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The Top Ten

OH yeah! go go go YUI.. I alwayas play your song Rolling star hehehe... love it.!
Yui is the best... you always in my heart... go.. go.. yui... I will always love you... you forever...
YAAY! Yui's the best ever! I love you, we all love you! Your fans will be waiting for you anytime everywhere forever!
[Newest]You are a real singer

2Atsuko Maeda
Nature :) aura of idol! Check out atsuko maeda - flower on youtube ^_^
Will always support maeda, although graduated of akb48
No mather what happen with atsuko maeda I will always give my support to her. I'm your big fans from Indonesia.
[Newest]Her voice is soothing.

3Utada Hikaru
I love her I think she should be number one :)
I relay loved her songs with Kingdome heart, witch is a awesome game by the way
When she sings in english, she sounds better than some famous singers who are fluent in english! She's really gifted
Utada Hikaru Is The Best In The World!
I Think No One Japanese Singer Can be Compared
You Rock!
[Newest]Great song, great singer. number 1

4Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi is my star!
I love you so much
You are so cute
Listen to her song, her voice is more than amazing...
Ayumi sounds amazing. Her voice can carry such high notes and her voice has a special ring to it. Another thing is that her songs always has amazing music videos to go with them and she always looks beautiful in those as well. Ayumi is the best singer ever. Her songs send the best messages, especially the song Dearest.
[Newest]Great singer. my great granddaughter in Hawaii is her Aunt

5Nana Mizuki
Unlike SOME (not all! ) of the people listed in the Top 10, Nana can actually SING her butt off, and I don't mean lip-syncing concerts, I mean 3-4 hours long live and even through fatigue she can still sing in pitch! She can sing MULTIPLE genres, unlike some people who can sing 1, or maybe 2(Gasp! ) She's known as a seiyuu singer, which is kind of like Disney singers in the USA, people look down them as never being as good as mainstream, but she has what it takes to break that barrier! And so far she is on her way!
Nana Mizuki, a seiyuu (voice actress) and as well as singer; I'm glad to say that she's a great example for people who aim to be a singing artist. Throughout her entire career, she has never lip-sync, again I repeat, NEVER. This can be proven because you can hear her breathing in her live performances and even in her CD recordings. She shows true talent, despite her growing age and and experiences as a child. The dance choreography along with her vocal singing range and multiple genres, shows her fans, that again, she's got true talent. She deserves more and therefore should be in the top 10! (If you haven't seen her live performances, heck, go to youtube this instance! )
Shes amazing unlike some people listed (not all), she can actually sing, and pretty damn well, and her voice has tonality as well as versatility, she doesn't sound the same in every song, her voice acting ability really pays tribute to it, and she can sing multiple genres, not just generic jpop
[Newest]Not only singing but also voice acting, HINATA HYUGA

6Kashiwagi Yuki
She have beautiful voice :) I always fallin' love when she start to sing. She's really beautifull
She's the best! I always play her song before going to sleep and after I wake up! Her voice is like an angel
Yuki is a Queen! Beautiful and Talented

7Tsukiko Amano
She has solid voice. And it sounds so good!
Tsuki-sama is not just a singer, but an artist.
Her lyrics are able to touch a heart deeply and softly.
Her melodies can make you float and find yourself in the clouds.
This voice is very good~
[Newest]I love all her songs! Is a very complete artist

8Minami Takahashi
Do the best for me!
Brilliant! Not only having work as AKB48 member and having a solo debut, but also as the 48group manager!
I love her so much... Especially in Anime (Conan in Detective Conan)

9Watanabe Mayu

10Haruna Ono
Just check-out for yourself how amazing this vocalist/guitarist is plus she definitely got the looks and could dance well too.
With her unique vocal and with a strong hint of rock in it.. Rare indeed.. And on top of that she's a good guitarist too.. Being a lead vocal with guitar isn't easy and plus at Pop Rock genre..
Haruna should be the one because she can synchronized with her most powerful band SCANDAL
[Newest]Haru. You so cute and your guitar skill is awesome. Your voice is unique too.. All the best

The Contenders

11Yuko Oshima
Yuko is great idol and best singer for me
She so cute, beautiful voice
Yuko is so beautiful and has an amazing voice!

