Best Female Singers of the 21st Century

Which one of our female stars of the 21st century is the best. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Sarah Brightman
I was so happy to see Sarah Brightman at #1, I agree with the voters on some of the other ladies on this list. However, miss Brightman deserves (in my humble opinion ) to be at the top of this list. Very few performers have the ability to consistently bring tears to the audiences eyes during performances. Her vocal range is unique, and her stage presence commanding. She is still the unassailed angel of music. Listen to one of her classics and wonder about all the vocally challenged "stars" like britany spears as they gyrate and grind their way around the stage to mask the mediocre voice. Remember, as a wise man once said. "Anyone can sing pop music, but it takes a world class voice to rise above ". Thanks Sarah for the world class voice,
And the classy act.
I agree she is the best singer out of this list. I like Whitney and Mariah they belted out some great songs and had incredible live performances, but neither matches Sarah. Though there are many better Opera singers than Sarah Brightman. I believe she is closer to the pop genre. Her melodies are too long winded and whimsical to be ready friendly hits. But nevertheless having seen all three in concert/theatre I can without a doubt come to my determination.
In my opinion Sarah Brightman is by far the very best, using her God given talent to perfection. Sarah's live performance is truly amazing, it is spectacular to say the least, and really stirs the emotion of the audience, Sarah is also such a beautiful lady, and such a pleasure to behold, With you all the way Sarah. Number One.
[Newest]Miss Brightman is my favorite on the list Praise God what a voice
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2Agnes Monica
She's the best singer in Indonesia because she has an international quality. People, just wait until the world knows her name, because she is in her path of reaching the international world. Dream, believe, make it happen..
I love agnes voice... she's the next diva in the world...
dream, believe and make it happen
best vocal, best dancing and she is so inspired (dream, believe & make it happen)
i know if she will be better and better than now. because she have quality of a diva.
[Newest]She's the best artist, singer, dancer, composer, and producer in indonesia and also asia. She's the pride of asia and the queen of asia in a whole package
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3Amy Lee
She's the best female singer of all time,
Her voice's beautiful,
Perfect singer with the perfect look...
She is a miracle! Her voice can reach amazing high notes! The quality of her tones are perfect! Her angelic voice as may critics have said is "One of a kind". Amazing voice, amazing looks, and amazing music! Her Lyrics are so deep that they are broke all expectations and will live on forever! Thank you Amy, your place is well deserved!
Damm She must be on TOP!
Dont even compare her voice with any other...
shez the most awesome and great singer "EVER LIVED AND WILL EVER LIVE"!


[Newest]She is so CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! She is really so cute.

4Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera is one of the few singers that is so unappreciated, but could beat out anybody else on this list if it came to who has the best vocal ability. She is an extreme inspiration to many great new singers, such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, who are all talented in their own right. Christina's vocal range and ability is so vast and powerful, giving her extreme dominance as a pop diva with her raspy but booming voice that really showcases her emotion and talent. Xtina has great control over her singing, which makes her a better singer. Her songs are incredible as well. Genie in a Bottle generated as one of the greatest pop songs of the generation,. Reflection was the lead single for the Mulan soundtrack. Beautiful, Fighter, and Walk Away became anthems. Dirrty made everybody want to dance on tables and party. Ain't No Other Man exploded Aguilera's career and became a popular song to cover by many artist on singing competitions. Candyman and Makes Me Want To Pray were smash hits on the charts. Bionic introduced a hot new side of Christina. You Lost Me expressed emotion and shook audiences everywhere, like Hurt, which also had its own emotion emulates strongly as well. Your Body blasted Christina's sexual side and Just A Fool mixed Aguilera's talent with Blake Shelton's country flare. Collaborations with Maroon 5, Pitbull, TI, Lady Gaga, and A Great Big World expressed Xtina's artistry and brought her to the frontline of the charts. This Princess of Pop, who is also considered as the Voice of the Generation, is also a great actress, mother, mentor, and activist. Overall, Christina Aguilera is the greatest singer of the 21st Century hands down.
Christina has so much emotion and talent in everything she sings and that she is real artist! Her voice is so powerful and Christina can control it like a master. Why someone would say that they don't like Christina cause how she seems to be or what kind of impression you get? And how good songs she write! She is a talented young lady and she can act, too! She is perfect singer-songwriter and actress! And yes, she is so much better than Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Whitney Houston. They aren't in this list as Christina. You should listen her songs and how much emotion she puts in those songs. I'm OK and Oh Mother are strong as Hurt and she can sing all kinds of music.
Christina Aguilera sings from the heart and she has powerful voice that can belt high notes. She should be above Regine, or even Charice
[Newest]No one can Beat Christina Aguilera! She is a Legend. I really love her since I was a child and when she sing, Like, how did she do that? Where that voice came from? I wish I had that voice too! Her songs is so beautiful even her Personality =))) She is a Goddess! I really really love her so much
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5Charice Pempengco
At the age of nineteen this 2011, she's the only female singer to achieve such huge recognition.. Her Vocal range is Greater than any singer of the same age. She can sing songs of Celine, Whitney, Chaka Khan, Toni braxton, Shania, Mariah carey and many more... She can rap, dance and sing effortlessly.. No any other singer of today's generation can beat her.. She make those legendary singers feel that their songs will now be safe and will continue to be heard by all the people around the world... The life of music world was prolonged by her.. Gives us chills, shivers and makes us cry. A true inspirational singer to all mankind...
She's the best young female singer I've ever heard.
No, she's the 'best female singer' I've ever heard!
There are so many talented singers like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera etc. and some legend singers like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston etc.
Now... Charice is just 18 and she can sing as good as the legend singers or even better.

