Best Female Rock Singers of All Time

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The Top Ten

Amy Lee
If people didn't only vote for the singer they like the most Amy Lee would definitely be on the top1. Her voice is probably the best you can hear nowadays on the rock industry!
Amy lee is an outstanding vocalist who has an incredible talent. Not only does her voice sound gorgeous, but she has incredible skills with the piano, harp, and guitar. Over all the one thing that stands out the most is her perfect intonation. I've tested many of her songs live and studio and I have never seen any artist hit the notes at exact hertz at decimal point value for about 80%-100% of the entire song. It is like hearing the perfect sound of a tuning fork at every note she hits. That is something no other artist has been able to accomplish so far. Plus her songs are powerful and deep. All in all Amy Lee is without doubt the Queen of Rock!
[Newest]She's the reason I got into a lot of bands with female singers. Her voice is really something and even though she isn't doing Evanescence anymore, her music still has its own place in my heart and my ipod.
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2Joan Jett
Joan is the best female rock singer and best singer ever. She has the best voice ever. She can sing hard rock songs with this sexy raspy voice. But when it comes to ballads her voice is smooth and beautiful. Her lyrics are easy to relate to. (And she writes a lot of her own songs. ) In her songs she emotionally connects with me and her fans. She inspires me to sing and play guitar. I look up to her. She has more passion than any other singer. She has been playing rock n roll ever since she was 15 and, she is now 54 and, she is still playing. She never took a year off. No matter what music is hot or played on the radio a lot Joan never changes her style of music. She is a true rocker. She plays hard rock and punk rock. Some bands play pop rock songs and they are just boring. They are not aggressive enough for me. They are not true rockers. SO many bands call themselves rock n roll bands but, they don't have the attitude. Joan has lots of attitude. She also started The Runaways the first all girl rock band. She kicked down the doors so other girls can rock. She is the pioneer of women's rock n roll and, The Queen Of Rock N Roll. She lives for rock n roll. On top of all of that she has a very successful career. Top 40 hit singles includes; "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", "Crimson and Clover", "Do You Wanna Touch me", "Everyday People", "Fake Friends", "The French Song", "Light Of Day", "I Hate Myself For Loving You", "Little Liar", "Dirty Deeds", and "Backlash". She has multi gold and platinum albums.
Joan Jett is probably the best female rocker but she owes it to the true pioneer of female rock and rollers: Suzi Quatro. Suzi was there before Joan, Pat, Ann, Stevie, Deborah Harry, Lita Ford and others, playing her big bass guitar and belting out rock as good as men. Joan sites Suzi as a major influence. Suzi is the queen and pioneer of women in rock and roll.
Rock me Joan Jett all night long. She is one of the most extremely hot and a very classy female artist of all time. I seen her in concert several times and would love to see her again. For now I'll guess I'll put another dime in the juke box baby. Rock on Joan Jett!
[Newest]A trailblazer for women in Rock, she continues to be awesome.

