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121 Johanna "Jonsu" Salomaa

Indica lead singer. Unknown compared to others on this list... but far better than most!

122 Ariel Bloomer

Ariel Bloomer is an awesome vocalist with really good high notes. Shes also a decent rapper ( I'm not even a fan of rap so you know shes good! )

Lead singer from Icon For Hire. Pure talent and genius. If you don't know this band, YouTube them right now cause they are fantastic!

Lead singer from Icon For Hire. Outstanding vocals!

I love her band! Ariel's voice is awesome. - AnonymousChick

123 Allison Wolfe

Taking no lip, great lyrics

124 Ronnie Spector

She has an unforgettable voice; nobody can sing "Be my Baby" like she can!

From having the strongest voice as a member of The Ronettes to her solo-albums, especially 'She talks to Rainbows', produced by Joey Ramone, feat. Tracks by him, as well as, J. Thunders and Brian Wilson. And, last not least, her guest vocals for various artists, from the Misfits, Southside Johnny, E-Street-Band to The Raveonettes. A truly incredible career!

125 Katie Cruel
126 Rihanna Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian pop singer . Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, she first entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers in 2003. She ultimately signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning more.

In response to the comment, she belongs in the top 10 worst singers. She's not even rock, not even remotely close...

Why is rihanna even on the rock list what

Oh yes, as long as these others are on here which are not ROCK in the least... Pink, Haley and Avril just to mention a few...

Come on why is she here? Guys we got a mainstream pop star here!

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127 Monika Pedersen
128 Gen Vincent

As lead singer of the band Genitorturers since 1994, this woman has more talent than the majority of singers I've heard, both within and without the genre of metal. To this day she maintains her brilliant and fantastic vocal range, beauty, engaging stage presence, and individuality both on the stage and in the studio. She reaches some very impressive highs, mids, and lows, and her screams and growls are so unexpected that they only enhance the songs further. Another winning trait in my book is how she genuinely appreciates and loves her fans. I've had the pleasure of meeting her once actually, and not only did she sign my poster and collar, but she took pictures with me wearing each other's hats and we even had a 30 minute long conversation!

129 Beth Gibbons
130 Mary Margaret O'Hara
131 Eddi Reader

I never get tired of listening to Eddi. She goes straight to the gut.

132 Tairrie B
133 Linda Perry

Known from the 4 Non Blondes and Deep Dark Robot. Strong personality. Great composer. Producer. And what a singer! Live performer. More of Linda on the stage please. She's the one behind the Pink's first real hit album. Wish to see her to use her own studio, for her own projects. With the Christa and Dawn from the 4NB. Ever heard the Mighty Lady (Lost a Peace of My Mind) song? Linda is unique in many ways.

134 Colleen Rennison

Great blues-rock vocalist that should be heard. Top 10 material easily.

135 Susan Marshall

One of the few singers I have EVER heard that comes even remotely close to Heart's Ann Wilson. Anyone who likes Blues/Soul/Rock should check out her work with "The Mother Station". Truly outstanding. Top 10 material for sure.

136 Dalbello

Canadian singer Lisa Dal Bello is another one that should be in the Top 10 with a voice so close to Heart's Ann Wilson that even Heart noticed and covered two of her songs.

137 Elizabeth Fraser

One of the most unreal voice, a superb performer who makes you understand what is to sing and make the lyrics disappearing under the pure musicality of the human voice...

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138 Catherine Ringer
139 Haruna Ono
140 Maggie Bell
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