Best Female Singer in Asia


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101Lea Simanjuntak - Indonesia

Another Batak Singer who has high quality vocal. With her high soprano opera type voice.

102Alyah - Malaysia
- Her song "Kisah Hati' wins theBest Song Award in Planet Music Award in Singapore, last December
- With her stylish personality, her sweet voice and deliver the song very well especially on Ballad song.

103Ita Purnamasari (Indonesia)

104Elvi Sukaesih - Indonesia

105Rafika Duri - Indonesia

106Marisa Sanchez - Philippines

107Mayumi Itsuwa - Japan

108Sadhana Sargam - India

109Kit Chan - Singapore

110Kana Nishino - Japan

111Toc Tien - Vietnam
Her voice is so beautiful, she is beautiful, her personality is great as well! One of the best singers in the Vietnamese music industry! She is from Vietnam but scored a scholarship to America for Medicinal studies! She deserves the best! Love you Toc Tien
An amazing singer ^^

112Bae Suzy - South Korea
She has wonderful voice from South Korea...
She's beautifull, tallented. But number #1 is Fatin

113Asha Bhosle - India
Asha Bhosle has a remarkable voice quality and unbelievable vocal range. Her songs are worth listening to.
Undoubtedly the most versatile singer in asia.
Asha bhosle sited among worlds top 20 music icons

114Dewi Sandra - Indonesia

115Teti Kadi - Indonesia

116Aicelle Santos - Philippines
She's the best pps discovery and she's very talented too...


She has a great voice! Love her!

117Astrid - Indonesia

118Tanya Chua - Singapore

119Sachi Tainaka - Japan

She has a beautiful voice, it's splendid! When you hear her singing it's almost magic. She's absolutely one of the best singers I've ever know

120Jayanthi Mandasari - Indonesia

121CL - South Korea
And I'm CL,



122Shumon (Bassbaba) - Bangladesh
But HE is not a "FEMALE SINGER"!
He's the damn good bass player/singer and founder of famous Rock band of Bangladesh AURTHOHIN

123Lusy Rahmawaty - Indonesia

She is one of diva in Indonesia. She begin her career at 93 with her group, ab three. In 2000, she separated with ab three and begin her solo career. She is very good singer and hot mommy for her children. Nchy, it's her dear name. Nchy, you can do it.

She's on of female singer in Indonesia. She is multitalented singer, she can singing, dancing, create a song, and she is the best mother for her childs. Lusy, we love you so much.

124Dewi Yull - Indonesia

125Widi Mulia - Indonesia

126Kuh Ledesma - Philippines

127Maribeth Pascua - Philippines

The Best Singer in 2000 Asean Song Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She was born from mix marriage Father of Filipino and mother coming from Japan.

128Rosemaria Abdul Hamid - Malaysia

129Chae Yeon - South Korea

130Ashily - South Korea

131Titiek Sandhora - Indonesia

132Mika Nakashima - Japan

133Kaori Mochida - Japan

She is the very natural singer in Japan, unique!
She just wants to sing, and pick up the very small, but most touching things in everyone's life and express them out...

pretty girl with a gorgeous voice


134Kuroneko - Japan

135Raina - South Korea

136Meixin Chen - Singapore

137Erie Suzan - Indonesia

138Iga Mawarni - Indonesia

She was a jazz pioneer in the era of 1990, he managed to make a jazz and commercial music enough to compete with the kind of music, such as pop, dangdut and rock in the recording industry, through the song "Kasmaran". Although rarely released album, her name remains solid as the holder of the baton of music jazz Indonesia in the decade of 1990. Her alto voice makes the song so that it floated gently chant...

139Dewi Gita - Indonesia

In the mid 90s, she won best singer in Vietnam Song Festival with the song called "penari". Currently, she performed in T.V. show called Opera Van Java that show daily every evening

140Yoan Tanamal - Indonesia

141Frances Yip - Hong Kong

142Joel Gabatan - Philippines
Prince of pop of the philippines... Haha just kidding laugh out loud

143Dalagita - Indonesia

144Tantri Syalindri - Indonesia

145Stephanie Sun - Singapore

146Kiyoe Yoshioka - Japan
Great indie rock singer in the rising band ikimono gakari.


