Best Female Vocalists of the '70s


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The Top Ten

Agnetha Faltskog
She's the 1st A in ABBA, the group that dominated the 70's. The way she sings with such emotion, and with a voice that is so pure, is one of the reasons ABBA is as popular today as they were during their heyday.
She's the angel from ABBA, the group that dominated the 70's with number 1 hits in countries all over the world. Shirley Bassey never even had a song that was close to being a number 1 hit in the 70's. come on now?
There were a lot of great female singers of the 70's, but as far as vocal quality, control, and crystal clarity, Agnetha Faltskog is probably the best choice. The best showcase of Angetha's vocal prowess is the ABBA song "The Winner Takes it All". When ABBA was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 or 2011, Faith Hill made a feable attempt to sing "The Winner Takes it All" Faith Hill is a good singer, but she should not have sung that particular song. That would be like someone trying to reproduce the Mona Lisa or paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Yes, Agnetha get my vote!
[Newest]She SUCH A GOOD SINGER, but were is frida? She isn't even on the list!

Best Agnetha song where she lead: Chiquitita, The winner takes it all, Head over heels, under attack and Take a chance on me

2Vikki Carr
No singer has ever touched my heart and soul the way Vikki Carr has! She can deliver a song with such passion and emotion that you literally feel what she is feeling. Sinatra has said "She possesses my kind of voice! " and Dean Martin said "she's the best girl singer in the business! " I was thrilled to see Ms. Carr perform in Sept. 2012 and indeed, she continues to reign as The BEST girl singer ever!
I have seen Miss Carr many times in concert since the late 1960's and she is wonderful! Her voice is rich and beautiful! She has definitely gotten better as time has passed and I believe she is THE BEST singer that this old world has ever heard! She has truly blessed my heart many times!
She is just so great, you should see her performing alive! And listen to her different recordings, she just got a WONDERFUL voice going from country music, to latino pop, mariachis, blues etc... As Sinatra and others said, she is definitely one of the best female singer in the US, and besides such a very hearted person. Christophe (Belgium)
[Newest]My heart sings always, wishing you could be back to educate the youngers of what real music is all about

3Helen Reddy
Truly one of the biggest vocalist of the 70's and truly one of the most unappreciated hit makers of all time. The powerful range of her vocals to at times subtle and very tender vocal performances. Within a short span of 5 years, she produced some of the best pop songs ever! "I Don't Know How To Love Him", "Angie Baby", "You're My World", "You and Me Against the World", "Peaceful", "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", "Emotion", "Candle on The Water" and of course "I Am Woman" showcased what a true vocalist is. And then there were some of her best songs that unfortunately did not get the attention they should have, so please listen to "Poor Little Fool", "Somewhere in The Night" and "One More Night" and "Let Me Be Your Woman".
One of the best female vocalist I have heard. She has great range and terrific power. She is able to perform various song type with ease. One of the few I would gladly pay to hear in concert
All I can say is She is one of the greatest female vocalist I have even listened to. If only I could turn back time to the 70's I would still have all her recording playing whenever I was home. Just love her music!
[Newest]Love me some Helen Reddy!

4Shirley Bassey
Dame Shirley's vocal abilities make her not only the best of the 70's, but the best for the last 50 years!


The best bar none!

5Stevie Nicks
Love you stevie, and my favourite band fleetwood mac,
Can sing whatever the genre
Wonderful voice could work alone or in any group O.

6Karen Carpenter
I don't care who number one is because Karen is always number one for me and always will be because she had a perfect voice and such a sweet personality and I think she was the best singer of the 70's and she had everything from her singing and her beauty. I don't care Karen is my favorite ALWAYS! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
What a pure, effortless voice, she hit the notes precisely, with such a beautiful tone. She had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, hands down. And she made it look like she wasn't even trying. A real tragedy that she did not understand her own beauty and worth.
Karen's voice rings pure and clear and can take you from ecstasy to dispare in the blink of an eye. No other voice has ever had the affect that Karen's voice has had on millions of fans the world over.
[Newest]Karen should be number 1.

7Linda Ronstadt
A fantastic voice and beautiful interpretation of songs. We are so lucky to have been able to hear her, and we still have access to her full back catalogue. So sad she can't sing anymore, I loved her work with Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris 3 superb voices together.
It breaks my heart she can no longer sing. But we are all very lucky to have been able to hear her sing. She sang the best ever National Anthem in 1977 that no one has been able to top.
Gorgeous voice. A real singer with heartbreak and power. Ronstadt is so superior a vocalists to the frankly schlocky, cornball tunes and vocals of Karen Carpentar and Olivia Newton John it makes me wonder who shows up to vote on these boards.
[Newest]The greatest female singer of all time!