3Ann Wilson
In an era when legendary rock bands ruled the tours, Ann Wilson's voice along with her hot multi-talented sister as Heart kicked the door down. It is fair to say that Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and every other successful female singer owe their opportunity to the powerful voice of Ann Wilson. She belongs at the top of this list.
I always liked Heart since when they first came out. But I wasn't a hard core fan my any means. Before a recent Heart concert I was going to, I started listening to a lot of Heart albums and for the first time, I guess, I really listened to Ann Wilson's voice. Oh my God! She has the best voice I have ever heard! She can sing quite beautifully, but then rare back and yell some lines that I have never heard anyone else do. She has a wide range and she has a way of controlling her pitch like no other. I truly think she has the best voice I have ever heard.
I think this is one of the few lists that do not have her as top. The number of hits she has had over so many years with HEART speaks for itself. One of the most powerful voices of rock and still going strong today.
[Newest]For female voice, Ann is #1
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4Meghan Krauss
Lookout people - this chick is the real deal! All aspiring ladies out there, (and a few guys too), start studying and taking notes. Even so, this kind of voice isn't something that can be taught or learned in some fancy music school; you either have it or you don't, simple. And to be honest, there's not many out there who have what Meghan Krauss has, which just makes her that much more, in a world of mediocrity and force fed radio fodder. See and hear for yourself.
Meghan is so amazing, the lead singer of Maragold, she is the choice of the legendary guitarist Greg Howe for his new vocal band. Her voice is filled with emotion on all points of the spectrum, cannot help but identify with her. And an amazing live performer too. Very down-to-earth and approachable, but still a rock star on the stage.
What a great voice. I really like her voice full of power. And Maragold is an amazing band with a great drummer, great bassist and the legendary greg howe that I like the most. I was blown away by this band. And the vocals were perfect. Meghan Deserves to be on top1. ROCK!
[Newest]Best up and coming female vocalist. Versatile and powerful vocals. She could easily move from classical to rock and everything in between.
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5Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams is by far the best LIVE female vocalist... Unmatched stage presence and sheer vocal stamina live. Paramore's popularity is a reflection of William's live talent - a definite female all-timer!
She's the best in my opinion, she's a brilliant song writer as well she should be in the top 5 at least. She's beautiful and amazing, she also saved my life with her music, along with others but yeah, she's amazing.
Come on.. She's way too good not be top 5. Not just an extremely talented vocalist, but an amazing performer
[Newest]She can't hold a candle to the classic rockers. Her voice is decent at best, but her lyrics are SO good.
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6Janis Joplin
Clearly the queen of live performing and amazing in all aspects. She could sing her tail off and will only be idolized.
At the height of her career, she was known as "The Queen of Rock and Roll" as well as "The Queen of Psychedelic Soul, "
[Newest]What's not to love?

7Lzzy Hale
Her voice is so complex; she's so talented. She's one of the few artists today who has a beautiful 80s rocker type of voice and though Halestorm's songs show hints of 80s rock they also have several songs that are heartbreaking and haunting like Evanescence. But they are still completely their own sound. When she screams/sings she reminds me of a female Brian Johnson and I feel like she's one of few woman in rock who can embody that emotion and grit. Like everyone else has said, her range is huge and she can hold out high notes in her chest voice with that rasp and gut. I love Lzzy because she's the mixture of screw you and vulnerability.
Lzzy is AMAZING, and she is my idol. She has a great range, and even though she isn't that famous yet, people need to give her and halestorm a chance. She is a wonderful person, and she is real and doesn't use harmonizers and computers like so many musicians today even rock. If you don't know who lzzy Hale is or who Halestorm is, go on youtube right now, and see for yourself hwo this list should be.
Just when you think Rock and Roll is dead, along comes a band and a singer that reminds us what it SHOULD be about. I can't find a song by this lady that is anywhere near average - they all beat anything I've ever heard. Her voice just goes straight through your heart and rips your spine out. I defy anyone with a soul to not have a visceral reaction to this voice. Power, range, subtlety, dynamically brilliant - any style, any song. Who can ever make any cover song sound better than the original? - let alone 2 discs of them!
If Pat Benatar, and Janis Joplin, had a love child and it was raised by Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette, she would be Lzzy, and she would be the Queen of Rock. More talent than attitude, and the attitude is something to behold. The real deal. Rock on. Right to the top.
[Newest]The true measure of a vocalist is how they deliver in a live show. Go see this woman grind out a 90 minute set that would make most singers wither in 20 minutes. Then realize she can do this 3 nights in a row and 200 dates a year. And the ROCK tone she generates is beyond measure... on pitch screams, wails, vibrato... half of which she's doing 18 inches away from the mic. Unbelievable. Go see her.
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8Stevie Nicks
Grew up hearing Stevie Nicks through my aunts, uncles and cousins who were all young back then and through my teenage years I considered this 70s generation lame.. But as I've gotten older I've come to realize that this music symbolizes my childhood and I actually love Stevie Nicks.. Every album of Fleetwood Mac represents a chapter of my younger years and Stevie Nicks' solo music, especially Bella Donna strikes a sensitive chord within me about those years before kindergarten when I did not understand the adults around me but can certainly now identify with.
From her passionate, emotive live renditions of "Rhiannon" to the sensual vocals on "Dreams", Stevie Nicks' contralto grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.
The most recognizable female voice in rock. Always sounds awesome. How can there be any question? Her distinctive sound put Fleetwood Mac on the map!
[Newest]I have always loved her singing and beautiful talent, she should be way up on the list