12Angela Aki
Her voice is really alluring... And she plays the pianno very well. Her charm is also great.
Her voice touches my heart and different from the other who like a cat meow.
The voice of a powerhouse

13Chihiro Onitsuka
This human being is a special one. I am not japanese. Dont't know the language a bit, though watched a lot of anime. So not sure if my words count or not. To me if a singer can give birth to songs like "Gekkou" "Infection" "Innocence" then She should be recognized as a great artist not only in japan but through all over the world.
She has one of the strongest and most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Her songs move me so that I almost get teary eyed. She can sing so many different genres too. She is truly a wonderful singer.
Noting her great works in the many Anime series I have watched, I have grown to love listening to her. So bright yet her singing voice is at the perfect pitch. Very unique with lots of spirit

14Ono Erena

15Mika Nakashima
Her beautiful, deep and strong sort of voice is extremely pleasant to hear. Just by hearing her songs, you could easily know that she sings with her heart. Her vocal should be considered as fresh and rare since cute and sweet vocal is being too mainstream in this industry. In other words, her vocal could resembles the rarity of voice in this industry. Apart from that, she is very gorgeous, stylish and cool in appearance. She has a very good sense of fashion. Her english is also good which gave her the potential of being a japanese artist that shines in the west. For me, she's being a perfect japanese female artist. She should, would, could and will be on the top.
She is the first Japanese vocalist which I completely fell in love with. Her voice is so vulnerable and even though I can't understand her word for word, her voice really has no language barriers. Definitely the best out of all the rest!
Beautiful, sassy, cool, intriguing quality in her appearance. Very versatile music style. I love Mika Nakashima.
[Newest]She has a great vocal voice!

16Namie Amuro
Namie is the Queen of J-Pop! She has awesome dance moves and her vocals are amazing. She is one of favorite singers!
She's amazing and her voice is sexy
She is the best in the world! I know what I'm talking of. Just lovee her! She should be #1 here! She is my favourite star for ever. Her performances are so energetic and you just can't believe that she can do this all alone.
[Newest]She should be at top 5

17Kana Nishino
Oh...! Your voice is so amazing you are my the best singer after all! I love you so much ♥♥ If I didn't watch the lost tower, I'll not even know you... I like the song called If... It's my first song that I heard your voice and I addicted to you & I'm telling the truth
Kiss and Hug is currently my favorite song. Kana is such a talented singer; she is so able to convey emotions through her voice, it's really wonderful. Her songs are always so sweet, as well. Such a pick-me-up ^u^. She truly is talented ~.
Her voice is so nice! And I really love the song best friend if you listen to it you'll fall in love with kana she's just amazingly talented
[Newest]I love your song very much. You the best

She's Queen of Pop! She's an awesome singer and judge, why, at that young age, she's already a mentor for aspiring singers like in Kpop Star! She has that scary charisma which just makes her image more fit for a celebrity her level...
She's a package, isn't she? She has talent and smart to boot. ^_^
Come on people, can't miss this one right?

19Tomomi Itano
Melancholic voice and perfect asian face

I was working my way through this list liking some whilst others were not really my taste.I then reached no 32 and even though her style isn't what I am into her voice enchanted me and trapped me under its spell.Its so beautiful with so many levels and the emotion just oozes out of it.I would love her to sing an old Scottish folk song.Her music is not something I would listen to every day but whenever I do (its already on my music player) it will lift my day to a higher level and spread beauty into the darkest corners of my life.
I'm not critiquing her songs or popularity, but vocal abilities. She's one of the best female singers ever. Find songs with her singing with no music and you'll be convinced.
For me, she's the world's best singer. Yes, I'm obsessed with her. When I see live music video, it feels like she's singing only to me, I sense her amazing presence. She's the Goddess of music! :D
[Newest]Her voice is just heavenly!

21Aya Ueto
The sweetest girl with the best vocal tone/timbre of any Japanese idol out there!
She is the best and cute
She so sweet and cute. I love her!

22Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Pamyu Pamyu is great! She's not only incredibly popular (along with Nishino Kana and AKB48 as the top females in Japan) but worldwide she is a sensation! Kyary is different, cute and you just can't help but fall in love with her!
Her music is very sweet
[Newest]Best singer ever. enough said

23Yuki Kajiura
She is a very emotional singer... she sings from her heart. When I listen to her music, I feel like I'm in a whole new world, I feel peaceful and her music makes me cry...
Everyday I hear her songs... unique

24Kanon Wakeshima
She is my favorite singer. Her cello and voice are so beautiful! I like her first and second album
She deserves to be in the first place ~
She is super! I love you Kanon Wakeshima! Arigatou!
[Newest]Shes awesome.. I love her songs

25Crystal Kay
Crystal Kay's J-pop music is very elegant and definitely a catchy song.
The way she sings is something I have interest of along with other J-pop singers. Her voice is like a crystal. And, she's one of my top favorite J-pop singers.
Awesome and beautiful, made the purchase, not got a clue what most of the words mean but it's a pleasure listening to her...
One if the best singers ever!

