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Angeline Quinto


She can sing many types of songs. I expect her to reach a long way in mission of singging career as well as popular filipino female singers have done especially her 1st idol in singging Ms. Regine V.A. , her 2nd mother Mega Star Sharon C. , her idolized supportive beloved friend Miss Sarah G. and other numerous respected singers in the country. I really very proud of her and always pray for her to obtain more more success in the future.
Angeline Quinto is one of a KIND singer!
With great vocals and very pleasing personality.
She really a Star!

The theme song DIVA.

She's very humble yet with so much to offer

Well deserved of everything she has now.
Good luck and more power on your career AQ!
I love Angeline most because she has a good heart, belter, powerful diva and with star factor... We love her much and we know that she will reach the stardom and she's strating right now... more to You Angeline and keep your feet on the ground always...
Your star shines the most among the new breed of stars in this generation. Truth be told, You're way much better than Sarah when it comes to the quality and power of your singing. This is the truth. Even the Asia's songbird will agree with me.
She very natural young lady and shes very true to all people around her. first major concert sold out! That's very amazing! I hope she can continue for being so humble and loving person.
I vote angeline because she is my crush and she's one of the best singers in this generation.. keep up the good work angie and keep your feet on the ground.. I love you my ULTIMATE CRUSH! :))
I simply like Angeline quinto because I know she deserve all the things she have right at the moment. I hope she will be the same and not change.
Your such a nice replica of regine velasquez but I believe that you have your own talents and versatility. Keep up the good work! You are the best among the rest! You are very humble person inspite of everything that you have now in your life.
Queen of theme songs.. Belter and so good in singing.. Can sing many high notes which other singers can't do.. Can belt without distortion of face.. And super humble and down to earth...
She has an angelic voice and when she sings there is something in her voice that touches the inner core of my heart. Full or emotions and feelings. sHE HAS MELODY IN HER HEART.
Angeline will be the next superstar and she is one of the most talented singers with good looks and charisma... she has all what it takes to be one of Philippines superstars...
I love ANGELINE Quinto.. She's very humble and that's a good quality that an artist should possess... Powerful voice... love you angie...
Secondly best vocals after the queen, Regine. She belts and just belt. She is very capable of singing like no other else. Unlike, some artists; they tend to push themselves to the point of popping their vanes out of their heads. Super total vocal poweress. Keep it up Ate Angge.
Anyone can belt.. but only one can give heart on the highest note!
And this is Angeline Quinto...

The voice of heart... will truly touch you and believe you.

That's the real Star power... comes within her heart.
Angeline is deserving to be the one of the top ten singers of the Philippines because she have a beautiful voice and I proud of her.. My idol angeline go go go
Angeline quinto is the best singer in the Philippines... If we are comparing to other philippine female singer... They don't sing in a high note and pitch... So I vote angeline that she is a good and most talented singer... I am proud of her!
Her vocal pipes are amazing and she can do very rough notes effortlessly. Definitely, she is on the road to superstardom because of her vocal talent.
You are the star power winner so there's no reason for you to be a star and a great singer. In time people will realize it. Bravo!
Slowly but surely you will be recognized and praised by everyone. You're such a lovely lady because you have a humble and kind heart.
You're the best! Every time she sings you always felt the meaning of the song. You are the star power...
I love you angeline and you prove to all Filipinos that you are not the type of person that easily quit you have a fighting spirit and that makes you the best singer for me.
I think she has the quality of a good singer now. She has this voice that when you hear her sing, you want to hear her sing more songs. She has this range of voice ala-regine V.
She maybe new but she has a lot of potential! She deserves to be at par with the great singers here in the Philippines. I love her voice, charisma and personality.
Her charm and talent will make her soar to the top! Go Angeline!
(("She is the next superstar! " -Regine))

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