9Pat Benatar
The way I see it... And hear it... Pat Benatar is the very main reason that many, many, many female rock singers who have either been able to live their dream of singing with a band in front of an audience, or have their biggest dream of being signed to a recording contract come true, all because of the foundation she has laid down for all of us. She is a wonderful example of what TRUE TALENT really is! THANK YOU PAT!
There can be no doubt Pat is the queen. Sure there are great rock singers out there but there is only one Pat Benatar. Very few have the attitude to pull off that rock voice. Singing to rock music does not makes a 'rock singer'. You need the firepower behind the vocal to be convincing & Pat has loads of it!
I just saw her at the Bohemian nights festival in Fort Collins. She blew me away again, she is the best Female Rock singer of all time bar none. I had tears in my eyes for most of the hour and a half show, Really. Words are hard to come by to describe how good she and ( my new favorite guitar player ) Neil Giraldo are together.
[Newest]Great range and power vocals

10Tarja Turunen
Nightwish and Tarja were great! Example: - End of an Era -
Solo I find Tarja better. Example: - Act1 -
I prefer DVD's before the CD's because you hear Tarja Live and must see.
I was never a fan, but when I saw Tarja the first time I was blown away.
Sheer vocal talent she wins. Listen to that one song on ONCE album that's in Finnish and it will blow you away!
Listen to Nightwish or anything on her own and it is simple to see how see deserves to be in the top 10.
[Newest]There is something enthralling about the way she does music. I can't describe it, but her voice has a rare kind of power.

The Contenders

11Taylor Momsen
She has an old school rock star quality and voice that is hard to find, although she is so young
Her voice is so crisp and fresh. Taylor is really the only person I can relate to sometimes, she speaks to me like no other singer. And on the plus she is absolutely beautiful! I love what she wear and I love the fact she doesn't care! I wouldn't compare her to anyone. Miss Momsen is my idol!
Her image and song lyrics are a bit "out there" for my tastes, but she has a wicked good voice. I often wonder what a collaboration between her and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm would be like musically.

12Avril Lavigne
I know she is pop punk now but her first two albums were rock based and they were amazing with lyrics and sound. She also has a beautiful choice live. Great range.
She is just a beautiful woman who has a complete rock tallent. Hear to her succesfull pop rock single "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi","I'm With You" and a harder rock single "Losing Grip" from her first "Let Go". Then, hear to her alternative rock single "Don't Tell Me" and "My Happy Ending" from her "Under My Skin". Then, you can hear her pop rock ballad single from "The Best Damn Thing" and "Goodbye Lullaby", such as "When You're Gone","Keep Holding On","Wish You Were Here" etc. Also her harder rock single from "Goodbye Lullaby" with "What The Hell" and "Smile". And finally in hear newest self titled album, we can hear her "Let Go" style In "Here's To Never Growing Up". Then, her nu metal song, "Bad Girl". Also her cover songs "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett and "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback. Thank you
Her voice isn't that great. Her songs aren't that great. There should be a list of top ten performers, though; she's good at performing and has a fair chance of topping such a list. Also if it was a "most good-looking" list, she's very appealing to look at and would stand a chance.

I love the rawness in her songs.. She has a voice that is indefinable.. And awesome! And is so flexible and strong too!
One of the Best Voices ever! A very Strong Woman with an even stronger Voice!
Rough power - outstanding in pop mainstream - soul & brain instead just look - a range to beg for.
[Newest]She's the one and only

14Lita Ford
Member of the Runaways along with Joan Jett. Had a very successful career after the Runaways.