26Kaori Mochida
Her voice is incredibly healing, smooth and rich, it still can be stable even when she sings rock/upbeat songs and jumps all around the stage. Though the songs are quite simple, but her voice makes it great!
She can handle differrent kinds of music, but for herself, she is exploring what I call it "healing soul" which is not the mainstream of the music industry, but it shows what we always forget - the truest love, especially in this commercial-oriented society
The true natural voice, though her voice already changed since 2004/2005. She sings stably, her voice sounds healing and powerful besides her cute performance. If you're looking for a husky and natural voice, go to Mochi-san!
[Newest]She has a wonderful voice

27Yuka Masuda

28Olivia lufkin

She should be in the top 5.. If we are talking 'Real vocal ability, strength and stability' able to match her studio recordings in a live situation. (not just a fan, but A real singer will like Ayaka)
Pure, powerful, expressive and charming voice.
She is young, but has already became a very sophisticated artist. She is real Japanese treasure. I'm very proud of her.
I love her song, beautiful voice.

30Yamamoto Sayaka
Always with her :)
Dream girl!

31Matsui Rena
I so so so love her

How can she be all the way down here!? She is one of the best japanese female artists out there!
LiSA is one of the best japanese female singers. She makes good songs for Anime. It is like Crossing Field, Oath Sign, Crow Song and many more.
LiSA is is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Seki, Gifu and is signed to Aniplex under Sony Music Artists. LiSA made her major debut in 2010 singing songs for the anime T.V. series Angel Beats! As one of two vocalists for the fictional band Girls Dead Monster. She performed at Animelo Summer Live in August 2010. In April 2011, she made her solo debut with the release of her mini-album Letters to U. Her single "Oath Sign" is used as the opening theme to the 2011 anime Fate/Zero. Her single "Crossing Field" is used as the opening theme to the 2012 anime Sword Art Online. Her single "Träumerei" is used as the opening theme to the 2013 anime Day Break Illusion.
[Newest]I like your voice

33Izumi Sakai
Best quality over, guess she deserved top ten list. Technically had different melody with other female singer. She's indispensable.
Very different and so unique, believe me, she is the best talented singer and song writer along with her band ZARD
Very warm voice. Just like her name suggests, spring water. My most favorite female singer.
[Newest]She is the best

34Mariko Shinoda
You're the best for me mariko

She's nice and has a very beautiful voice, she is my best. When I really saw her singing, I started to listen to her music everyday.
Her voice is really strong.
Watching her live and original song is exactly the same

36Mai Kuraki
I've hear all of the songs she's performed for the Detective Conan Anime series and they're fantastic, her voice is just lovely. And I love her energy!
I love her! She is beauty and has a wonderful voice.

She have sang many beautiful song, such as Love, Day After Tomorrow, chance for you, stay by my side, sakura sakura, zutto..., reach for the sky, winter bells.

For me is the best japanese singer!
I love you mai chan

Kuraki Mai is so beauty and cuties

37Bonnie Pink
So beautiful in her soft, folk-like rhythms. She is like the Japanese version of Suzanne Vega or Frente!
Bonnie pink I LOVE YOU!

38Koda Kumi
I love her voice. It sounds tough and sexy at the same time.

Especially her voice is very stable when she dances which is very very good!
Okay okay I love yui's voice and song but that song "goodbye days" SHE'S OuT OF TUNE! EVERY SINGLE NOTE! I refuse to say that she is a "great singer"
Love her voice and her performance so much. Very perfect!

39Van Tomiko
Your Voice Deserves to be In the top 10, You Sing In a Japanese Version of Adele, Celine Dion With a Strong, Power Voice. That I Wish I Had.
check Do As Infinity to find out


It doesn't matter what your singing about the emotion comes through the music. Love her and her beautiful voice.
[Newest]She's just simply amazing

40Shiina Ringo
"Shiina Ringo", well there's something about her that's just AMAZING! Her mellow voice, great imagery, stunningly classy, fluent French... oh GOD, I can't seem to put an end to it.. love her, for me she represents the best of women.. sophisticated yet utterly impeccable, I love this woman, being one of the only particular type-Unique
Not only is she the best female singer in Japan, she is the most talented musician as well. Everyone in the top ten on this list is a complete embarrassment next to her. Number one, with everyone else in a very, very, VERY distant second.
Like the voice of a goddess. Behind her songs you can hear her feelings as if they were in broad daylight. Ms. Ringo is by far one of the best I am glad to have here. Please listen to Shiina Ringo songs!