8Carly Simon
The most underrated songwriter of our time.
Carly Simon has quietly been delivering the goods for 4 decades!
An intelligent lyricist with a gift for sensual melodies.
[Newest]Carly Simon is an adventurous, risk taking, and creative singer-songwriter.

9Olivia Newton John
Olivia "The Goddess" newton john! Was the total package! Beauty, class and the voice of an angel! She will always be #1 in my book. Wish we had female singers today with such a great voice. They all sound whiny or on helium today. Sad!
Her songs were most remembered for touching hearts. She gets 2 thumbs up! She didn't have a lot of showmanship or fancy outfits. SHE JUST SANG and did it well with sweetness in her voice.
Olivia Newton_john is the finest singer from the seventies! Or 80's and beyond simply the best! Tons of hits and great T.V. specials and movies to boot!
[Newest]She is the best!

10Carole King
Very distinct voice makes any band the key to sucess. She sings well with others like james taylor.
Certainly one of the most influential with her verse; Tapestry spoke to my soul.
True artist and inspirational; legendary

The Contenders

11Joni Mitchell

12Connie Francis
The greatest female voice in pop music... Ever!

13Anne Murray
Anne was Elvis Presley's favorite voice. An alto who sang with such ease. She slid to her notes at times and no one has ever been able to it like Anne. Her interpretation of a song is unique. A strong range for an alto and a quality rare and beautiful. I listened to Anne's music everyday growing up. I still put on a song or two and it brings me right back to the feeling or moment when I first heard her voice. Her music and voice comforted me and in the subtleties of her style, I found myself in awe of such a talent. Thank you Anne for the voice, the music, and the memories.
I loved listening to her because you could actually hear what she sang. Unfortunately I lost part of my hearing and all the modern singers are just a mess of notes.
Just like Karen Carpenter also Anne has a wonderful voice, no one can sing like Anne.

14Donna Summer
Hot stuff donna was
No doubt the best along with Linda
Best singer of the 70's!

15Petula Clark

16Dionne Warwick
Who could forget Dionne? Amazing amazing musician and singer. What a career and range she had. Whitney Houston came from these talented singer like Dionne. One of the few singers with true highs and true lows. When ever you hear her voice, you know it Dionne. No one else sounds like her, no one. Love you Dionne.
One of the greatest singers and performers of our time!

17Kate Bush
I admire her for being only interested in the music and never being a diva, her writings are genius!
A vocal range in pure opposition to that of Arthur Brown's. Excellent!
Never get sick of hearing wuthering heights

18Maria Callas
For me her voice is like an angel singing'

19Dusty Springfield
Terrific stage presence, fantastic voice.

20Joan Sutherland

21Barbra Streisand
She could belt out even the hardest notes--and then hold them for a while
Beautiful singer and actress
By far, the greatest star.

22Patti LaBelle
She has a way better and unique voice then at least 6 of the people in this top ten list.
Voice like sweet & zingy marmalade!
Awesome singer and performer!

23Gladys Knight
Come on. This is your #1. Best voice and live performer ever! You're the best thing that ever happened to me can't be matched by anyone.
She does a few notes in a style I don't think ANYONE can duplicate.
Beautiful voice! Wonderful melody- great performer!

24Joan Baez

25Bonnie Tyler
Her rasp, hands down one of the best, like Stevie Nicks

26Gloria Gaynor
She is awesome how she survives

27Debbie Harry
Debbie had it all, Looks. Voice, should have been no. 1 in pole
Love her forever and a day
I love here smiling eyes when she sings, I've always admie her.

28Rita Coolidge
A rare quality and strong voice. She is unique. Listen to Rita's early albums to the popular ones. Sultry, and easy to the ear.

29Tina Turner
A musical icon! Tina made history with her performances ad wonderful voice! One of music history's greatest vocalist and performers.
Oldie but a goodie, how she still got on with her life after what she, s been through. deserves the best.

30Nicolette Larson
To me that sweet woman Nicolette Larson will always be in my heart

31Emmylou Harris
A combination of beautiful face and beautiful voice. Will be the lead singer in the Angel's choir when she goes to the Grand Ole Oprah in the sky. Never had a solid number one hit but her endurance spanning 5 decades singing duets with the most powerful singers makes her my choice as best female singer.
Great and unique in style, poise, grace. Legendary.