15Tina Turner
Can't believe Tina is only 22, she definitely should be top 5, Such a long career and such a power. She belongs when music wasn't so much about the look and much more about feelings and emotions
Simply the most entertaining and best energy ever. SHE FILLED STADIUMS ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
Simply the best! She demonstrates raw energy and life into whatever vocals she was taking on. Definitely number 1.
[Newest]Why did she retire? She still had it!

16Doro Pesch
The best female singer of all time, her voice is awesome and powerful, she really kicks ass!
Germany's queen of metal for over 25 years. Still going strong and kicking butt.
Awesome power in her voice, listen to Touch Of Evil if you need convincing! Plus she's gorgeous as well!

17Alanis Morrisette
Great style and very moving, she can certainly tell a story
She is amazing man? Just listen to her songs you'll understand!
She is so strong vocalist. Her screaming awesome, yeah

18Lacey Sturm
I was hooked when I heard "all around me" her vocals are quite different from anything I've heard; very rustic and addictive.
Her acoustic songs are really free and really don't sound like any other female singer. She has tone in her voice that makes you listen. Flyleaf will always rock with or without Lacey!
Her voice has so much power and such impact. Not only that but she puts so much feeling into it when she sings, its almost like the music takes control of her.
[Newest]Come ON! She can scream and do melodic singing very well! She is an amazing singer and deserves more votes

19YVE (Yvonne Muentener)
Great voice from Switzerland. Very powerful, unique voice with an amazing range.
Amazing singer and songwriter, very authentic, so beautiful and charming. I love her style. The voice is the best I ever heard from a woman.
Beautiful voice, beautiful woman, beautiful smile, beautiful country where she's from. Stunning songs, funny and crazy lyrics. I love SUGAMICE!
[Newest]This rock star can blow your mind.

20PJ Harvey
She's got more talent, edge and raw power than Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne combined.
Just listen to her first to ¨Rid of me¨.
A girl who can really play guitar (not that Joan Baez stuff) is like a girl who really knows how to throw a baseball.
She has a great voice and is too underrated.

21Siouxsie Sioux
Simply the best in rock, unmatched blend of originality, craziness and ability to mesmerize...

My top female singers : Lisa Gerrard, Siouxsie Sioux, Elisabeth Fraser, Catherine Ringer, Montserrat Figueras, Édith Piaf, Grace Slick,...

22Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson is one of the best female guitarists out there and was long overdue in getting inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Nancy is one hot lady that we have always looked up to... Very very talented and rocks out, love to watch her perform. She should be right at the top with her sister Ann! Legendary ROCK N ROLL.. The BEST
Nancy has always been such a talented musician and singer.. Her voice is beautiful and sings with great emotion... She ROCKS
[Newest]My all time favorite, great singer and she jams!

23Jen Ledger
Jen could start her own band!

24Deborah Harry
She was certainly better than Joan Jett whos only big hit "I love Rock n Roll" was just one of those songs you were supposed to like, you listen to it for years and it kind of grinds in your head until one day it just comes to you that it really is a horrible cheesy song. Listen to Blondie's "Eat to the Beat" album. You will realize that Deborah should be in the top ten.
Debbie Harry, the front woman of Blondie, paved the path that Madonna walked. Should be #1
I'm sorry, but how can Debbie Harry not be in the top 10? Blondie was such a powerful vehicle for promoting the female lead singer -- she certainly helped pave the way for so many that followed.
[Newest]She deserves way better than 23, I would much rather see her in the top 10 than Joan Jett.

25Cristina Scabbia
<3 Cristina's voice is so unique and she's an amazing performer on stage with so much adrenaline, power and energy... And next to that definitely no diva but so kind to her fans and downearth... She's always there for her fans who she really loves...
Cristina is amazing! The best!

26Gwen Stefani
She is the one that opens doors for other female musicians. She is a able to be rock, pop, ska, reggae, dance, whatever. She is one heck of a live performer too. No other female artist has such versatility.
No Doubt is the bomb and Gwen is a very underrated singer. Also Lana and Selena shouldn't be so far ahead, they're not great singers and aren't in the rock genre.
Gwen and Maria Brink deserve a higher rank and some of these artists aren't rock and should be off of this list

27Patti Smith
She is an amazingly good poet and a beautiful person with a unique voice.

