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Hetty Koes Endang - Indonesia


She has many things to offer for Indonesian Music Industries for more than four decades, such as Many Hits Song in various Genre Music, Phenomenal Song Like Damai Tapi gersang that the first Indonesian Song won Song Competition Award in WPSF 1977 Japan as The Most Outstanding Composision, besides She was named also as The Most Outstanding Performance along with the Composer Ajie Bandi, The Only Indonesian Singer Winning Best Singer in Chile Song Festival in 1983, Well Known in Japan as Queen Of Ethnic Indonesian Song (Dangdut, as well as Kroncong).
She is one of The Best Indonesian Top Female Singer that was ever born in Indonesia. A lot experience that she already has included Many Song Competition Award in Indonesia and International Scoupe (such as In Japan in 1977 and In Chile South America in 1983), Many Hits Song in Various Genre Mucis such as Pop, Kroncong, Dangdut, Sundanese, Rock and Jazz). She is often to be called as Indonesian's Diana Ross due to her highly quality Vocal that comparable to her.
In 1979, She was not allowed competing on National Song Festival because she already won that Competition in two consecutive years the years before. On the other hand. , another Hits Song that is "ingin" was recorded dan published in that year, after her first "Hits Song" (kemuning) that was recorded two years before (1977)). In current years, she appointed to be a judge on various New Talent Scouting in her country and neighbouring country "Malaysia".

