking abou your choice


54Lady Leshurr

55Lil' Mo

56The Lady of Rage
Hands down. She's more than "rough and tough with afro puffs. " Her style is slick and her verses are sick. She also has out done her male counterparts in various collabos. Check out "Unf*ckwitable" or her verse in "Batman and Robin" with Snoop Dogg. Or her verse in "You know my Steez" with Kurupt and Gangstarr. Lady of Rage is the Goddess of War and she will destroy your favorite female emcee.

Beast.. Obviously one of the best female rapper of all time. She has a raw style and is old school. Nicki Minaj? Please.. 1. Lady Of Rage..

57Chanel West Coast
I like her lyrics in her songs better than I do anybody else's and she sounds good
You rock and she should at least be first or second
Not sure if best... but deserves to be at least in the top 10.


Jackio had a few good songs actually.

AYBEN is sister of ceza and she is good rapper in Turkey
AYBEN - oha dersin is best woman rap song

60La Chat
She's so gangsta, and her raps are real. The best female rapper ever in my opinion. Way better than all of these mainstream rappers.
Dope mc hands down


62Selena Gomez
Let me set the record, Selena Gomez doesn't rap and I don't think she's even tried to rap in any of her songs.
Please tell me who voted for Selena Gomez on the best female RAPPERS list?


63Sha Rock

Diam's sh's th best rapper


66Lady Sovereign
She is just sov and her music is still best!

67Elçin Orçun
Turkish woman king of rapper

From the first time I heard the album, I loved it... Great beats, and rhymes make sense..

69Ms. Roq

70Amber Liu


72Charli Baltimore

Funny how people can look past her name, but not her style nor flow. This lady has it all going on
Best unsigned in the game

Shes like a machine gun spits out having fun like led hot as lava hot enough 2 scorch ya
Heavily underrated according to this list
I have the urge to vomit when dessa is only one spot above amber AMBER and isn't I'm front of cl (cl is a kpop rapper she doesn't wright her own stuff). she may not be the best but deserves a spot higher than this (don't get me started on how yoo min rae is lower than cl)



77Kandy Girl

You need to check her out! How she is not on this list already I have no idea and the fact that Nicki Minaj is no. 1 has caused me to lose all faith in humanity
In my opinion, Sa-Roc is one of the best rappers... period.

79Mia X

80MC Invincible

81Sister Souljah
She was on the front lines for real

82Khaos Da Rapper

83Njeri Earth


85Baby Blue

I am shocked to know that one of the best female K-Pop Rappers is not this list. Miryo's rapping is very fierce and very potent. Unfortunately, she is one of the most underrated female K-Pop rappers since Brown Eyed Girls does not have such a large fanbase (such as CL, Nicki). She should deserve a position in the top ten at least.

Love her and her rapping style!


89Dominique Young Unique

90Hard Kaur
Great Indian female rapper
Indis first female rapper she is so talented

91Jha Jha

92Ebony Eyez

93Chyna Whyte
Come on really trina I'm from florida but khia or trina can't mess with china whyte did you hear her on some of lil john music she is one of them that did get the right exsposer. Me myself this chick should be up theree woth lil kim and the rest of the top 7

Yubin is the main rapper of the famous girl group "The Wonder GIrl's" She can rap in Korean and English. "Be My Baby, Nobody, and much more songs shows her awesome ability of rapping!
I love her so much...
"Be My Baby, Nobody, and much more songs shows her awesome ability of rapping!

95Vita Baby

96MC Trouble


98Gabz Gardiner
Little cutie from britains got talent :D

99Ham Eun-jung

100Meng Jia

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