28Shirley Manson
One of the sexiest, most badass chicks in music. Red hair, smeared makeup, short skirts, hell of a voice, and lyrics that could be either sad or frightening. What a woman... My favorite redhead ever.
Shirley's a Rock & Roll goddess. Sultry and menacing voice and presence, and one of the most honest and badass chicks in music.
She's the perfect rock frontwoman. She isn't afraid to speak her mind or to be herself. Her charisma alone surely contributes largely to Garbage's following. Listen to her stuff when she was still with her former band, Angelfish, and you'd be convinced that this woman has what it takes to front a band.

Phenomonial singer and performer. Powerhouse vocalist live. Although there are a lot of great singers on this list, none come close to her strong ROCK delivery!
Lead singer of Skunk Anansie. HUGE all over except here in the states. Killer pipes. Best female vocalist EVER

30Darby Mills (Headpins)
Of course she's the best but several of the names on this list aren't even rock
Pure hard rock. Great raspy voice. Check out: Don't It Make You Feel; Mine all mine.
This lady is a real rocker and very underrated.
By the way, 80% of the singers on this list don't sing rock but lots of them are placed too high instead of real rock singers like Darby Mills.


31Annie Lennox
How could she not already be on the list?
No way should she be out of the top ten. She had more talent than most singers could ever hope for and her range was unlimited.
Deep powerful voice, backed up by emotional, gripping performances. She must be in the top 5.
[Newest]Should be in be the top 10.

32Melissa Etheridge
She simply rocks! Every single time she succeeds in bringing together raw power of her music with deepness of emotion and tenderness of her brilliant lyrics.
The girl growls so well when the emotion needs to go their and when the song need it to happen

33Jessi Frey

34Fiona Apple
Saved my life
"paper bag" has all the range any singer would imagine at great and PEOPLE she wrote the song. they used to kick Jim Morrison off the stage when he used to want to just jam, they said, Make it a song finish, that's what I feel her albums are like. She gives me that idea and that power that she does just by being her.
Blues/rock/soul - amazing synthesis of multiple forms, and what a voice...

Heavenly, otherworldly, unique, and addictive. Her voice is like no other. She should be number two.

36Chrissie Hynde
The quintessential female rocker with a fabulous rock and roll voice. Hands down the best female rock and roller, with Grace Slick running a close second. (NOTE: Quite a few women on this list are NOT rock and roll singers. Pop, the Blues, Country are NOT rock 'n' roll! )


Her voice is really good and she can sing in different ways. The pretenders are one of the best rock bands and she along with her band is legendary.
I like Amy Lee the best but the fact that Chrissie Hynde is so low makes me ill. She is far and away better than most of these people. She should be top three.


[Newest]Top of my list for sure. I agree there are a lot of names on this list, while good in their own right, are NOT ROCKERS!

37Alannah Myles
She's my cousin and I think she is great even if she wasn't
Can sing anything well
Makes me still crazy

38Linda Ronstadt
This list is Greatest ROCK female singers of All Time, RIGHT? If Linda Ronstadt and Ann Wilson are not tied for Number One this list is totally invalid. while were at it. While we're at it, you could probably justify ten to 15 runners-up, and the rest should probably just be given a T-shirt and sent home, or over to the "Really Damn Good Female Rock Singers of All-Time List".
29th?! Seriously?! This lady is THE best and it's not even up for debate! All you young uns out there need to run, don't walk, to the record store (your folks can explain what those are) and get a copy of her greatest. Linda has a body of work that would make Lady Gaga assume the fetal position! There will never be another Linda Ronstadt! Period.
There is only one remarkable vocalist on this list. Linda Ronstadt. Her range, her power, her heartbreaking and breathtaking voice makes everyone else sound like they are under water. To have heard her sing live was to be transported by the most glorious instrument of the rock and roll era.

