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FIFA Soccer 12
In my opinion, simply the best FIFA-game ever. Just look at the graphics, those detailed movements from every professional player on the pitch can do. According to their physical properties, some players have strength, some of them run fast. That's unique for every team. Or just choose the player (striker) with best finishing. The "gameplay" always depends on have good you are, if you loose a match, then you'll learn about more from the realistic content from the game.
Most challenging, realistic and true to life I have played in a very long time in any franchise.
The new improvements and overhaul to player control and AI make it leap years ahead of its main competitor PES.
[Newest]There's few glitches, but way less than newer ones, the AI wasn't totally dumb as newer FIFA games, probably the best FIFA game ever.

2FIFA Soccer 13
Best... Fifa... Game... Ever! It's also available on the psp, which is quite good
No doubt it's the best fifa game ever. More realistic gameplay, with tougher defending (i.E. , more realistic) and exceptional graphics. Superb career mode where you can manage a team after you retire. This one infact is one worth of a buy!
Why is this not the best, it should be first not 9th it is the best
[Newest]Good game FIFA 13 I hate you its worst game

3FIFA Soccer 07
Best fifa ever
Playing it for the past 6 years or so
I never get tired of it
Although the graphics is not as good as the post fifas but still it rules
Its an awesome game, I'm downloading it for my pc cause I wanted to download a fifa game and in your opinion fifa 07 is the best so I'm downloading it. Thanks for your opinion.. God bless!
I'll always remember waiting for this title after 06 Road to the World Cup came out. I played it more than any other year. 07 was the most exciting. The only bummer was the lack of manager faces like 06you had. I was let down, and still to this day they have not licensed manager faces!
[Newest]Best of the best

4FIFA Soccer 10
360 dribbling brought massive changes to the franchise

Fluid gameplay and crisp graphics propelled the franchise to its fame today

Its the most entertaining fifa to date...
Best game so far and I'm still playing it in 2014. It feels like you are playing in a real game of football - the A.I. is absolutely spot on and has sadly not been emulated in more recent games.
This installment really did set the path for the franchise's next few years. Graphics still look good to date and the gameplay is fluid and the controls effective.
[Newest]FIFA 10 is better than others, also on the new generation.

5FIFA Soccer 11
FIFA 11 is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt the best FIFA game ever made! This is the only FIFA installed on my PC and it's gonna be like this forever! The gameplay is so much in balance, so fun to play and it's very realistic. The very 1st FIFA game I played was FIFA 99 and I played all of em from 99 to 13 but this one people is the best! So excuse but I gotta go prepare my squad for the upcoming season. 11 players, FIFA 11!
Most balanced fifa game yet. Cannot wait to see how fifa 13 is going to be like
All the games have glitches but the one with the least glitches is the best. FIFA 11 is certainly better than any other FIFA and way better than FIFA 14 in terms of gameplay where players get cards in cases of rash tackles only unlike the latter. If gameplay matters to you more than the graphics FIFA 11 is a legend.
[Newest]Yep still playing this game in 2015!

6FIFA 14
Best FIFA game ever!


I think it is going to be AMAZING
I like this fifa game very is very cool game.amazing
[Newest]I think it should be at 1 place better graphics and up grade

72010 FIFA World Cup
Different gameplay than the normal FIFA but the online World Cup was the greatest thing FIFA has ever done besides Pro Clubs in my opinion, but pro clubs still needs a lot of work done so it can be better.
Just sold my FIFA 14 so I can devote more time to this game. Plays unlike any soccer game ever made. Fun and realistic. Play on fast speed and dynamic camera view. AWESOME!
This should be number ONE in my opinion.
[Newest]Very good my favorite game of all time

8FIFA Soccer 09
Revolutionary! The pc version has mouse control for the first time and gameplay has seriously improved. Can't expect more. I have Fifa 11, 12 and 13 but still can't leave fifa 09...
I go on it everyday and it's so cool
I just start playing it with a created club best ever
BEST SOCCER EVER number 1 can defeat me
[Newest]This is the FIFA that set the benchmark for every other FIFA to come out they really raised the bar with 09

9FIFA 08
I played FIFA 2004, then FIFA 07 and then FIFA 08. This one was the best. Later on, FIFA 09 released but it just couldn't beat FIFA 08. Lovely game!


