Best Female Singer in Asia


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301Noor Jehan - India

302Swarnalatha - India

303Anuradha Sriram - India

304Jane Zhang - China

305Kim Jun Ja - South Korea

306Masnun Satoto - Indonesia

307Atty Sudaryanto - Indonesia

308Lee Young Suk - South Korea

309Ashanti - Indonesia

310Laddawan Mulasasathorn - Thailand

311Hwang Hye Young - South Korea

312Ra Kyung Min - South Korea

313Anna Tsuchiya - Japan

314Sylvia Ng - Malaysia

315Lee Hi - South Korea
- second place at K-Pop Star
- Debut with YG entertainment
- Her debut song is on the top chart :)
Just listen to her

316Tai Oratai - Thailand

317Hayedeh - Iran
Best & most powerful voice of the world

318Hiroyuki Hayashi - Japan

319Vivi Sumanti - Indonesia

320Ernie Djohan - Indonesia

321Ira Maya Sopha - Indonesia

322Dina Mariana - Indonesia

323Sari Yok Koeswoyo - Indonesia

324Helen Koeswoyo - Indonesia

325Puput Novel - Indonesia

326Henny Purwonegoro - Indonesia

327Santi Sardi - Indonesia

328Nur Afni Octavia - Indonesia

329Irni Yusnita - Indonesia

330Nourma Yunita - Indonesia

331Sandra Sanger - Indonesia

332Christine Sukandar - Indonesia

333Astri Ivo - Indonesia

334Norma Sanger - Indonesia

335Ivo Nila Kresna - Indonesia

336Tati Saleh - Indonesia

337Fitria Elvi Sukaesih - Indonesia

338Rita Monica - Indonesia

339Mungky S Pusponegoro - Indonesia

340Aida Belo - Timor Leste

341Chop Produoy - Cambodia

342Khun Sint Nay Chi - Myanmar

343A Thin Cho Swe - Myanmar

344Nguyen Hong Nhung - Vietnam

345Ha Phuong - Vietnam

346Y Phung - Vietnam

347Anh Minh - Vietnam

348Ho Hoang Yen - Vietnam

349Nguyet Anh - Vietnam

350Minh Tuyet - Vietnam

351Alexandra Bounxouei - Laos

352Tara Devi - Nepal

353Diana Karazon - Jordan

354Iryna Bilyk - Ukraine

355Eugenia Vlasova - Ukraine

356Katya Burzynska - Ukraine

357Ani Lorak - Ukraine

358Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine

359Gaitana - Ukraine

360Jamala - Ukraine

361Tina Karol - Ukraine

362Natalia Valevska - Ukraine

363Assia Ahat - Ukraine

364Mila Nitich - Ukraine

365Natalya Mogilevskaya - Ukraine

366Luda - Ukraine

367Sofia Rotaru - Ukraine

368Sarya Al Sawas - Syria

369Shatha Hassoun - Iraq

370Hengameh Ejaze Hast - Iran

371Takhmina Ashimbekova - Kazakhstan

372Baktygul Badyeva - Kyrgyzstan

373Annagul Annakuliyeva - Turkmenistan

374Dechen Pem - Bhutan

375Minzung Lhamo Lepcha - Bhutan

376Saraa - Mongolia

377Meria Aires - Brunei

378Tuty Tri Sedya - Indonesia
I love her voice when she sing kroncong, all the best Sedya..

379Tithi Debbarman - India
Popular Rabindra sangeet singer from Tripura, one of the beautiful city in India.

380Im Yoon Ah - South Korea

381Nami Tamaki - Japan
The best dancer I've ever seen. Very fast pace music.

382Koda Kumi - Japan

383Resti Suri Mailani

384Siti Kurnawan - Malaysia

385Jane Nguyen - Vietnam

386Kee Pei San - Malaysia

387Natalie - Singapore

388Ho Ching - Singapore

389Kelly Cher - Singapore

390Stephen Chow - Hong Kong

391Anju Panta - Nepal
The best Nepalese singer.

392HanaH - Japan
One of the most soulful, musically and most underrated singer in Japan and Asia is HanaH!

393Tegar Septian - Indonesia

394Haruna - Japan

395Yo Hitoto - Japan
Yo hitoto deserves to be #1 on this list
Love her music het best songs are Hanamizuki and kazaguruma! Her songs are so inspirational

396Sandara Park- South Korea
She had never done plastic surgery
She's cute and funny
She's beautiful
She can sing and dance
She is the "Pambansang krungkrung ng Pilipinas"

397A-mei - Taiwan

398Uhm Jung Hwa - South Korea

399Kim Wan Sun - South Korea

400Sammi Cheng - China

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