39Grace Potter
USA Today calls her the best female rock vocalist in the country. Google "Grace Potter reviews" and see for yourself.
She and her band put on one of the best all round show in ages
She's considered the best rock female vocalist on today.
[Newest]Amazing singer! She knows how to rock

40Maria Brink
Maria Brink is the best. Hands down. She can sing, scream, snarl... She does it all and does it well! All while being beautiful.
Maria deserves more than Madonna?! Are you blind and definitely?

41Alison Mosshart
Completely underrated. She's definitely THE best singer of this generation, she's already a legend.

42Courtney Love
The same person said these two things in the same post: "Geez, people are idiots", and "Nancy Wilson doesn't even sing". Nancy Wilson is a GREAT singer - who do you think did all those Heart harmonies? Nancy is only as not as great singer as her sister by the slimmest of margins by most accounts. She also wrote and sang lead on several big hits for Heart. Geez.
In terms of raw emotion, no one even comes close.
Geez, people are idiots. Nancy Wilson is higher than Courtney Love? Nancy Wilson doesn't even sing!

43Christine McVie
Along with Stevie Nicks, these two women are what made fleetwood Mac one of the greatest rock bands in history. Their album rumours is still one of the highest selling albums.

44Bonnie Tyler
No one can top the power vocals of one of the greatest female rocker behind joan jet
Forever best female rock singer
The best rock singer a

45Floor Jansen
She can sing heavenly Everything: opera, rock, pop, soft, growling, screaming... Best versatile voice ever heard!
Great voice and beautiful.
Ha ha hah so good

46Liv Kristine
I gave my vote to Liv Kristine because she is without a doubt one of the most celebrated female vocalists of the rock metal scene. often times she doesn't get the recognition she deserves in light of other female singers: tarja, Amy Lee, etc


47Sharon den Adel
I have a lot of respect for all these ladies, but think that Sharon has something special. Her voice moves me like no other, and she can sing almost any style. It also might help that she's a Goddess and seems so down to earth and sweet it's ridiculous! Hang on, I think I might be a little in love with this woman! Anyway it's a hard call to make, and is very subjective, but I can't go past Sharon - she's PERFECT!
She is the BEST singer ever! She is simply AWESOME! YOU'VE JUST GOT TO HEAR "WITHIN TEMPTATION"!
Problem is people do not really know about Within Temptation.
Sharon is far as better than Amy Lee and others.
Sharon > Tarja > Anneke! > ALL
[Newest]I gree above. Her voice is awesome and innocent, soft and strong. She can play any notes gently.

48Lana del Rey
She has the most unique, perfect voice. Hard to find such voice and music anywhere in the industry now a days.
She's got a certain dramatic torch niche that she is the sultry queen of and smokin' smokin' smokin' hot.
She makes me think of dark blue summer skys in late August. I remember back in time to my youth. She just brightens up an old farts day with her lovely voice.

49Wendy O. Williams
Wendy has a very unique voice and The Plasmatics just blow me away

50Suzi Quatro
Suzi showed the rest what could be. She was the first. She broke down barriers so other woman could see what was possible. That rasp is what makes for a great rock singer. There is also a big range at work here, maybe not as noticeable as others but it is extraordinary. She should be in the top 10 no doubt. A true legend!
Wow how can she be so far down! One of the best and most versatile female voices
Greatest female vocalist, with Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry

51Sinead O'Connor
Sinead has a quality to her voice that is fragile and that's what makes it so compelling. You never quite know what to expect when she sings and that's the danger we all love. Brittle enough to bring you to tears yet strong lyrically to demand. Controversial though she may be is what sets her apart.
A great voice that I really would like to hear more of in the near future as she can rip her heart out right in front of you and be so sexy at the same time --love it
Mad as a bag of frogs but with a sublime singing voice.

52Jehnny Beth

53Angela Gossow
How can she growl like that?! She's got a fiercer voice that other death metal frontmen could kill to have.

54Joni Mitchell
Joni may not be the greatest rocker and roller but she has written some fantastic songs and has a unique and very pure voice, and she has had a huge influence one other musicians. I love Joni!