I think that she's the best singer ever and will be the world's best singer
Charice is "a gift from God" (Ti Lascio Una Canzone -- Italian T.V. Program); "the most talented girl in the world" (Oprah) "when she opens her mouth, angels fly out" (Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy). Incredible control, emotion, range, and power in a 4'11" package. Did I mention power?
[Newest]I love her voice! It seriously have me goosebumps every time I listen to her.

6Taylor Swift
Has a beautiful voice, is an amazing songwriter, is modest, is grateful gives so much back to her fans, has principles and doesn't let her success change her, is nice to everyone she meets, is stunning inside and out, is encouraging and inspirational. I think it's fair to say she's amazing.
Taylor Swift has beautiful voice and she is really really amazing! She the first singer that I really love so much. And all her songs are the greatest songs I've ever heard!
I like her very much! Young, talented and Beautiful! Good song writer, you can hear it and prove it on every album of her. It's so genuine and touch me! So she deserve of all credits! -Luis Magno - East Timor-
[Newest]She have to be number 1
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7Sarah Geronimo
no wonder why I vote for sarah geronimo, caz the first time when she was started to sing since she was a kid, there`s something in her that can touch lives to everybody, in fact until her growth, the more she become adult, the more her voice beautiful, the more people loves her, caz she can touch lives when she sing!


A lot of people love all her songs. All her albums achieve platinum in just a few weeks. Indeed, she's a certified popstar in the philippines. This girl will surely be in the business for many years to come because of her good attitude and of course genuine talent.
she captures everyone's heart when she start singing,,and u can feel her emotions and she is very charismatic singer in the philippines,,,she kind,beautiful,and down to earth
great talent
and great attitude
[Newest]Who is she anyway

8Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is my Queen, the best singer ever, I love you so much I'm just vote for you, your amazing and I think, you're THE QUEEN OF POP, and I hope Lady Gaga is the best forever, she is crazy in fashion.. I love your all costumes..!
Lady gaga rules
Her wacky costumes beat every other pop star
And her crazy songs rock the world
She can change this whole world (universe) with her lips.. Her message is simple... But the means and pains and efforts she takes to drive home this message of hers is tremendous... She undoubtedly rules the world of pop music. Queen, your outfits are beautiful, but not than the heart of yours... Love you Mother monster!
[Newest]Lady Gaga is a real queen of the pop

9Katy Perry
Katy Perry is such a good singer! And great style too! Just look at how many hits she got for her video California Gurls? Everyone has heard of her. Sure she has only had two major albums, but Double Rainbow should be coming out soon! She has an amazing voice and a great history. She's moved on from her past and has changed a lot. I just wish her parents (especially her dad) would except her for who she is, and not call her a "Devil Child". They should be proud f her sudden rise to fame. Katy Perry's songs actually have a very true and deep meaning. Most of Taylor Swift's songs are all about her breaking up with all her ex-boyfriends and how she's over it now. Plus, Taylor Swift just goes right ahead and gives away what the song is about, according to the title. We Are Never Getting Back Together. Hm... I wonder what that could be about?
A fan of Taylor Swift, but I must admit that singing about exes can be immature sometimes especially when you've done it so many times. Katy is more successful and her songs have deeper meaning.
She's really awesome..! She should be at least in top ten..!
Love to listen her songs.. And please vote her...

[Newest]She is fantastic singer

10Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce's probably 1 of the best singers and performers of all time! I mean... Listen to her amazing vocal skills, the runs, the riffs the scales. Not to mention the power, range and versatility of her voice that are simply outstanding. She's also an awesome dancer and a good actress. She's the complete package.. And history proves it... She's won more grammy's than whitney in her prime.. And than all of the other modern musicians and singers.. She's the most praised and recognized American artist of the last decade. Enough said
Shes should be on top.. Shes a whole package, she sings while dancing.. But she really perfectly did both... Shes just a masterpiece... I love her... Shes sweet and humble.. If I were you. I will vote her ;;;;;
I can't believe that beyonce is below Rihanna on this list! People, don't you get tired of having A Rihanna album released yearly? And beyonce doesn't always sing about sex either, which makees her all the better. Surveys show that way more people find beyonce attractive than Rihanna... Anyway.. With songs like sweet dreams and irreplaceable, you know beyonce is the real queen. VOTE BEYONCE!
[Newest]Beyonce is simply the best she can sing dance and is basically the best performer of all time.

The Contenders

11Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson is the greatest female rock singer ever. She's the only female singer I know who could sing a ballad like honey dripping off a rose, and then turn around and belt out a rock song like a raging hurricane. A very unique and gifted artist, and truly a one of a kind!
Ann Wilson (from HEART) is a vocal goddess! Her voice is even better today than for 30 years ago. Now it is beyond incredible.
Taste on this list is not a virtue its just lacking. This woman has more talent in her pinkie than the 10 listed above her.

