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201 Trie Utami - Indonesia

Even though she is petite, but she has a big and high note voice. She won Grand prize as the best Singer in Romania Song festival in 1992.

202 Euis Darliah - Indonesia

Being known, after she accompanied Hetty Koes Endang as Duo, representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1981 in Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan, Then, she was paired to Nola Tilaar participated in Asean Song Festival in 1982, and they got the 1st place. In 1984 at USA Song Festival for Summer Olympic Games in LA, she got the 3rd Place. After married with Swedish Man, she live as a housewife in Sweden

Being Known after accompany Hetty Koes Endang represented Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1981 in Japan. Then. She got 3rd Place on Los Angeles International Song Festival in USA at 1984. Together with Nola Tilaar as Duo in 1083,

203 Grace Simon - Indonesia
204 Erie Suzan - Indonesia
205 Mel Shandy - Indonesia

She is legendary and the real lady rocker Speed Metal Indonesia.

206 Iga Mawarni - Indonesia

She was a jazz pioneer in the era of 1990, he managed to make a jazz and commercial music enough to compete with the kind of music, such as pop, dangdut and rock in the recording industry, through the song "Kasmaran". Although rarely released album, her name remains solid as the holder of the baton of music jazz Indonesia in the decade of 1990. Her alto voice makes the song so that it floated gently chant...

207 Ikke Nurjanah - Indonesia
208 Iis Dahlia - Indonesia
209 Dea Mirella - Indonesia
210 Ermy Kullit - Indonesia
211 Rita Sugiarto - Indonesia
212 Crystal Kay - Japan
213 Rita Effendi - Indonesia
214 Winda Vizka - Indonesia

Contestant of Indonesian Idol 1 who has beautiful voice...

215 Yuni Shara - Indonesia
216 Andi Meriem Matalatta - Indonesia
217 Titiek Puspa - Indonesia
218 Tetty Manurung - Indonesia

The Best Singer in 1989 Asian Song Festival in Seoul South Korea presenting " Tak Ingin Berpisah ". She is a Professional Docter today and The Chairwoman of Government Health Institution in Suburb of Jakarta, and She is still singing Off-Air.

The Best Singer in Asian Song Festival 1989 in Seoul South Korea with the very High Big Notes.

219 Denada Tambunan - Indonesia

Top Indonesian Rapper Female Singer that was born in Asia Bagus Competition on the mid 90s. The daughter of Top Female Indonesian Singer (Emilia Contessa ) exist in Dangdut genre also.

She was coming in music industry in same period of time with Krisdayanti, also Reza Artamevia in the mid 90s

220 Diana Nasution - Indonesia

Began her career together with her sister (Rita Nasition) as Duo called Nasution Sister. Then she participated in National Song Festival in 1977 AS duo With Melky Goeslaw (father of Melly Goeslaw) and Theo finished in second place after Hetty Koes Endang. Theo sang Bila Cengkeh Berbunga compossed by Minggus Tahitoe, who then became Diana's Husband. This marriage delivered the man called Marcello Tahitoe or popular as Ello. Today, Ello is one of the misteri Popular Male Indonesian Singer.

Her legend Song "Benci Tapi Rindu" was composed by Rinto Harahap. The Song had escalated her Carter To be the part of something in the Indonesian music industry

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