A very cute and high pitch Japanese singer of the band ikimonogakari. She wrote very meaningful songs with her band

147Cha SooKyung - Korea
- Cha so Kyung is one of Korean female singers the most talented, but also one of the singer the most underrated.

- She's the only Korean Singer who can use the "whistle register" and control with such ease. (she's the only one Who can reach the G6-G#6 (for the korean singer)

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, I will even say.
She's the only Korean Singer & Asian Singer Who can reach the C7.

Her Vocal Rang is of more 4octaves, her whistle register is the best of Korea & one of best of Asia.

She's the Korean Mariah Carey.

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, same if she's totally underrated.
She's THE BEST of the best.
Her whistle is so unique. I love er voice but she's such underrated singer.

148Tomiko Van - Japan

she did really great in do as infinity


singer of do as infinity and one of the beautiful voices I've ever heard


Van chan has beautiful voice!
Sings great in all kind of songs.
Really looking forward to her new solo song.

More comments about Tomiko Van - Japan

149Chihiro Onitsuka - Japan

What? 45th? Hey, she is the best singer in the world with full of emotions. She beats everyone here. Anyway, in my opinion she's the best, I love her music so much!

150P. Susheela - India

151Ging - Thailand

Ging is the singer from the singing contest in Thailand as Gam. She has a beautiful voice. I think the best single of her is 'pid praw ruk'.

She's the singer from "The Star" singing contest. I love her so much because she is only her when she sings a song. By the way, she so beautiful.

152Angelika de la Cruz - Philippines
She has a good voice where she is known by an asian singer and I like her voice so much...

153Namie Amuro - Japan
She is such a talented and hardworking woman, so inspiring and powerful for 20 years now! In my opinion, she is one of the world's best live performers having that wonderful, powerful voice and fierce dance style. It's a shame that she is not well known outside of Asia. To name just a few of her great achievements:
- youngest artist ever to have won the Grand Prix Award, the highest honor at the Japan Record Awards
- first artist to achieve million-selling albums in her 10's, 20's and 30's
-first female Japanese artist to reach the number 1 position in 5 Asian countries with her album "PAST- single "Can You Celebrate? " being the most successful single in Japanese music history
- performed at the G8 summit held in Japan in 2001
- first female Asian artist to perform at the annual World Music Awards in 2010
- nominated the "World's Best Female Artist" at the current World Music Awards! VOTE FOR HER!
Namie Amuro is the best soul singer of Japan. I like Namie Amuro songs too. She sang superbly in the songs like Four Season, Never End, Meaning Of Us etc etc.
She's the true Queen of Jpop! She knows how to make the best performances and get dances are awesome! Her voice is powerful and she's a role model for me!
More comments about Namie Amuro - Japan

154Euis Darliah - Indonesia

Being known, after she accompanied Hetty Koes Endang as Duo, representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1981 in Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan, Then, she was paired to Nola Tilaar participated in Asean Song Festival in 1982, and they got the 1st place. In 1984 at USA Song Festival for Summer Olympic Games in LA, she got the 3rd Place. After married with Swedish Man, she live as a housewife in Sweden

Being Known after accompany Hetty Koes Endang represented Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1981 in Japan. Then. She got 3rd Place on Los Angeles International Song Festival in USA at 1984. Together with Nola Tilaar as Duo in 1083,

155Ebi - Iran
He's not a female!
He's the Irainian best man signed ever!
Ebi is not a female!

156Ghea Idol - Indonesia

She has an unique voice and wonderful singer in every single song. She is one of the best that indonesia have

Together with Dirly runner up Indonesian Idol singing the hits song as duo.

Known for the first time after got 3rd Place in Indonesian Idol season 3, after the winner Ikhsan from Medan North Sumatera and Dirly from Manado North Sulawesi. She has unique tender sexy voice as well

157Airi Suzuki - Japan

158Diah Iskandar - Indonesia

One of Top Female Indonesia in mid 70s who had high vocal quality. Finalis 1977 National Singer Competition (Top 5 after Hetty Koes Endang, Melky Goeslaw/Diana Nasution, Ira Puspita and Dewi Yull) runer up in jakarta Singer Competition in 1977 lost to Hetty Koes Endang.

