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21 Gretchen Ho (ADMU)

In my opinion Gretchen Ho is the BEST!

Seems to be intelligent and smart. Beautiful and one of the best volleyball player.

She's very good in timing as well as defense. Her running heat is functioning effectively.

She is very good

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22 Grethcel Soltones (SSC-R)

Unbelievable power and deadly jump serve!

One of the best spikers. Her jump serve is the best, and her positive attitude inside the court is contagious!

My Inspiration on playing Volleyball.

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23 Shiela Pineda (Adu)

Superb defense and offense but needs more height

An all-around-player! Strong spikes! And hopping power is so good! Definitely embodies the saying, "Small but Terrible! "

Sheila Marie "bang"pined a is the best for me, despite of her height

An all around player. She can excel more if she will really focus herself on the game.

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24 Lizlee Ann Gata (AdU)

She plays without fanfare but certainly always gets the work done.

She's one of the best player I've known for, especially being libero.

Being awarded as "Best Digger" in the Shakey's V-League and UAAP for 5 times and 3 times, respectively. She comes out as one of the best liberos in the country. Because of her unbeatable defense, her team Adamson is known for its excellent floor defenses and receptions. - crockydyle

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25 Mika Aereen Reyes (DLSU)

Mika is best and the number 1 for me

Mika reyes is the most hottest in women's volleyball

Mika Reyes for is the best player because she plays with her heart and soul...

One of the best blocker

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26 Manilla Santos (DLSU)

The only volleyball player's jersey retired by DLSU

The best team Captain and the best player ever for me...

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27 Michelle Carolino (DLSU)

There's still no one like her since La Salle's golden days. No one can hammer balls like she did.

His high jumping ability and powerful spikes delivers a great impression that will last for sure..

If there is a VOLLEYBALL WALL OF FAME.. SHE AND HER SISTER MAYETTE SHOULD BE IN IT. She proved that height is not a hindrance to get an MVP AWARD. If you don't know and never seen these sisters play.. Don't call yourself a volleyball fan. In 2005 they won bronze medal in SEA Games.

There's no one like her. DLSU and UST are her Golden Days! I still love her. She's my Volleyball HERO. A LEGEND.

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28 Dennise Michelle G. Lazaro (ADMU) V 4 Comments
29 Tina Salak

Tina salak is really a good player and she is best setter

She got eyes at the back of her head.

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30 Maika Ortiz (UST)

Her running attack form is said to be one of the most perfect running attack forms ever seen in the court. Because of her strong attacks and unbeatable blocks, she is awarded as Best Attacker in UAAP S74 and Best Blocker in SVL. - crockydyle

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31 Charleen Abigail Cruz (DLSU)

All around player! The Coolest Team Captain of La Salle! Undeniably one of the most beautiful volleyball player of the Philippines! Miss Everything!

She's humble and can do anything and everything inside the court... Total package.. One whom to be admired.

Intelligent. Strong. Steady. & Pretty.

For me cha cruz is d best...

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32 Melissa Gohing (DLSU) V 1 Comment
33 Maria Paulina "Pau" Soriano

Hailed as "Queen of Diagonal Hits"... this 5'7" middle attacker can hit the ball in any direction even at the quickest or fastest way.

One of the best players I've seen.

Not big enough in her position, but the quickest middle attacker I've ever seen today. like calvin abueva as a forward.

You're the very best!

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34 Kim Kianna Dy (DLSU) V 1 Comment
35 Angela Benting (AdU)

Please vote for her one of the most talented players I've ever knew

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36 Joyce Pano (UST)
37 Bangladesh Pantaleon (Letran) V 1 Comment
38 Laurence Ann Latigay (SSC-R)
39 Sandra Delos Santos (UPHSD)

Under rated player but with all around talents ba...

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40 Cherry Rose Macatangay

Seriously so underrated. In her prime, she was a score machine, and her spiking skills were unmatched and the best in all-around play. Count on her to bring a score to her team every time the ball gets set to her. Team CMAC!


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