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41 Olivia lufkin
42 Shiina Ringo

"Shiina Ringo", well there's something about her that's just AMAZING! Her mellow voice, great imagery, stunningly classy, fluent French... oh GOD, I can't seem to put an end to it.. love her, for me she represents the best of women.. sophisticated yet utterly impeccable, I love this woman, being one of the only particular type-Unique

Not only is she the best female singer in Japan, she is the most talented musician as well. Everyone in the top ten on this list is a complete embarrassment next to her. Number one, with everyone else in a very, very, VERY distant second.

Like the voice of a goddess. Behind her songs you can hear her feelings as if they were in broad daylight. Ms. Ringo is by far one of the best I am glad to have here. Please listen to Shiina Ringo songs!

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43 Matsui Rena

I so so so love her

44 Akiko Shikata

I don't think a lot of people have ever heard of her unless you've played games developed by Gust. Her singing style is very unique, but not all know how to appreciate it.

45 Van Tomiko

Your Voice Deserves to be In the top 10, You Sing In a Japanese Version of Adele, Celine Dion With a Strong, Power Voice. That I Wish I Had.

check Do As Infinity to find out - ronluna

It doesn't matter what your singing about the emotion comes through the music. Love her and her beautiful voice.

She's just simply amazing

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46 Yamamoto Sayaka V 2 Comments
47 Sowelu
48 Nami Tamaki

Good Luck Nami, You are the best in Japan... hope you improve in all way to become world singer in Japan

The most Beautiful Japanese singer

She is the Best!
She have the brilliant, powerful, energetic and potential voice. The only think that can make the Olympic better is let her perform her song at Opening Ceremonies

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49 HanaH

I love her beautiful face and voice! My favorite songs by her are: Aitai Kimochi, Aisaretakute aishitai dake, and alone in my room

She is a very good singer! She is beautiful and has a strong voice and touching lyrics, my favorite songs by her are My Girl and Aitai kimochi... I can see her getting big in Japan very soon. Just keep on trying Hanah you will get the fame you deserve soon!

She is just amazing! Her songs are so meaningful and she has a nice R&B sound my favorite song with her is Aitai Kimochi! She is gone be big in japan in no time! And when she gets established in Japan you have to come to the USA HanaH we really love and appreciate your work here!

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50 Aimer

Unique voice, bitter and sweet.

First female Japanese singer that completely captivated me musically and lyrically.


Very unique voice that drive your emotions!

Her voice is very unique, and not mainstream at all

Amazing and unique. Nobody comes close.

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51 Maaya Sakamoto

Her voice is so touching, I think all should listen to her at least once in their life. She is truly amazing and everyone should like her

From voicing Escaflowne and to other anime characters, this woman is amazing! She's one of my favorite Jpop singers of all times! From a being a child voice actress and now with also being a singer. Her soft (piano) voice is so smoothing that's its unbelievable! She also can sing live and has never lip sync since the beginning of her career!

. Maaya Sakamoto is the best. My favorite song of her is Spica. I really love her voice

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52 Mami Kawada

Her vibrato is SUPERB
Her musical style is really addictive and her vocal range is indeed very versatile, ranging from the heartfelt ballads to the hard rock songs. The BEST artist in Japan for me!

Hi miss mami kawada I am one of your fan...
Your song are vary good!
I wish we will meet someday...
If you don't know my friends also idolized you...

Mamisama is THE GREATEST! Her voice reminds me of flowing water... And depending on the music, the flow of her voice ranges from softness to turbulence!

So addicting songs. I was expecting her to be much higher on this list, but oh well. I guess she's not that known.

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53 Nagi Yanagi

Nagi deserves way more votes! The fact that she doesn't sing in a boring nasally voice like the majority of J-singers is already a plus. Her voice is sweet, mature, airy and high notes are hit with no strain and without resorting to a nasal tone.

She writes the lyrics for all her songs (with a few exceptions of when she collaborates with someone else) and composes a lot of her own unique songs.

Honestly, her style and voice are incredibly refreshing in an industry where female singers sound exactly the same as each other. The first time I heard her, I was amazed. I wish she'd get more appreciation... Looking at the top votes, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

Wonderful voice! I started loving her from the first song I heard

Seriously, her voice is the best.
Just try it! You'll love it.

Her voice is do unique

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54 Mai Kuraki

I've hear all of the songs she's performed for the Detective Conan Anime series and they're fantastic, her voice is just lovely. And I love her energy!

I love her! She is beauty and has a wonderful voice.

She have sang many beautiful song, such as Love, Day After Tomorrow, chance for you, stay by my side, sakura sakura, zutto..., reach for the sky, winter bells.

For me is the best japanese singer!

I love you mai chan

Kuraki Mai is so beauty and cuties

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55 Kuroneko

I love Onmyou-za so much! She's the best for me! I love all her songs! Her combo with Matatabi is also very good. The high pitch, the vibrato, her shriek, her scream, her soft voice, they r all God-like!

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56 Kiyoe Yoshioka

Her voice is super! It's always inspiring to hear her sing live because her voice is so strong and clear

This girl... is amazing! You only have to hear her and enjoy, her sweet voice, but at the same time strong and powerful, an extreme tallented voice. Just incredible!

DDUDEE move her higher up! 66?! Are you kidding? Have you heard her sing live? She always sings in tune, can hit super high notes, and most of all her voice is STRONG. It is freakishly strong, she is amazing, and whyy is she 66? Please just look her up, she is so talented.

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57 Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) Suzuka Nakamoto, known by her stage names Suzuka and Su-Metal, is a Japanese idol, singer and model. She is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc. and has been a member of three musical groups formed by the company: Karen Girl's, Sakura Gakuin, and Babymetal.

The girl is 18 and kicking ass left, right and centre. She was good at 15 as it is but her growth as vocalist since then has been phenomenal and a pleasure to watch. Can't imagine how she'll turn out when her voice matures even more. Might as well just hand her the title of Queen of Japan. She's already regarded as Metal Queen by 'the One'

Power + passion + emotions = SU-METAL's vocals

58 Erika Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri V 1 Comment
59 Ai Otsuka

Her concerts are extremely fun and she always sounds like she's enjoying herself too. It's more lighthearted than anything you can ever hope for.

Otsuka Ai really deserves better place! Her voice is cute and full of feeling. Especially Planetarium, it always makes me cry... please vote for her!

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60 Anna Tsuchiya

love her and her voice, also her apearence is nice. love her (:
she should be at top ten

Her lyrics and voice are very touching and real! ( Not a high pitched fake voice)

More people should know her, her songs have a meaning. Give it a try people :))

Anna Tsuchiya is an amazing singer! She deserves higher place!

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