12Carrie Underwood
Carrie is by far the best vocalist. She can do things with her vocals that most would only dream about doing. She feels her songs therefore her audience feels them also. Example--How Great Thou Art on youtube. She has changed many lives. Is there another artist out there that can lay claim to that? I don't think so. Carrie for #1.
Carrie Underwood is the best female vocalist in my opinion. I enjoy her singing and her performances more than any other artist. I love her concerts and hers are the only concerts I care to attend. There is something about her voice and her personality that I truly love. I can hardly wait for her next album to be released.
Carrie performs better live than on her album recordings; she's a beautiful woman who keeps it classy all the time and would never disappoint her family. She's the most successful artist ever to come out of American Idol, and her song lyrics address a seemingly limitless number of topics including everything from having the courage to change the world to getting revenge on a cheating ex boyfriend! I'm a Carrie Underwood expert, and she has never ceased to amaze me, whether it be with her vocal performances or just her gorgeous personality. Just recently, she even rescued a dog, bloody and severely injured, from the side of the road, and brought it to a vet so that it could later be adopted! I also know a lot about the human voice, and Carrie's is clear and unique in its timbre, and she has incredibly unbelievable breath control (just watch one of her live performances of "I Know You Won't" or her cover of "How Great Thou Art"). Honestly, Carrie Underwood is the kind of artist whose music will never fade away, and she is truly amazing in every way!
[Newest]She is a excellent role model and is a great person
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13Avril Lavigne
Avril's the most talented singer I've ever listened to. I grew up listening to her songs and she gave me strength when I needed it. She never cared about what people and haters think of her, and that's what makes her who she is today. She's always been in the music industry, and she'll always be. She's also a sweetheart who created a foundation in support of children and youth living with serious illnesses and disabilities. She absolutely deserves the 1st place.
Avril's voice is not altered in the slightest! I've heard her live and it sounds almost exactly like it does on the album. You should check what Taylor swift sounds like live! Then tell me who you would vote for. Her songs are all so heart-felt, How can someone not like her!
How can Avril be in 17th? She sings about love, hate, forgiveness and basicly everything! People can relate to it easily I am amazed that its not at the top!
[Newest]Avril is love. Avril is Life.
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She is the greatest female singer ever
I mean look at her newly released singles, 3 of them-1. What's my name,2. Only Girl and 3. S&m held number 1 position one after the other in the US charts... And still her position is so low... Please vote for her...
I think rihanna would be the artist of the decade look at all the hits she has ten number ones that a lot of number ones in only five years? Selling over 5,000,657 in the us and over 20,789,456 worldwide! She might not be as rich as beyonce but she sure got some talent
I can't believe that you don't vote for her. Have you ever really listened to her well? She's got fantastic voice!
[Newest]Rihanna is a fake

Simply Amazing! Pink never gets the recognition she deserves... Still she is one of the best pop singers of all time!
strong and powerful vocals, hot and spicy look. she's out to kill
Pinks amazing she is a singer who doesn't lip sync unlike others
[Newest]She is the best.. VOTE FOR HER.

16Shirley Bassey
Frank Sinatra once said that Shirley Bassey has the greatest pair of pipes in the world! Who is to argue with the Chairman Of The Board! Bassey is no doubt one of the greatest female vocalists of the 20th Century, and she is starting a nice run on the 21st century with her latest single, 'The Living Tree' and Album/CD, 'Get The Party Started' all hitting the charts.
Never heard anyone with that perfect vibrato, power and crystal goblet-like clarity.

She can absolutely shred your face off.

If she were a guitarist, she'd be Paul Gilbert.
This woman simply is the best singer the world has ever known. Amazingly she is just as awesome and sometimes even better live!

17Hayley Williams
Hayley's voice live is exactly the same as it is on CD's, unlike almost all of the people above her in this list. Her voice doesn't need to be doctored, it's just amazing naturally. It's very distinctive, you immediately know it's her, which is something I think is very important. She's incredibly talented, and although this list makes absolutely no difference to her, I still think she needs to be in the top ten.


Hayley Williams deserves top 10 at least! You cannot deny it after hearing we are broken live, look it up on youtube on the final riot! Trust me, I guarantee it will send shivers down your spine!
Seriously Hayley Williams is amazing her voice can make you weep its that amazing. We Are Broken Live is amazing, Here we Go Again, Feeling Sorry, Decode, etc.. Hayley sounds amazing even when she is sick, she could wipe the floor with most modern musicians. Her vocal range is outstanding. Look up Hayley Williams "Whistle Note" On youtube.
[Newest]She deserves higher rank! Come on guys let's just face it for real, THIS TEENY TINY GIRL IS EVEN BETTER THAN AVRIL! She is small but terrible! She can belt higher than you ever expect, her vibratos are perfect as hell, she is the kindest girl you will ever met in your whole entire life, she is also the cutest girl who ever walked this entire world. GUYS VOTE THIS GIRL because I BET YOU, THIS GIRL WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
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18Britney Spears
It's definitely Britney Spears the best of the 21st century. Who didn't sang toxic or me against the music. Who didn't love every time or overprotected. The sales of her albums show that she is the most beloved singer.
britney spears is the best she deserves to be on top just see the album sales and you will know
One of the seriously huge superstars of our generation. Her influence on pop culture and pop music is undeniable. She has a very fascinating and intriguing persona and is known through out the world as being one of the coolest people.
[Newest]She was beautiful and she was a very good singer.