41Airi Suzuki
Very beautiful and charismatic singer with an impressive voice
Amazing voice ~ ♥

42Nami Tamaki
Good Luck Nami, You are the best in Japan... hope you improve in all way to become world singer in Japan
She is the Best!
She have the brilliant, powerful, energetic and potential voice. The only think that can make the Olympic better is let her perform her song at Opening Ceremonies
The most Beautiful Japanese singer

I love her she is a star in the making! My favorite songs by her is Aitai Kimochi, My Girl, and alone in my room she deserves to be a top selling and chart topping artist in japan! And someday she will! She has a nice R&B sound and a beautiful voice and she is beautiful..
If yoi haven't heard her music you need to I strongly recommend her! She should be as big as Hikaru Utada or Namie Amuro if not bigger!
She is a very good singer! She is beautiful and has a strong voice and touching lyrics, my favorite songs by her are My Girl and Aitai kimochi... I can see her getting big in Japan very soon. Just keep on trying Hanah you will get the fame you deserve soon!
She is just amazing! Her songs are so meaningful and she has a nice R&B sound my favorite song with her is Aitai Kimochi! She is gone be big in japan in no time! And when she gets established in Japan you have to come to the USA HanaH we really love and appreciate your work here!

44Ai Otsuka
Ai Otsuka is the best

45Maaya Sakamoto
Her voice is so touching, I think all should listen to her at least once in their life. She is truly amazing and everyone should like her
From voicing Escaflowne and to other anime characters, this woman is amazing! She's one of my favorite Jpop singers of all times! From a being a child voice actress and now with also being a singer. Her soft (piano) voice is so smoothing that's its unbelievable! She also can sing live and has never lip sync since the beginning of her career!
. Maaya Sakamoto is the best. My favorite song of her is Spica. I really love her voice

46Aya Kamiki
Amazing voice and amazingly beautiful

Very love it kiroro song


48Mami Kawada
Her vibrato is SUPERB
Her musical style is really addictive and her vocal range is indeed very versatile, ranging from the heartfelt ballads to the hard rock songs. The BEST artist in Japan for me!
Hi miss mami kawada I am one of your fan...
Your song are vary good!
I wish we will meet someday...
If you don't know my friends also idolized you...
Mamisama is THE GREATEST! Her voice reminds me of flowing water... And depending on the music, the flow of her voice ranges from softness to turbulence!
[Newest]So addicting songs. I was expecting her to be much higher on this list, but oh well. I guess she's not that known.

Her performance is so emotional! Her voice is the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! I like Kuroneko's image! And of course, 陰陽座は大好きです!~
I love Onmyou-za so much! She's the best for me! I love all her songs! Her combo with Matatabi is also very good. The high pitch, the vibrato, her shriek, her scream, her soft voice, they r all God-like!
Her voice is so very powerful..

50Nagi Yanagi
Wonderful voice! I started loving her from the first song I heard <3
Seriously, her voice is the best.
Just try it! You'll love it.
[Newest]Her voice is do unique

51Erika Sawajiri
Dear to stand up and nice voice

52Kiyoe Yoshioka
Her voice is super! It's always inspiring to hear her sing live because her voice is so strong and clear
This girl... is amazing! You only have to hear her and enjoy, her sweet voice, but at the same time strong and powerful, an extreme tallented voice. Just incredible!
Kiyoe! Her voice is incredible

53Miho Fukuhara
I SO LOVE HER! The soulful voice~ it can be soothing yet can be so powerful! She may not be that popular but once you got to hear her, you just can't get enough!
She may actually be the best!
People vote based on personality and songs they like... But if you vote basted on true vocal strength ability ans stability, then Miho beats 99% of all J-pop singers

Personally I think she is definitely one of the top 10 Japanese female vocalists.
She's great. With a high- powered voice.
Her belts are out of this world

55Anna Tsuchiya
love her and her voice, also her apearence is nice. love her (:
she should be at top ten
More people should know her, her songs have a meaning. Give it a try people :))
Strong voice and personality. Totally fell in love with her at first sight. She's got the voice, style, charism, beauty, talent, EVERYTHING!
[Newest]I am her turkish fan

56Jyou (Exist Trace)
She has such a beautiful voice! Melodic but powerful at the same time, plus with her talent she made exist trace one of the few j-rock girl band worth mentioning

57Rie Fu

58Momoe Yamaguchi
The best japanese female singer in the 70's

She's so amazing! Pretty face and beautiful voice! She's cute and wild at the same time! Love her!
I am her turkish fan and I think her some songs really good

60Nana Kitade
Nana Kitade has way better voice than Nami Tamaki, Nami Needs to Practice more.