FIFA 08 is very tough, needs lot of correct tactics precise shot, placements and brilliant play. Its very good and makes you smart as well. I played FIFA 98, FIFA 2002, FIFA 2004, FIFA 2006, FIFA 2007, FIFA 08, FIFA 10, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. 08 is tough and exiting.
08 is the of fifa'.its fast n tough.All these other fifa games especially from 11, 12, 13 and am sure 14 as well, they are so slow and too easy to beat defenders and score.The graphics mighty be better than 08 but they slow and 2 easy.i'v played all these other fifa' and beat anyone who thought they were good, why? Because I am a guru @ 08 the ultimate one
[Newest]I played it a long time ago but it still is my best experience with a FIFA game.

10FIFA Street
I don't know about best FIFA game of all time but this is definitely the best Street soccer game ever made!
To much fun for a soccer game

The Contenders

11FIFA 2006
From now on the graphics evolved a lot, FIFA looked brilliant from now on and it had a great intro


This is the best in many ways with crosses, fluidity, difficulty also when we play league teams beat you in difficulty mode also good teams like ac milan real madrid comes in ecc not low rated teams... Who ever has designed it... Fantastic
Fifa 06 by far is the hest fifa
[Newest]It's the best FIFA ever!

12FIFA 2002
I loved this FIFA so much! I remember I was like 7 or 8 years old and I told my friend we couldn't play tournament or the computer would know we are good and therefore beat us! Haha I only wanted to play one on one laugh out loud!


For me, this is definitely the best FIFA ever made, greatest opportunities, the largest selection of national teams, the game is flawless, I love it...
Awesome awesome even today it still best FIFA game in my opinion and the opening tune by blur just adds to the greatness

13Fifa Street 3
Never seen a better soccer game than this. I don't even know why it is placed number 11 on the list.

14FIFA Soccer 2005
Best FIFA soundtrack ever.

15FIFA 2001

16FIFA 13
Simply amazing the best game play. EA should keep this game play and add whatever graphic they want or Look and feel. But the Game 13 game engine is the best.

17FIFA Soccer 2004
This game tried to make football realistic as opposed to making the players realistic and it made playing the matches more fun. The harder they try to make the players realistic the worse the gameplay is. Ever since fifa went online it became unrealistic since people can no longer pass the ball around with their defenders. A football game where you cannot pass the ball around with your defenders and codes set in to make each pass slower and slower until the opposition gets the ball is NOT realistic. In fact in real life the OTHER team would get fatigued not the team passing the ball. Fifa 2004 is the most recent game that is fun to play but there are some other gems before it too.
The first one I had and playing the iconic career mode was so addictive but is obviously boring now but this game seemed so much fun, actually had decent songs unlike now and just kicked ass.
This is the bomb. This is fantastic. This is amazing. This is unbelievable. This is brilliant. This is great. This is a game of brilliance. This game is phenomenal.

18FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98
This one is by far the best. People shouldn't vote if they haven't played every game. World cup qualifying with all 180 or so nations, domestic leagues, indoor soccer. This game had it all
Best music, best interface, in that time graphics really smooth, I had played it with extreme joy and ambition
It was a revolution! There was nothing similar to this when FIFA 98 came out!

A game that changed my childhood!
[Newest]Without a doubt best FIFA came of all time. In fact, one of the best games of all time.

19FIFA 11

202006 FIFA World Cup
One of the shocking world cup ever played the was a great goals and then there was a really best year of the players like ronaldinho, zidane (red card in final against Italy (champion of that year) because kicking other Italian player in chest with head)

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