shakira was a child prodigy when she was eight she could read her alphabets and write it..
now dats some 1 who I truly love especially her music is touching and gives me the hoops to wanna dance. I believe no 1 could replace her :P to shkira lovv u- ms:
Shakira is known world wide. She is a great artist and a role model for all women.
I like her songs
She is hot
I like the way of shaking her ass.
I am listening her for 4 years.
One of my friend told me about shakira si
[Newest]She is ever ever best and I want her at 1 position and she is very cute and nice. I think she is the singer of 21st century or singer of the world.

20Regine Velasquez
No one else can sing that many songs, that high, that long. Other singers might reach the same heights, but won't be able to sing a whole concert with songs of the same difficulty. No other singer has the same range, much less the same endurance. But she doesn't have to sing high, even at medium range her quality is magical, and she can even go relatively low. What more can you ask for? Not only Filipinos should be proud, ASIANS should all be proud of such a gem.
She is the most amazing singer there ever. Power, pitch, resonance... That defines her among the rest... Her sweet way of singing always strikes listeners from the heart... Every time I listen to her, I feel the emotions... That is real singing!
pls. vote for the goddess of soulful songbird, I am a fan of her since I was in grade school, no one can beat her, promise, queen of songs, grabeeh!


21Mariah Carey
she has the best voice of all times if you go to some people's house, they would actually have collections of her albums because of her fabulous an amassing voice but you won't see people doing that for beyonce, she has a great voice but better videos, but mariah carey, you listen to her music because of her voice not because of the video, and if you listing carfuly you'd see that she makes the music not the background beat or anything, her, and she can also do that thing while holding her ear that no one else can
so i think that she should be on the top 10 and if not the first one on that lists.
and that's how i feel!!!


hey everyone that is musically oriented should no that mariah carey is the best female singer in the 21st century.she has stood the test of time hits all the high notes other female singers cant really heat,she is simply the best.celine whitney or anyother music female star shines behind her i.e mariah carey they even know themselves,right on mariah u r the best.
I'll tell you why she's the best singer in the 21st century. Not only does she have a five octave range, but she's more versatile than any other singer. She can sing pop, r^^b, jazz, country, you name it. She has that glass-breaking high note that sends tingles down your spine. This woman's voice is the best!
[Newest]Mariah is an amazing singer, she's a legend.

Pink not in the top 10, beyonce not in the top 10, ADELE not in the top 10! Three of the greatest voices of the 21st century out of top 10 while auto tuniness rihanna, madonna 2.0 ( lady gaga ) and taylor swift in the top 10. What is wrong with you people!
Adele would for sure be in my top 10. Adele's voice is perfection, raw, beautiful. Her songs are just as well written!
I think she's not higher up because she doesn't have as much music or years as the other artists. Her accessible persona, powerful husky cosmic voice and maturity are attributes which drew me (a guy) to her. She shows that a powerful or popular woman is not construed to one label or the other. She is elegant and graceful but straightfoward and formidable
[Newest]Seriously! Adele not in top 5! People have gone dead now!

23Sheryn Regis
why she is number 41 she is much better than sarah geronimo
sheryn is the crystal voice of asia,, no doubt..


24Whitney Houston
Best voice and range of any singer listed. No one touched her in her prime not even Maria, aguilara, Brightman, beyonce, shakira.. please, Hillary duff pleease, nobody close... only Minnie Riperton has better singing range
whitney houston hands down greatest singer of all time


I love her voice and action at all. She's got the most attractive voice and manner. She is singer of me all time
[Newest]Her voice and ease of her vocals is head and shoulders above any one I see on the list. Simply the "BEST" of all time

25Jennifer Lopez
She should be number 1 because she is the best and her performances are amazing

Only female artist that I like. Her live performances knock out all of these other women out of the park. Americans are stupid not to give her more attention.
Where is the greatest singer of the 21st century on this list, shame to overlook Anastacia. She knocks out everyone in this list with her tremendous voice
Without any dude: Anastacia! the queen of sprock! keep sprocking


[Newest]The best female vocal range and the most powerful voice! She can sing nearly anything.

27Jen Ledger
Her voice sounds amazing both on the studio album and live. Listen to her vocals on "Awake and Alive" for studio album. Then, go to you tube, type in "CRN full Skillet consort", Skip 2 yours 2 hold (Wait a minute because john sings first) and be awed.

28Taylor Momsen
Her voice is absolutely perfect. Just the right combination of sweetness and rasp. Truly a delight.
Beautiful voice, totally fits her gorgeous physique!


29Celine Dion
What can I say more! She is and will remain the best for this century.
She sings with one of the most beautiful voice and two of the most beautiful languages in the world(English and French). Yes Celine Dion! You are.
Hey guys, don't forget to listen to Just because I love. This song tells everything about the best female artist ever.
Number 23? Makes no sense, half the top 10 are unknowns... But Celine can sing in 2 languages, can sell out performances in any country and even though I am not a fan of her type of music, I appreciate her quality
Celine Dion you have the greatest voice and I enjoy it every time I hear it as if it were my first time.
[Newest]The best voice I have heard.