61Megumi Nakajima
Wonderful voice. I will listen to her all my life.
I love her! Kyah! I really love the way she sung Lyra's song in Fairy Tail, ITS SO NICE!

62Yuki Isoya

Why is Lia ranked so low?! She has a goddess-like, incredible range, and conveys so much emotion in her songs. Most of all, she sings BEAUTIFULLY live! Please support this amazing singer, and raise her rank!

64Rie Tanaka
She is the singer of the the anime chobits! My favorite song by her is shiranai sora!

65Akino Arai

66Kawase Tomoko
Very talented and creative singer. Love her music, voice, texts and personality. People with different tastes like her because she makes three different types of music.

67Akina Nakamori
One of the best singer and one of the best voices of Japan
So emotional - I love this girl

68Seiko Matsuda
Legend... 33 years of amazing career and counting. Most beautiful voice of all..
My number all-time number one.
The eternal idol of Japan

69Naomi Tamura
singer of Magic Knight Rayearth Opening Theme and 2nd Getbackers Opening theme


70Tamaki Nami

71Ai Carina Uemura
She is hottest singer in Japan. Her performance is really cool she can sing, dance, rap and... Just check her out! Watch out! She'll shock you!
She is the Queen of Soul music in Japan!


73Yui Makino

74Thelma Aoyama
Love her voice so much! Legend is the title that she has to get!
I love her voice and all of her songs

75Mariko Takahashi
Is a legend! Strong voice and one of the best old school singers in Japanese history!
I love her and her voice priceless!

76Yo Hitoto
Yo Hitoto is truly a very good artist... I love her because she doesn't have to take her clothes off or sing about inappropriate things to get attention, she sticks true to her music and her music is very relaxing, creative, touching, and fun
Yo Hitoto is just so beautiful and truly a good artist her songs are so touching and relaxing
Love her so much! Her music gets me through some tough times...

77Mayumi Itsuwa
Time passes by, her beautiful music remind us the carefree days!
I Like Kokoro No Tomo + Amayadori'song


One of the best. 90?
I can't believe nobody put her name on in the top 10... Wow.. Guys uve got to listen to her! Her best songs are sad to say, only you...

80Hibari Misora
A lot of people says she is a legend of japanese music.

81Kumiko Noma
Really, I don't know how many Songs she's sung, but I love her Latin song Lillium

82Miliyah Kato
She is amazing! I first heard her featured on Ai's song Stronger and since then I loved her! She can sing very good! And My favorite song with her is Yozora! Keep up the good work Miliyah! She Is so pretty too

83Rino Sashihara

84Aki Kudou
Very powerful voice sing songs for the anime Vandread I love her english song "yes together"

Beni's really one of the best Japanese artist I have heard in recent years! She really should be higher up on the list... Her voice is really awesome!
BENI is such a true artist. I wonder why she's only ranked at #84 if she has this wonderful voice.

86Yui Aragaki
I started love she since in her
Movie Sky of love

87Atsuko Yamashita

Singer of Realism and Soba ni Iru yo from Kakumeiki Valvrave... I also love The Invisible Message in Hayate no Gotoku Heaven is a place on Earth... I also Love Hikari^^...

Hitomi is a very good singer with a strong, sweet and pleasant personality.
Mishiri person, pleasing, timid, bright when "dark" also it is... I think it's passionate person. Also a great singer and very sexy.
She has a sweet voice. she gives life in every song, she sing.

For me one of the best
Just hear her sing


92Fuki (Light Bringer)

93Nao Kawakita

She has a very powerful voice! I like her songs Like Red Fraction, Scope, Infection, Proof and KILL! If Mami Kawada is the the Rock Princess of I've Sound, then, She is the Queen! Its truly indeed that She is the Queen of I've Sound! I'm just so sad about her because she left I've Sound due to her condition right now and the fact that she is the Queen of their group yet she ranked third in terms of number of singles released.:(
Just a great voice & songs

95Itou Shizuka
She have a cute and powerful voice

96Keiko Fuji
Utada hikaru's mother! When you listen to her you see where utada got her musical talents from!

97Ai Takahashi
Former member/leader of Morning Musume. She's really awesome. She can dance and also she has an awesome voice. Her voice is really great than most of girls listed here. You should definitely check her out,

98Maon Kurosaki

99Izumi Kato
I can't believe that she wasn't even on the list... She must be with the top 10

100Asami Shimoda
She mostly sings sad songs, creepy songs and both at same time. She can sing a lower part of a song (Len), the higher part (Rin) or both. That's one reason why I like her singing. Daughter of Evil, Regret Message, Servant of Evil and Trick and Treat are some examples of her songs.

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