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161Nana Kitade - Japan
162Maiya Rahman - Indonesia
163Ika Marina - Singapore
164Audy Item - Indonesia
165Indah Dewi Pertiwi - Indonesia
166Lala Karmela - Indonesia

Up up up... She's beautiful singer. I love her perform with her acoustic guitar. So cute.

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167Miss Pooja - India
168Kuroneko - Japan
169Halko Momoi - Japan

Momoi isn't just a normal signing Idol in Japan. She gave some Anime characters of Anime Series her voice! VOTE FOR MOMOI! 333

170Anwesha Dutta Gupta - India
171Hibari Misora - Japan
172Kana Nishino - JapanV1 Comment
173Evie Tamala - Indonesia
174Sachi Tainaka - Japan

She has a beautiful voice, it's splendid! When you hear her singing it's almost magic. She's absolutely one of the best singers I've ever know

175Zwesty Wirabuana - Indonesia

Runer Up Indonesian National Singer Competition in 1978, second after the Champion of Hetty Koes Endang. In 1980, She won The Indonesian National Competition after beating her Senior "Emilia Contessa (mother of Indonesian Rapper. Woman, Denada Tambunan).

Runner-up 1978 Indonesian Popular Song Festival and 1980 Winner in Indonesian Popular Song Festival. She has the ability that can be compare to Big Name, like Hetty Koes Endang, Emilia Contessa, or Grace Simon

After defeated by Hetty Koes Endang in 1978 National Song Competition, she finally came as The Champion in 1980 in National Song Competition after she defeated her other senior Top Female, Emilia Contessa

Excellent Vocal, Very High Technique like Opera Singer, One of Pop Queen that dominated Singer Competition in the late 70s in Indonesia. Married with Middle East Man and could be living there today.

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176Googoosh - Iran

Proud of her...she is amazing and of course,beautiful...even though I can't understand Persian,but my grandma's an Iranian...and I've been to Googooh's live performances with granny... she is a full package...dancer & singer & actress...AWESOME...

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177Emilia Contessa - Indonesia

The Mother of Popular Woman Rapper, Denada Tambunan was. One of the Powerful Singer in Indonesian Song Competition.

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178Ervinna - Indonesia

She is believed To be a pioneer Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia Music Industry. Generally speaking, mapping sources Top Female Singer in Indonesia is dominated Ny Ethnic Mollucas, Batak, West Java, East Java or Manado. Her first Step now Id being continued by Agnes Monica, WHO is very successful going into Asia Region.

Indonesian Female Singer WHO specialize in Mandarin Song. She could be more popular in country like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore than in her own country, Indonesia. She pioneered Chinese Indonesian getting Career AS Singer, her milestones has been followed by Agnes Monica today.

Pioneer of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia in Music Industry. She know having a successor which is Agnes Monica that is very successful in Asia Music Industry as well. Until

Ervinna is the best entertainer I have ever seen from Indonesia

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179Rini Wulandari - Indonesia
180Imaniar - Indonesia

The Big kids Band personal was her first step to industry music in Indonesia together with her brother and sisters. Then, she step up creating duo with her sister Lydia Nursaid. Also began her solo career. One of her highest achievement was when she got runner up in The Lahti Song Festival in Finlandia in the early 90s, after being beaten by Philipino Singer, Ivy Violan. She often was being called The Female Indonesian Michael Jackson, due to her ability in dancing while singing without affective her incredible high quality Vocal.

Began her career with her sibling. Band together. With Her brother and sister. Then duo with her sister Lydia Nursaid. In solo, she ever won International Singer Competition in Finlandia (Lahti Festival) in early 90s as Runner up. After the winner from Philipines, Ivy Violan. Her stage act remember Us to the style of Michael Jackson.

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