Ok she hasn, t got the greatest voice! But if you put everything together the performances fantastic songs, the image, the beauty, the controversy the stage shows, Madonna is everyone else in one whole package. Its simply because of her age that she no longer gets the superior admiration that she once did. Elvis was the original King and Madonna the original Queen and as good as the new artists are they will never be worthy of taking that title from MADONNA
Madonna Is A Strong Female Role-Model And Deserves To Be Very Near number 1. I Do Not Personally Listen To Her Music And Could Easily Of Voted For Someone Like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood or Hayley Williams But I Understand That Madonna Is One Of Kind And A Legend It Would Be Wrong Not To Vote Someone Of Such Extraordinary Talent.
Madonna is the greatest of all time. She is innovative and unique. Her music is always fresh and new. She has encouraged us and other artists to express ourselves and she has redefined the music industry. The Mother of Reinvention knows what it takes to make the people come together.
[Newest]She's the best. She has sold more records then all of these women on this list. She should be number 1.

31K. S. Chithra
Chithra voice was gift by god no wonder she ws THE ASIA'S SONGBIRD she cn sing the highest note... Chithra is the crystal voice of asia, no doubt.. CHITHRA U ARE THE BEST you are flexible and you always make your songs unique "She is an amazing singer and fenomanal dancer she should defenaly be in top 1"
She acts like a diva, sings like a diva and is a diva. Chithra is the only one here that deserved to be in no. 1.
The Best Female vocalist of all time! No other singer can compete with the overall quality of Chithra's voice! "
"She has an 8 octave range. MOST singers today don't"


Chithra's voice was really admiring. She is the queen of melody forever because of her deserving voice.

32Jackie Evancho
Perhaps destined to be one of the greatest sopranos who ever lived. Certainly one of the most gifted singers in the last 100 years. Her singing voice is indescribably beautiful in its pitch and tones, both high and low register are jaw dropping for her age. But what is most prevalent in Jackie Evancho's vocals is that of her uncanny - and, in my opinion, unmatched - ability to convey to the listener the emotion of the song. No other singer, that I am either aware of or of whom I have personally experienced, has ever moved me to tears. Jackie Evancho is profound in her interpretive skills and in her ability to convey the deepest meanings of a piece to the human heart. I believe this young lady, if she continues on the road she has chosen as her career, will become the definitive measure by which other vocalists are compared.
I can't believe that Jackie Evancho isn't on this list. She was born 4/09/00, was runner-up on America's Got Talent at ten years old, has sung for the President, the Imperial Family in Japan, has done two PBS Great Performances concerts, performed with two world renowned opera stars in St. Petersberg, Russia, is the youngest solo artist to ever go platinum, her 'Dream With Me' album is certified gold, she has performed on the finale shows of Britain's Got Talent and Canada's Got Talent, she sang on 'Dancing With the Stars', and this is only some of what this young lady has accomplished. She has also performed at MANY charity events, and is an Ambassador for the Humane Society US. Jackie Evancho has such a beautiful voice that she brings adults to tears. She is absolutely amazing.
Most beautiful singing voice in recording history; perfect pitch, full rich tone, and emotional interpretive skills that consistently bring listeners to tears. Broke Michael Jackson's record as youngest artist in history with a Top 5 and Platinum album.

33Lzzy Hale
One of the greatest voices in rock (not just females)
One of the greatest voices EVER

34Hayley Westenra
Easily more pure, moving and beautiful voice than most everybody above on this list.
Hayley's the best! Her voice is the purest in the world, she should be number 1!
Hayley has one the most beautiful pristine voices of the century. She should definitely be amongst the top ten

35Amy Winehouse
Amy should be number one on that list. She was something really special. Rare talent you don't see nowadays this woman's voice and style was amazing and she sounded perfect live! Can't believe people like Britney Spears, Shakira, and Rihanna is above her. Take the time and listen to Amy's lyrics & voice people! You will realize everything else is just crap. Rest in peace Amy
Why is she not at the top or at least somewhere near the top?
I mean come on she has a gorgeous voice.
She should be at the very least 9
Amy has such an original amazing voice
I really don't understand how Miley Cyrus is above Amy Winehouse?
[Newest]She is a gift from god. Flat out amazing.

36Kelly Clarkson
This girl should be in the top 5 at least. She is one of the best singers ever, the best singer in today's music along with Adele, she can sing every note on the scale. No other singer is as versatile as she is hands down. Kelly is one of the best live vocalists. I love how much emotion she pours into her performances as well. The girl is definitely on this Earth for a reason. Lastly she is the best American Idol ever.
I love Kelly's music. She changed my life on July 4th. I thought all I would be able to think about was my home, my friends, my old life, the way my life changed, and how much I miss everything I left behind. The truth is, I had the time of my life! I was just enjoying everything, and what's not to like about her voice, and her songs? Kelly Clarkson was the first to win American Idol, and my attention for what music to listen to. Also, with her past, and all she has been through, along with the fact she sings from her heart, shealso won my heart. Kelly Clarkson is a star, and one that Carrie Underwood has to work extremely hard to keep up with.
Kelly Clarkson is an incredible vocalist. Her gift is incredible and she's able to connect with the audience and make others happy. 12 years in the music industry and still people are talking about her, listening to her music. She was the first to win AMERICAN IDOL, and a role model for many "hopeful Idols" and many succesful winners after her. She rules.
[Newest]In the top five. Her voice resonates with all of her audiences, soul, jazz, country pop, rock, big band, contemporary. She makes it seem so easy, enjoy anything she sings. One of my all time best.