55Florence Welch
She's amazing! How could anyone not love her?! I don't consider her a "rock star" though. More of an Alternative kind of gal! But Janis, Alanis, Stevie, and Joan are some favorites of mine!
She's a real singer! Her voice is powerful and deep, and she has no need of auto tune, like other musicians. She's a jewel inside the industry of music!
I cannot believe that Florence is on the 35th spot. She is amazing! Not as great as Amy Lee, but still amazing!

56Aja Volkman
Lead singer of nico vega, one of the few female singer who can rock hard and create that scratchy rock sound

57Tori Amos
She has the most talent I think as a Rock Goddess. I admit, I love Amy Lee, but I think she might be giving up on her career. Tori has always stood by her fans and produced such amazing music over and over throughout the years. If she ever gets into a creative slump, she simply evolves herself to fit her life without sacrificing her music. I think Amy could probably learn a thing or two from Tori.

58Beth Hart
Beth Heart is maturing into the most powerful & underrated Rock/Blues singer of our time. Her voice is reminisant of Etta James at her very best, but with a depth, power & raw emotion in her lower register that comes from deep within a primal soul.
When Beth Hart finally breaks out, no one will be able to touch her.
There is no voice like hers. Awesome and truly magnificent.
Beth is in the same league as Billie, Sarah, Ella, Nina, and Etta.

59Cat Power
She's today true sound of the south. She's the real thing, she's soul, deep soul, and wow she is sexy.

60Róisín Murphy

61Lee Aaron
The original "Metal Queen. " Sadly, she is now is a jazz singer. But still hot with a great voice,
Awesome voice. Sadly few in the US ever got to hear her.

62Sonja Kristina

63Simone Simons
Well she's technically metal but so are some others on here... Either way she has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard and is one if the most talented vocalists ever
I've heard so many amazing vocalists but Simone is just out of this world. So underrated too
She's better than Amy Lee but isn't as famous sadly
[Newest]She's metal technically but she's still so amazing

64Patty Smyth
This gal was the bomb in the 80s. Still puts on a great live show.
Hell ya! She belongs in too 10 more so than Joan Jett and Benatar for sure, nothing against them
The Queen of New Wave Rock

65Kate Bush
The one and only Kate Bush. Unique is often a term that is abused when comparing the best from the rest. There was no one else like Kate when she surprised the world with her talent. Incorporating music with movement is why she is a true original. Setting a new standard in arena shows allowed many others to follow. A fantastic talent!
Unique. She wrote The man with the Child in his Eyes" at 14

66Karen Carpenter
Sad how we forget so soon-- listen to the voice! Karen's range, purity, and emotion makes her a top vocalist of any age.
For those who never saw and heard her in person, I can only feel sorry for them. She is hands down the best ever!
Unbelievably low, but who remembers her, even though she was the best ever.

67Phoebe Killdeer

68Alexia Rodriguez

69Dolores O'Riordan
I don't know how I didn't find her in this list. She is the best female vocal I've heard in a rock band, and yes including evanescence. Just listen to The Cranberries - Zombie, Simply the greatest female vocalist in a rock band.
One of the best rock singers, period. The Cranberries are a great group, and her vocals are what set them so high up among my favorites. Really dynamic and powerful vocalist.
She has the best voice, even Luciano Pavarotti chose her for singing the Ave Maria in a Dual Concert, She should be number one.
[Newest]Melodic and a fresh breath of air

70Johnette Napolitano
Just listen to a Concrete Blonde song. Any song at all. If you have an open mind, she goes up into the top 3.
Incredible voice that ranges from velvet to nails. Exceptional songwriting. Grossly underrated.
Listen to 'Heal it Up'. Now listen to 'Heal it Up' live. Her voice is #1 in my books.
[Newest]Really vastly under rated, listen to live "Mercedes Benz".

