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81 Shaira Gonzalez
82 Michelle Morente (ADMU)

With her amazing talent of strong quick clutch hits and very good digs and reception I love her jolly and out of this world jumping and laughing every time she or anyone of them makes the point... Really brings lively and positive spirits to the team... I consider her the certified joker inside the court... She really has it in her character that can tag everyone else around her to get inflicted by her happy jolly virus... And this really is one big factor the team always wins when she's playing despite some lows during the plays... I'd bet she will be getting more potent like alyssa valdez as she continues to play her remaining years... God bless... !

Still young but determined to win every game as if it's the championship. a couple of years, she'll rise up to top 10

Positive attitude in court, all around, friendly, determine to win

Very strong and determined attitude

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83 Carmela Tunay (UST)
84 Nene Bautista (AU)

She is the best female volleyball player

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85 Heather Guino-o (FEU) V 1 Comment
86 Rosemarie Prochina

Thunders, veteran in the sports and shes very healthy

Her body built is bigger than Wang Yimei of China.. And just like Wang Yimei, Prochina fly'S high as she pounds the ball hard giving very bad damage on the opponents. And yes, she is healthy I have to agree with that

87 Justine Dorog

Justine really hit strong
I wanna follow her maturity in playing volleyball

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88 Mayette Carolino (Letran)

She may play second fiddle to her sister michelle but she made a name for herself. Her back sets are really on point and attacks too. She won Best Attacker SVL Season 8! I LOVE CAROLINO SISTERS. VETERANS

89 Eya Laure V 1 Comment
90 Relea Ferina Saet (DLSU)
91 Marge Tejada (ADMU)

The best in service and middle attacks. go marge!

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92 Jheck Dionela

Small but terrible her quickness deserves to be notice...

I vote her because she's my ultimate crush!

93 Phomla Soraya
94 Julian Tiongco
95 Ella De Jesus (ADMU)

Of all players of low height she's my number 1... I didn't see anyone like her spike so strong and against 3 blockers for her... ! As if she's treated like alyssa valdez by opponent defenses can you believe that... ?! And she's blocked 6 footers like dindin santiago and that Malaysian team captain at palembang who herself was stunned... ! I'd bet if her legacy with helping ateneo to their 2 championships could be taken up by someone after her graduation who'd be as small but as big as her personality inside the court... I'd miss her so much with the team... She's indispensable for me and she'll be my best along with alyssa valdez... !

She proves that height is nothing without powerful hitting! Small but terrible!

The Ella-vator! Despite of her small height she can still managed to hit and kill the ball. Truly small but terrible!

For me she is the best

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96 Musa Agruiqcuill (DLSZ)
97 Pam Lastimosa Ust V 2 Comments
98 Patricia Santos (UAAP)
99 Judy Caballejo (UST)

She is one of the outside hitters that can defend the floor really well

She has the title of the most scored points in a game (29 Pts) in the SVL season 10 open conference

She was part of the last UST team that won the championship in the UAAP.

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100 Kristine Joy Bulawan (FEU)

This girl is ferocious when she spikes.

This is a tumblr chick inside.

The girl with the big smiles

She's one of the Best

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