37Nelly Furtado
She is amazing, she is the music God :D... Her music, her lyrics, and the best, her music style, she sings in a lot of music styles and languages :D... Well, she is Nelly Furtado, the best Female Singer :D.
She's amazing, beautiful, classy lady with great song and one of the most unique voices in the music biz.
She is gonna rule the world forever!
[Newest]Nelly I love you! I hope you write more songs in Spanish cause I love latin music and I think you are a real jewel in this category. I also am really curious about your new album "Lifestyle" love you

38Demi Lovato
She is one of the best singers in our generation! I don't even know how she's not on the list, apparently you people have hearing issues!
One of the best singers of our generation! She is a great singer live. She is a very inspirational person and her songs totally reflect what she's gone through.


Because she's the most inspirational and talented Singer I've seen in this century. She's also the Star, that cares most about her fans and helps lots of people with thei problems. She's just the best singer in the 21th century so far
[Newest]Demi lovato is a great singer she deserves at lest top15 and for the others I don't agree for celine dion and whitney houston

39Miley Cyrus
She's never had formal singing lessons and has an amazing voice that just is truly amazing she is beautiful AND inspiring I LOVE HER and by the way I'm 19 and she is my idol!
She had sold Over 40 Million records (almost 50), Making her the Best Selling Teen of all time, putting Britney Spears at #2


why is she at 60 ! she should be in the top 10 ! her music is great and she can really sing too.
[Newest]She is so amazing, even though see is said to be a slag.

40Elena Siegman

40? Seriously people listen to her amazing voice

42Ellie Goulding
This should be number 1! Her song have heaps of meaning!
41? I have no words!
Have you heard her voice?

43Sherina Munaf
Smart and eazy to listening...

44Michele Karmin
I just want to say vote after listening her song hello.


Just listen to her rap in hello its awesome

45Mary. J Blige
Mary J. Blige is not the best singer of All Time, but Mary J. Blige is (ONE) of the best singers of All Time, when she sings you feel her pain you hear her cry she unleashes this spirit out of her that give fans and audiences Goosebumps and the chills, she also has a 4 Octave Vocal Range and can hit high notes in the Mezzo-Soprano Baritone Range, she has a special kind of voice that many singers do not have, Mary J. Blige is the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul and for now on where ever she Goes that Crown will follow her forever se is our new Aretha Franklin of this Century, Love Mary J. Blige.
She is the queen, are you kidding'? Britney spears? Mary must be number 1... Peace from Algeria baby!

46Sharon Den Adel
Sharon is so down to earth. she has an awesome voice and she is beautiful!
Truly angelic voice and impressive vocal range. She should definitely be higher up on the list. A true goddess. Come on guys, just vote for her now!
Sharon is amazing. Her music is almost all I listen to. She has a beautiful voice and I think she is pretty. Her music makes me happy even though a lot of it is kinda sad.

47Leona Lewis
An amazing woman with an amazing voice.. She's really talented and she doesn't depend on sex in her music and her music videos just to become famous like most of the pop stars do nowadays.. God bless her.. Can't wait for GLASSHEART..
She deserves it. Duh. She isn't the greatest, but she HAS to be among the top 10.
So badly! Listen to her songs and you will feel it...
Angelic voice! I think she is the best female vocalist to surface from a singing competition ^^ I Love Leona Lewis ^^
[Newest]Get ready for the real Leona

48Pat Benatar

49Alicia Keys
Her voice is very powerful but looks monotonous in her songs.

50Elizabeth Gillies
During and episode of Victorius, she and and Cat (Ariana Grande) sang Give It Up. I honestly had no idea she could sing at all. I just thought she was the 'mean girl' of the show. But to me, she was the superior performer in that episode. I've only seen her sing that one time, but she is one of my favorite singers. Shame she isn't talked about more. She has real talent, looking forward to more from her.

51Toni Gibson

52Fiona Apple

53Lacey Sturm

54Jordin Sparks
I knew she would win. She is awesome. Congrats Jordin
well, she did win american idol!!

Can't believe Duffy is not on this list. She is awesome. Her voice and music are so 21st century. Her album Rockferry is legend. She is up for 4 Brit Awards 2009.
Congratulatins Duffy for winning 3 out of the 4 Brit Awards.You're flying high!!


Duffy is awesome.A 21st century star.


56Jessie J
She may not be completely famous yet but her vocal range and stage confidence deserves to be number 1! She is the best singer I have ever heard!
She sings "Nobody's Perfect" but I don't agree with her, because she is definitely PERFECT!
Sorry but I love Jessie she should be in the top ten

57Cher Lloyd
Chers voice is so huge please vote her she is really really awesome.
She is an amazing woman and should be at the top. Who in their right mind would put her here!?!

