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Anggun - Indonesia


Anggun is the best selling Asian artist outside Asia, the first Asian female to enter the Billboard USA and UK Top 40. Gain top charts across Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, etc (and many Asian countries off course). Tata and Coco still far away from that. May Charice can follow her successor!
She's an amazing singer, all genres of music she master. Other than that she was also a UN Goodwill ambassador. She was exotic and wonderful mother. Substantially all the perfection of the singer in her. She's a world diva outside America, if only she had a career in America, it will be very bright and will be a rival for the world American singer.
She is a real artist, humble and always true to her heart, she is also total in her music from songwriting to the highest interpretation of every single songs she sings, has her signature style and not just follow what the market wants... If she is not voted as the best singer she has nothing to loose as she has proven herself as a true artist in music.
Anggun... Build a carrier since she was young.. Rocker than be a pop diva in Asia, across country to the world be a international artist with her down to earth attitude.. I still love her.. Her voice.. Every song she's singing.. No doubt she will be bigger than now on.
Anggun! We want more! I love her voice, Love you Anggun! Wanna meet with you... I love your performance, and very very like your song "Snow On The Sahara". She can sing well. She trully asian international artist.
Anggun was born with that signature voice. That's why we call it talent. Everyone can learn the singing technique, but no one can buy the color of the voice. Anggun HAS IT! It's given from above.
She's so humble, and maybe too idealistic. She once refused the offer to be Bond's girl in the 007 long time ago. Any other artist would see it as an opportunity, but Anggun just want to sing, she's not into acting. Of course many of her fans all around the world disapponted because of that. Dolce ^^ Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Azzedine Alai and Jean-Paul Gaultier are world class fashion designers who have fell in love with her. They gladly let Anggun wore their collections. She's adorable.
She is the best singer in asia, she can make her debut and succeed in France, and her song became number 1 on billboard chart, the first Asian song that make to billboard
Anggun is a truly asian singer who has bunches of awards and success to enter world top list (i. e Billboard and UK Top 40), but she keeps her low profile in her.
She's a great singer n songwriter, but the world doesn't know much about her. So we should tell the world about her talent n music. Promote her through all countries and region. She deserve more than she has rite now. She's loveable and humble. A great diva with a pure heart.
She is great than another Asian singer. I choose her because she is awesome. She is international standard. She the list and I think she is the best only.

She is not in Asianregion but universe! Love anggun
In Indonesia, anggun is meaning of gracefull and elegant. Anggun is truly a world diva who has elegance both in behavior and vocal quality. Salute for Anggun Cipta Sasmi. Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu

beautiful, talented, and humble :). she has an amazing voice. still love her hometown, Indonesia...
I love her voice...
and I think she's the greatest one of Indonesian singers
because a unique voice is in hers
go Anggun...
Anggun is Indonesian pride, even she's holding a French passport by now. Maybe she's not good in her married life, but God has given her a unique voice and strong voice that anyone can not copy. Beside being singer, she really cares about humanity and social issues.
her efforts, her voice and her contribution to the world community by being a goodwill ambassador of the UN are unbeatable by another asian female singers.
Just like her name, she's so Anggun.
In bahasa Indonesia, Anggun means graceful, elegant, just like her.
She has the ability and she's not trying to be someone else.
She got her own style!
So different with another Indonesian singer who copies American.
Anggun is an international diva, she is not only known in Asia but also Europe and America and her album "snow on the sahara" sold on 33 countries of the worldwide.
She is the real diva, humble and down to the earth... And her voices... Damn... She is the only one in the universe
Anggun has such a unique voice.
Love her and her beautiful songs
Real... look at her YouTube video, the only true Asian international singer..
Anggun is truly Asian singer and still down to earth although nowadays she has been a famous artist
Anggun, is a good singers. she have a strong voice. and have a wonderful voice colour... like you voice. you must hear her song... you're number 1 in the world.
She is the best of the best in Asia... , she is the real international singer from Asia... , no doubt that she is the best Asian Singer and the best selling Asian artist outside Asia... She is trully Asian international artist... , the Queen of Francophonie Countries... Go Anggun...
Anggun is one of those Asian Singers who really have 'International Album'. Not only dreaming but she already did.
Just try to listen to her once, and you'll know what I mean.. Really, she could sing effortlessly.. And always amazing.

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