32Judy Collins

33Patti Smith
She had so much attitude in her voice, also very poetic.

34Diana Ross
The best music ever, I defye anyone to listen to Baby Love without tapping there foot!

35Grace Slick
Simple. I was there.

36Tammy Wynette

37Brenda Lee
One of the best ever never got enough credit!

38Bette Midler

39Patti Austin

40Phoebe Snow
Love her distinctive style!

41Manoella Torres

42Lena Zavaroni

43Elkie Brooks
The U.K.s finest female singer. Rock, Jazz, Blues. Elkie does it all
Absolutely brilliant and still sounds as good as ever!
Elkie Brooks has an amazing voice.

44Jane Olivor

45Marilyn McCoo

46Janis Ian

47Oleta Adams

48Melissa Manchester

49Kiki Dee

50Maria Muldaur
Love her... Forever and always

51Roberta Flack
One of the best singers and musicians ever. Roberta Flack is a must to all the listeners out there. She sang with such ease, silky voice and never never screamed for a note. She knew just what she was doing in the song. She never got insecure in her music, and she took risks. All of her work, and I mean all are rare Jewels. Sing Roberta, you made my life better by listening to you. thank you.
Smooth as silk voice!

Cher has always had a very unique voice. Though, most people would not agree. Female signers are expected to have soft and high pitch voices but not Cher. What makes Cher different is that she has a strong, deep low and sexy voice of all time. Cher can rock, pop, the blues, she can disco and even country, not very many can do that.

53Jackie DeShannon
One of the greatest ever and a grea songwriter as well.

54Sandy Denny
Sad loss oh so long ago, if you have never heard of her look her up there's lots of her music on YouTube. So much talent!
Melody Maker readers twice voted her the "Best British Female Singer" in 1970 and 1971
Check her out on YouTube

55Bonnie Raitt


57Nancy Wilson

58Lili Ivanova

59Natalie Cole

60Dolly Parton
I don't care what no one say, Dolly you are the best country singer in the world! You beat all the other women because your looks and voice and personality is so sexy I'm just jealous! You go girl. I wish I have your boobs like you and I love the other, movies that you played in I don't care people can laugh at me but dolly parton the queen of country will never be beat she is the only famous person I like too. I want to go to your theme park dollywood one day I love you doll! ♥♡♥♡♥♡

61Cass Elliott (Mama Cass)

62Ella Fitgerald

63Kiri Te Kanawa

64Yvonne Elliman

65Aretha Franklin
I love Aretha franklin. Especially her song chain of fools whick I am singing in choir

66Millie Jackson

67Crystal Gayle
When she sang about making here green eyes greener - wow and that silky blonde hair - wow
Has she still got the long hair.

68Nana Mouskouri

69Loretta Lynn

70Cyndi Lauper
Cindy is always the same in looks, still from the old school.

71Lesley Gore

72Lena Horne

73Chrissie Hynde
Cannot believe she is not one of the first listed.. She actually wrote a lot of her stuff and played an instrument as well
Brilliant singer unquie voice her material was the best should be at the top of the list.

74Melanie Safka
Absolutely! Woodstock, Candles in the Rain, still touring and touching the world!

75Sarah Vaughan

76Debby Boone

77Rosemary Clooney

78Marie Osmond
#69 Manoella Torres Has one of the most beautiful female voice and I've hurt many
I love her

79Tanya Tucker


81Alla Pugacheva

82Alicia Bridges

83Wendy Waldman

84Karla Bonoff

85Judee Sill

86Chaka Khan
why is she at the bottom she is a music ICON. the people who made this have no taste in music at all

87Judie Tzuke

88Freda Payne

89Jennifer Warnes

90Valerie Carter

91Mary Travers

92Ellen McIlwaine
A rare talent. She didn't record much but what she did record is timeless and legendary. I learned from you Ellen. Thank you.

93Linda Thompson

94Beverly Bremers
"Don't Say You Don't Remember", "We're Free", "Hair" on Broadway

95Betty Wright

96Thelma Houston

97Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Best singer of all time. Abba is nothing without her and she has an incredible vocal range. Her voice is so pure, she sing like an angel. The best abba songs are the ones where it is Anni-Frid who is the leading singer : Knowing me Knowing you, Fernando, Super trouper etc. Everyone talk more about Agnetha Faltskog who is of course an amazing singer too, but they forget Frida who is better than because she have a bigger vocal range. She is so funny too
This is wrong she belongs in the top 20!

98Merry Clayton

99Ann Wilson
Ann should come in about no. 9

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