Queen on stage! She was born to sing and she love to be challenged singing every genre music Pop Mellow, Pop Kreatif, Pop competition, Indonesian Traditional Kroncong, Ethnic Sundanese Song, Even Dangdut, Rock, Jazz, and Seriosa. She also love to compete and has An Ever Green Competitive Spirit in many International Song Competition : in Chili South America, Tokyo Japan, even participated in Non Competition Festifal in Netherland, China, Japan.
She has a natural excellent high notes, that can sing better than the original artist. Despite she has various legend song by herself in various genre, such as : Damai Tapi Gersang, Sayang, Siksa that represent Competition Song, Then Jangan Salahkan Aku, Koq Jadi Gini represent Pop Kreatif. Also, Berdiri Bulu Romaku, Demi Cinta Ni ye, Dag Dig Dug Der that represent Commercial Pop. More over a dozen Kroncong Song, Sundanese Song even Religious Song.
She has been evergreen popular due to her ability of being adaptive to various musical genre. In the past she was well known as Queen of Competition. Then, she dominated Indonesia Music Industry beginning the late of 70's until the early 90's with various type music, like Dingin (Pop Mellow), Berdiri Bulu Romaku (Pop Urban lower Class), Koq Jadi Gini ^^ Jangan Salahkan Aku (Pop Kreatif), also Kroncong, Dangdut, Sundanese, Jazzy, and Seriosa.
Began competing in Singing competition at the age 12 in 1969 when she won Children Song Competition in Bandung. Three year later, in 1972, at the age of 15 she represented West Java in National Song Competition. She competed every year in that competition. She got runer up in 1976, and She won that competition in two consecutive years in 1977 and 1978. The year after that, she was not allowed competing anymore for give a chance to other singer
Queen of Festival since during 1977 - 1984 dominate National Competion, even ever win WPSF 1977 in Tokyo Japan and win Best Singer in Vina Del Mar Chili Song festival in 1983. She is Versatile Singer, She can sing various genre : Pop festival, Pop Indon, Pop Malay, Traditional Sundanese, Kroncong, Jazz, Sof Rock, even try to learn Seriosa. She was Queen of Pop in Indonesia Music Industry, she recorded over 100's album until the late 1990's.
She is not only good at delivering "her own hits song" like "Jangan Salahkan Aku", "Koq Jadi Gini", and many others, but also mastering in recycling other singer hits that sung by her in her own style such as "kr Kasih, originally sung by Ermy Kullit", " kr Ada apa Denganmu, originally sung by Peterpan", "kr kaulah segalanya, originally sung by Ruth Sahanya" or even "Widuri, originally sung by Bob Tutupolly" and many other.
She was legendary... Won many festivals in the 1970's, the singer who produced hundreds of albums, and it is a legend in Indonesia!
She is now more happy as the mother of two teenagers than being all out for defending her accomplishment for the last four decades
She is humble despite her achievement to be the first Indonesian Singer winning International Competition at World Pop Song Festival in 1977 as The Most Outstanding Performance and as the Best Singer in Vina Del Mar Chili Song Festival South America in 1983. She won three times Indonesian Song Festival in 1976, 1977 and 1981; Also three times as runner up in 1976, 1980, and 1984
In her era, she was a Queen of Pop due to her song always make a hits in all strata, ie. Pop Kreatif such as Jangan Salahkan Aku, Koq Jadi Gini for Midlle Up Class Fans, or Demi Cinta Ni Ye, Sorga ^^ Neraka, Demi Cinta Ni Ye for Lower Class Fans. She can sing in all genre, besides her core (Pop), also Traditionally Sundanese, Kroncong, even Dangdut, Jazz and Rock.
Started singing in 1969 when shw was 12 years old. At the age 15, she won singing competition in west java and defending for the next two years until 1974 before she moved to jakarta in 1975, then the next years in 1976 she was runer up at National Singing competition. Then she won national competition in the 1st place the year after, in 1977 and also in 1978.
In 1981, she left her comfort zone by presenting genre rock in Indonesian Song Festival with the song "Siksa" compossed by Titiek Hamzah. She presented duo with Euis Darliah, and She together with Euis Darliah got Best Performer and the song got Best Song in that Festival. They represented Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1981 in Japan.
She can sing more than One genre music Pop Festival, Pop Mellow, Pop Kreatif, alto Indonesian Traditional Song, Sundanese, Keroncong, even Dangdut, and Soft Rock. Her Vocal is very Powerful and amazingly achieving High Notes Witherspoon Screaming Ekspression. Even in over 54 yo, Her Vocal remains the same AS she was 20's in the 80's era.
After she won Best Singer in National Competition in 1977 with the Song Damai Tapi Gersang and the song it self got the Second Place after Bila Cengkeh Berbunga Compossed by Minggus Tahitoe sing by Diana Nasution and Melky Goeslaw, she was appointed representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1977 at Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan.
In 1977, she got the best singer in National Song Festival singing Damai Tapi Gersang composed by Adjie Bandi and Kepergian Mama Composed by Titiek Puspa. She beated Duo Melky Goeslaw (father of Melly Goeslaw) and Diana Nasution (mother of Marcello Tahitoe ) who came in 2nd place and. East Java Singer, Ira Puspita who finished 3rd place.
She has an amazing magic voice that she could sing the difficult song perfectly. No Wonder, she ever won The Most Outstanding Performance at World Popular Song Festival in Japan at 1977 with "amai Tapi Gersang", Also she won Best Singer With "Sayang" in Vina Del Mar Song Festival in Chili South America in 1983
She is an Icon of The Indonesian Top Female Singer for more than four decades: Winning National and International Song Competition, Recorded Hundreds Album in Various Genre; Ever names to Be Highest Payed for Show in her golden era; Has very High Technique Vocal as well as natural tallent to be Born to Sing.
She is The Original Singer of Many Indonesian Legend Song like "Damai Tapi Gersang"1977, "Kemuning"1977, "Sayang"1983, "Koq Jadi Gini"1988, "Jangan Salahkan Aku" 1990, and many other that is already known in Indonesia and neighbour countries like Malaysia, Singapore, brunai, JapaN, Netherland
After winning National Song Competition in 1977, she represented Indonesia to World Popular Song Festival in Japan performing the song Damai Tapi Gersang compossed by Adjie Bandi. Her performance awarded The Most Outstanding Performance while the song awarded The Most Outstanding Song.
She is absolutely adorable, Not Only her voice is amazing, but Her stage act, include communication with the audience is amazing. Legend Song is Damai Tapi gersang, besides "Sayang", many other songs. Not many female singer can sing those song with the same quality that she was.
What amazing of her voice is the ability to reach very high notes without any difficulties. On the other hand she can sing very low notes such as lower mass pop song like Berdiri bulu romaku and many others with the same high quality. She was naturally born to be the great Indonesian Singer.
She was called as Indonesian Diana Ross with her high notes voices. She sing better than the original artist when she sing the wind beneath my wing's bette midler. She sing One japan song when she perform in japan, she sing one mandarin song when she performed in Shanghai Song Festival.

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