71Liz Phair

72Laurie Anderson

73Cherie Currie
Cherie Currie is one of the best rock stars ever. She fronted The first all girl rock band. She sang hits like "Cherry Bomb", "Neon Angels", and "Heartbeat". After The Runaways she started a band with her identical twin sister Marie Currie. Their band was called Cherie and Marie Currie. They were great together. She has a sexy voice when it comes to the hard rocking stuff and a smooth and beautiful voice in the ballads. She emotionally connects with us in her songs. Her on stage movement is amazing.

74Susanna Hoffs
A most brilliant post, very insightful, and I pretty much agree with your entire list of those who come before Susanna Hoffs, although not as powerful a singer as these others, her appeal and effect on the listener, (the reason for recording these singers), is spot on. Kudos to you!
If you're not Linda Ronstadt, Ann (or Nancy) Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Alannah Miles, Joni Mitchell, Grace Potter, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, Ruby Starr, Mama Cass or Grace Slick, and you're a girl, and you call yourself a singer, You need to get in line BEHIND Susanna Hoffs

75Bonnie Raitt
Another poster I completely agree with, although I think allowing 20 on the list is pretty generous of you. Although I have to place Linda and Ann tied at first, you can bet the killer Bonnie Raitt is top ten. I salute you.
Come on, there are only about 20 who should even be allowed on this list and Bonnie is one of them, not to mention staying power and that she writes huge hits and plays killer slide guitar

76Mariska Veres

77Laura Branigan
Sadly taken too young.

78Dani Klein

79Joan Armatrading

80Brody Dalle
She could kick that teeny bopper, Hayley's ass any day. "AL THE BUTTERFLIES I'm INTO YOU" Is more like annoying bubblegum pop, not punk. -_-
What she should be in the top 10 at least and honestly I think I prefer her vocals over Lzzy's
She's actually rock unlike some people on this list

81Jenna Mcdougall
Her vocal range is amazing and Tonight Alive's music is so so good.

82Candace Kucsulain

83Dana Fuchs
Think Janis Joplin, but even better. Powerful rock voice, deserves to be near the top of the list.

84Magali Luyten
Magali is awesome singer woman! She sang for Ayreon, Beautiful Sin and of course Virus IV

85Ruby Starr
I have to admit I was completey unaware of Ruby Starr until about a year or two ago when I accidentally found a live performance video of her while searching for covers of Maybe I'm Amazed on YouTube. WOW! Utterly great!

86Neko Case

87Rhokz Bitadora

88Betty Davis
Ex-wife of jazz pioneer/trumpeter Miles, she is credited w/ turning Miles on to Hendrix! She was described by some as the "black Janis Joplin" because of her rawness, her first album featured performances by bassist Larry Graham plus members of Graham Central Station & Sly's Family Stone, Buddy Miles, Neal Schon of Journey, disco dude Sylvester and also the Pointer Sisters! The 2nd album even had Miles! Legendary funk-rock sista from the 70's, NOT the actress!

89Emily Armstrong
If you haven't heard her sing, look up her song "Weatherman"

90Anna Tsuchiya

91Brittany Howard
Lead singer for the Alabama Shakes. She sings like other people wish they could.

92Renee Phoenix
HOW IS SHE NUMBER 88! How is Madonna a better rock singer than Renee
1. Madonna IS A POP SINGER
2. Renee Pheonix and god given talent and puts so much emotion into her songs

93Ani DiFranco
Love her voice, love her lyrics, love her guitar playing, love that she started righteous babe records so that she would always have control over her music's sound and her own image.
Its "self-evident" that in order to "evolve", well, "second intermission" "educated guess" "Origami" "Swim" "OVERLAP" "32 FLAVORS"
A beautiful story teller with an engaging truth and rawness. Her music demands being listened to.

94Beverly McClellan

95Anette Olzon

96Otep Shamaya

97Elize Ryd
She's amazing! And not only with Amaranthe... but her vocals with Kamelot are superbe!

98Rindy Ross
Lead singer of Quarterflash, her high notes are through the roof! Not to mention she is a mean sax player.

99Beth Gibbons

100Annie Haslam
Saw her several times live (Renaissance). One of the best voices, she could blow the roof off.
Ocean Gypsy.. Annie should be number 1 anyways
So great, yet so underrated!

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