58Gita Gutawa

59Nicki Minaj
I think she deserves to be in top 20 at least. I mean she's good.
Come on she deserves to be in top 20
Really good at rap and pop

60Siobhan Owen

61Hilary Duff
really great voice. take some time and listen to her songs.
only the best!

62Shania Twain
One of the best singers of all time! Influenced generations with their engaging lyrics, copositora amazing, I love you Shania!

She can dance AND sing PERFECTLY at the same time! She's awesome!

64Viktoria Tocca

65Ayumi Hamasaki
in Japan she is the higest selling female artist with sales of over 50 million in that country alone

she is knon to the world as the Empress of J-pop because her fashion and music trends have defined the way we percieve that pheonomenal culture
Ayu's been breaking the boundaries of modern pop music for almost 15 years! My favourite thing about Ayu is her self-penned lyrics and her "never-give-up" attitude, which allows her to communicate with her fans on a rare, intimate level.

66Selena Gomez
She is the best of all! People like her because :She's inspiring, beautiful, sweet, have a great voice, FUNNY, friendly, smart, and the youngest UNICEF ambassador! She's such a perfect girl, everybody in any age loves her! She's a zero to hero person. She starts from 0, don't take any offense about people's critics, bad words, and cutting and see what happen with her? She's BIG! She's tried so hard and believe in her self. She's sweet, kind and the most inspiring GIRL. A perfect role model for everyone.
Selena has a best voice, lines, stories in her songs. Also she is beautiful, cute looking girl which each and every age lovers will love, not only her face cut but more on her voice and mixture of music with her tracks. Her song videos are too good. Some of her songs are too inspiring, like ; a year without rain, I love you like a love song, round n round etc.
She's inspiring, beautiful, sweet, have a great voice, FUNNY, friendly, smart, and the youngest UNICEF ambassador! She's such a perfect girl, everybody in any age loves her! She's a zero to hero person. She starts from 0, don't take any offense about people's critics, bad words, and cutting and see what happen with her? She's BIG! She's tried so hard and believe in her self. She's sweet, kind and the most inspiring GIRL. A perfect role model for everyone.
Gomez.. You rock! Forever selena! By the way bieber is a looser.. Laugh out loud so please leave him (just an advice from a forever fan).. Cheers rockstar! :))
[Newest]Selena has a best voice, lines, stories in her songs. Also she is beautiful, cute looking girl which each and every age lovers will love, not only her face cut but more on her voice and mixture of music with her tracks. Her song videos are too good. Some of her songs are too inspiring

67Lea Michele
I love a pure voice. She has a way of hitting great notes without scaling to get to it. With her BWay training and experience, Lea is also able to perform that adds more flavor to the song. She's shown she can take on any genre and that's quite a skill. She brings me to tears quite often. She is just beginning to explore other music and that is exciting.
Lea Michele should be so much higher on this list. She has incredible range and can handle virtually any singing style, including light Soprano and her vibrato is AMAZING. Her talent is incredible!
Perhaps the first singer in history to tackle a huge classic by a huge singer and make it better than the original (Celine Dion's 'To Love You More'). That alone should boost this woman to the top twenty.
[Newest]Lea has an incredible voice and should be much higher on the list. She makes it look effortless.

68Tarja Turunen
Tarja Turunen is absolutely the winner! She's such a gifted person! The music she composes, her every song has its own soul, a huge dose of emotions. It touches me so much and I know it touches many people as well. She definitely has a gift and I'm so proud of being her fan. Forever!
Most beautiful voice around, even without Nightwish she's a power to behold
This womans voice is hypnotic there's no other way to describe it

Most powerful female voice I've come across

69Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza
the most polite singer that I've had ever seen in the world nowadays.. she's definitely not selling her body but only her 'beautifulest' voice... not like others... thus she absolutely is the best female singer for the 21st century as she has been bringing to the world undeniably a very good example to follow... you don't want your daughter or wife to be that some kind of bitches right.. dats wot I'm talking about... vote for her!


Her voice is unique and powerful! She can sing different genres of music with ease.. she definitely possesses wide vocal ranges. she able to sing in live performance very well indeed as exactly like studios recorded version.. she very humble and polite women. she has done a lot of charity work. many adore her for that.. she always smile and she has the look.. she doesn't need to wear sexy outfit to attract people to like her.. her voice, talent and personality are enough to make her fans love her always... Go Siti!
Voice of Asia! She's superb great singer n performer! She the talented singer in Asian.. She's very successful in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.. Believe she will successful around of world too.. Falling in Love!


71Nancy Burridge

I love to see you in the top ten!
You can do it, I'm saying it baby ha ha ha dance
Awesome I love kesha so much shes got the best voice ever
She should be number one
She truly deserves it
I think kesha deserves to be in the top 10 she ROCKS!
[Newest]She clearly deserves to be at least in the top 20...

73Jonalyn Viray
Very powerful and soulful belter with withe vocal range..

