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101Aki Kudou

Very powerful voice sing songs for the anime Vandread I love her english song "yes together"

102Atsuko Yamashita

Hitomi is a very good singer with a strong, sweet and pleasant personality.

Mishiri person, pleasing, timid, bright when "dark" also it is... I think it's passionate person. Also a great singer and very sexy.

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104Asami Shimoda

She mostly sings sad songs, creepy songs and both at same time. She can sing a lower part of a song (Len), the higher part (Rin) or both. That's one reason why I like her singing. Daughter of Evil, Regret Message, Servant of Evil and Trick and Treat are some examples of her songs.


For me one of the best

Just hear her sing


HOW IS SHE RANKED SO LOW!? Her voice is so unique she needs to be ranked higher.

She can't be this low ranked... can't be... Inori ;-;

108Fuki (Light Bringer)

Azu music is beautiful and her vocals are amazing as well and she can perform well live

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110Sumire Yoshida
111Luna Haruna

A cute model and cute singer. her voice is amazing

She sings Overfly for Sword Art Online's second ending and Startear for Sword Art Online II's first ending. Those songs are really amazing!

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112May J.

May J. has a great powerful voice with lots of emotion.

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113Ayaka Hirahara

The songs are really original and stylish(unique), her songs are just like caffeine, once you listen to one of them, you will want another
I love "Seven Doors" and "Alternation" the most

115Nao Kawakita

She's not even the main singer of the band but still worth mentioning. - Buddha


She has a very powerful voice! I like her songs Like Red Fraction, Scope, Infection, Proof and KILL! If Mami Kawada is the the Rock Princess of I've Sound, then, She is the Queen! Its truly indeed that She is the Queen of I've Sound! I'm just so sad about her because she left I've Sound due to her condition right now and the fact that she is the Queen of their group yet she ranked third in terms of number of singles released.:(

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117Itou Shizuka

She have a cute and powerful voice

118Keiko Fuji

Utada hikaru's mother! When you listen to her you see where utada got her musical talents from!

119Ai Takahashi

Former member/leader of Morning Musume. She's really awesome. She can dance and also she has an awesome voice. Her voice is really great than most of girls listed here. You should definitely check her out,

120Maon Kurosaki
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