159Seo Jeong Hak - South Korea

160Tuty Ahem - Indonesia

161Kelly Chan - Hong Kong

162Aya Kamiki - Japan

163Inul Daratista - Indonesia

She is a Dangdut Singer. Most popular in Indonesia.
She can sing all kind (genre) of music.. Not only dangdut.
I see the show, and I like her voice, I like the way she dancing. I like her performance, Bravo INUL

164Shiina Ringo - Japan

look at her solo and Tokyo Jihen


165Syaharani - Indonesia
She come to music industry in the same period with Reza Artamevia, Krisdayanti, Denada Tambunan, However, she choose in genre that is very niche which is Jazz and she hold very strong idealistic to little bit move away from commercial aspect
Jember East Java is hometown, the city that created many amazing female singer like Emilia Contessa, Krisdayanti. Jazz is her musical soul
Believed in her as the Margie Siegers Jazz Wave Continue, since all the quality jazzy vocal that she has
More comments about Syaharani - Indonesia

166Lala Karmela - Indonesia
Up up up... She's beautiful singer. I love her perform with her acoustic guitar. So cute.
She's good on singing and playing gitar, so touchy

167Gummy - South Korea

Gummy is most powerful female singer of korea. She sang superbly in the songs like Namjaraseo, There Is No Love etc etc. Gummy is her stage name. Her original name is Park Ji Yeon.

168Reza Artamevia - Indonesia
A single mother of two young teenage daughter has a big sexy voice. In early 2005 she made a collaboration with Japanese Singer Mazako Ueda making one unique song uniting three languages: English, Japan, and Indonesia in one song. Comparable with Krisdayanti, she is also popular outside her own country: such as Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.
Reza Artamevia is the most adorable diva. You have to listen to her songs like Pertama, Satu yang tak bisa lepas, Dia, Keabadian, Cintakan membawamu, Berharap Tak berpisah. But after divorced with her ex husband (ajie masaid). I don't understand, why she left her career. Please Comeback, Reza Artamevia. We love you so much.
Being known after her song "Pertama" and "Satu Yang Tidak Bisa Lepas" became very popular in the late 90's. Her collaboration with Japanese Singer Masako Ueda was also considering another milestones for her. Today, her song is recycled by many younger singer such as Mulan Jameela
More comments about Reza Artamevia - Indonesia

169Brellanda Medico - Indonesia
BRELLANDA Medico (born in poor, 12 January 2002, age 10 years) is a singer and artist nationality Indonesia. He began his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 3 years as a singer. Brellanda has released an album of children who managed to deliver his name to the row of the popular singer in the era of the 2000s.
I really like the personality as a very talented medico brellanda small age can be a presenter, singer, modeling, etc... And she was very beautiful and kind-hearted fellow friends
Her little female singer who had hits with "I see it" and a lot of friends like him a lot of friends in class and achievements of the age of 2 years
More comments about Brellanda Medico - Indonesia

170Angelique Martha Pieters - Indonesia

She was a Lead Singer When Elfas Children Group Vocal won Gold Medal In 2010 Olympiad Group Vocal in Busan, South Korea

When she performed at David Foster and Friend Show in Jakarta as a Suddent Local Guest Singer, David Foster said that he found Angel in the same way he founded Charice from Philippines.

She was a Runner up Indonesian Idol Cilik session 1 an learning vocal in Elfa Secioria Music Studio. She performed at David Foster and Friend Concert in Indonesia at 2011 together with Putri Ayu.

171Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna - Indonesia
Zaneta along with Putri Ayu is still 13 years old, but they have a beautiful and melodious voice, they've won many vocal competitions. And after attending a David Foster and Friend 'The Hitman Returns' concert in Jakarta, zaneta will participate in a vocal competition 'Born To Sing Asia', in this competition, the winner is chosen by David Foster. And the winner of this competition are entitled to participate in David Foster concert in Las Vegas.
Yes she has a great talent

172Nana Kitade - Japan

173Maiya Rahman - Indonesia

174Ika Marina - Singapore

175Audy Item - Indonesia

176Indah Dewi Pertiwi - Indonesia

177Miss Pooja - India

178Halko Momoi - Japan

Momoi isn't just a normal signing Idol in Japan. She gave some Anime characters of Anime Series her voice! VOTE FOR MOMOI! 333

179Anwesha Dutta Gupta - India

180Hibari Misora - Japan

181Evie Tamala - Indonesia

182Jaya - Philippines

She is the Filipino singer who recorded a US album and got the top 40 in billboard.. She won the grand prize in asia song festival in hong kong in 1996... A vocal range like no other can go low and still pleasing to the ears and yet belt high notes with clarity and a very powerful alto voice she the best there is in Asia

183Zwesty Wirabuana - Indonesia
Runer Up Indonesian National Singer Competition in 1978, second after the Champion of Hetty Koes Endang. In 1980, She won The Indonesian National Competition after beating her Senior "Emilia Contessa (mother of Indonesian Rapper. Woman, Denada Tambunan).
Runner-up 1978 Indonesian Popular Song Festival and 1980 Winner in Indonesian Popular Song Festival. She has the ability that can be compare to Big Name, like Hetty Koes Endang, Emilia Contessa, or Grace Simon
After defeated by Hetty Koes Endang in 1978 National Song Competition, she finally came as The Champion in 1980 in National Song Competition after she defeated her other senior Top Female, Emilia Contessa
More comments about Zwesty Wirabuana - Indonesia

184Googoosh - Iran

185Emilia Contessa - Indonesia

The Mother of Popular Woman Rapper, Denada Tambunan was. One of the Powerful Singer in Indonesian Song Competition.

186Ervinna - Indonesia
I really appreciate Ervinna who has recorded more than 250 albums in various kind of type of songs in different languages such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, Germans, Spanish also Javanese & Indonesian
As well where she was originally born in Surabaya - East Java. She's really successful at cassettes/LP's selling and show performances all over the world. Two thumbs up for Ervinna! God Bless Her!
She is believed To be a pioneer Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia Music Industry. Generally speaking, mapping sources Top Female Singer in Indonesia is dominated Ny Ethnic Mollucas, Batak, West Java, East Java or Manado. Her first Step now Id being continued by Agnes Monica, WHO is very successful going into Asia Region.
Indonesian Female Singer WHO specialize in Mandarin Song. She could be more popular in country like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore than in her own country, Indonesia. She pioneered Chinese Indonesian getting Career AS Singer, her milestones has been followed by Agnes Monica today.
More comments about Ervinna - Indonesia

187Rini Wulandari - Indonesia

188Mytha Mamamia - Indonesia

With cute face and sexy voice, she enter industry music after winning Mamamia Indosiar Song contest

Elfa Music School Alumnus who won Mamamia Indosiar Song Competition Sesion 1

She was the winner of Mamamia Song Festival held by Indosiar T.V. station. Her strength is sexy jazzy vocal typical Elfas Music School Alumni.

189New - Thailand

190Hong Nhung - Vietnam
Beautiful diva in Vietnam. But with me, Thanh Lam is the best forever.

191My Tam - Vietnam
Best singer in Vietnam
The most influential star in V-Pop, My Tam has a fan base of 100.000 and has won over 40 awards.

192Marian Rivera - Philippines

193Hadiqa Kiani - Pakistan
Pakistani singers are the best...
Hadiqa Kiani is the best pop musician!

194Runa Laila - Pakistan
Nice singer in Bangladesh
She must be at the top ten list. Evryone knows this living legend


195Teresa Teng - China
She should be way up at the top. More than 1 billion fans in the 80's.

196Patti Kim - South Korea

197Mikuni Shimokawa - Japan

198Sarah Aqilah - Singapore

199Kunjung Whitaker - Singapore

200Nindy - Indonesia

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