74Perrie Edwards
Perrie is an absolute powerhouse she can sing high notes and has an amazing whistle register
Amazing powerful voice deserves a place in the top 10 at least!
She has an amazing voice

Are you serious she has been the artist with the most songs to sell over two million downloads up to 2011 and she had three songs hit number one from one album in one year something no other artist has done not to mention she has had success with the Black Eyed Peas! I'm so sick of people ignoring her successes!
She is fantastic in every way! I love her!
She is amazing! She's 100,000,000,000,000 times better than Katy Perry she might not be making music now but when her next album comes out she'll be back on the top! She can hold notes for up to 19 seconds! Just look up 'Fergie's best performances' on Youtube and click the top video to see her talent!

76Kristen May

77Justine Balmer

78Siti Nurhaliza
She's Malaysian singer and got a beautiful voice!.


79Norah Jones

80Anna Graceman

81Marisa Johnson

82Lara Fabien
She's the best singer ever given in to this planet
She's definitely deserving to be on the top spot along with Celine Dion.. No other singers in this world can sing the way she does. Belting is all the same but delivering the emotions in all kind of notes, be it their lowest and highest is what matters most, and Lara's got it..
Wish to know if there is any heart touching singer out there other than Lara Fabian
Firstly it is LARA FABIAN! Not Fabien.
Secondly, this list is... I don't have to say it out loud.
Lara Fabian is in place 81. It's so sad with the world nowadays, you have to sing mainstream pop and in English. Then you are the best?!?!?!?
There is no artist alive better than Lara.
[Newest]The best that ever did it! Incredible technique, control and delivery.

83Bianca Ryan
Bianca is a powerful, brilliant young singer, who give me goosebumps
no matter what she sings and she can sing anything impressively! At 14 she is incredible, and she is still improving!


Bianca is a true 21st century singer,
all her performances are from 2004 to now! And her voice is uniquely hers, others may sing the same songs, but they don't sound like Bianca!


Bianca Ryan has a voice that can help change the world. Her voice has so much soul. And shes only 13 years old. NO JOKE!

84Ziana Zain
She's been crown the best voice of Asia early 90's... Received many award local and international... She can hit very high note with 4 octave vocal range... She's the legendary, an icon and a super singer...
I love her very much! She is the legendary icon of high pitch song from Malaysia!


The one and only.. Queen of powerful vocal!


85Barbra Streisand
Yes, she is deserving to be among the top 10 of all time most famous divas, along with the Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion, Maria Callas, Monserrat Caballé, Renée Fleming etc...
Couldn't agree more - to think she started so young as well - a beautiful emotion and control
There is not one other singer on this list who is a completely great as Barbara. She will be remembered as "the female singer of the century."

86Mika Nakashima
she is one of the best female singer in japan with ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru. she does rock too


very beautiful lady with a very beautiful voice.


87Lata Mangeshkar
holding gusiness book of record, has sang in 20 languages, has the highest civilian offer of her country.
she is the nightingale of hindi song.She is great singer forever.

88Colbie Caillat
Colbie has the sweetest voice I've ever heard, her voice is just an angel... and whenever I hear her voice... so peaceful..
When I hear bubbly from caillat, it's like I'm on dream.. very peaceful.
Her voice is like a angel's voice...
Most of you did not listen to her music, and that is the only justification for her being on 77.
She takes oddly 1-2 hours a day from me... I a way she is part of my life.
I mean literally, she takes 1st 5songs of my playlists. and to top that she on y alarm tune.
Just try 'You got me', then you will know what you need to do...

89Vikki Carr
Clearly Vikki Carr should be #1! With over 50 years in the business, Ms. Carr can still pack a full house. Her voice is as powerful as ever and sings with such passion and emotion that simply moves your soul. Whether she sings in English or Spanish she always sings in the language of LOVE! Vikki's new CD "Viva La Vida" is a treasure everyone should own.
The best gal singer in the business... I agree with Dean Martin.
One of the best singers in the business now and then!

I really really love her music and voice shes "One In A Million" I got her album a few days ago really great singer I wish I could have met her I want to be just like her at least I know I'll see her in heaven singing with the angels I know she was an angel on earth now she has her wings she looks down on us everyday love you Baby Girl
She is my favorite female artist of all time she was more than a woman she was an age but a number till her death, even though she always try again she was one in a million and a girl undercover. you are number one in my book. and one day I see you again along with lisa left eye biggie smalls amy tupac and more rip baby girl my angle
Aaliyah changed the face of music she had an amazing personality she was classy she was the definition of perfection R.I. P baby girl

91Kate Bush
Her voice and lyrics take me to another world. So truly individual. I encourage anyone to listen and fall in love with her talent
Smoothy voice that I like

92Samantha Barks

93Nicole Jung
Whether it is melody or rap, she always rocks...

94Miranda Lambert

95Annie Lennox

96Joss Stone
Joss Stone is a very talented singer and unfortunately very underrated. She sings with every bit of her soul and she doesn't care about making money, it's always about feeling it. The most humble and kind celebrity. Wonderful woman, wonderful voice.
Such an underrated artist! Such a beautiful voice full of power, soul and emotion! She deserved to be in the top 10!

97Valary DiBenedetto
Just listen to her on "The Art of Subconscious Illusions" by Avenged Sevenfold; she's great!

98Gwen Stefani

99Minette Linderoth
She can sing like a Goddess!

100Vibeke Stene

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