Best Fight Scene or Action Sequence in a Movie


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1Angelina Jolie VS James McAvoy

Great action for Angelina Jolie in WANTED. - Shelalalala

2Wulan Guritno VS Volland Humonggio

A fight scene between a professional athlete (Volland Humonggio) and a drama actress with no martial art skill what so ever (Wulan Guritno) who is 3 months pregnant at the time.

No wonder it won Wulan Guritno a Best Actress (viewer's choice) in the 2011 Indonesian Movie Awards!

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3Bruce Willis VS Alan Rickman

Best action of Die Hard movie and I'm 10 years-old when this movie comin. - Shelalalala

4Mark Ruffalo,Scarlet Johanson,Chris Evans,Jeremy Renner,Chris Hemsworth VS Tom Hiddleston
5Chloe Grace Moretz VS Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Hit-Girl is only 11 years old, and could easily beat anyone on this list who does not have Super-Powers.

11-year old Hit-Girl battled 20 heavily-armed adult men in a narrow hallway, reminiscent of the hopelessly outnumbered Spartans battling the Persians at Thermopolae.
Taking advantage of the close quarters and her nimbleness, she KILLS 19 of those men, including absolutely THE most awesome pistol clip drop and mid-air reload in cinema history.

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6Ben Affleck VS Jennifer Garner
7Kristen Stewart VS Charlize Theron

She is the best snow white I ever seen. - Shelalalala

8Joe Taslim VS Mad Dog

Mad Dog broke Joe nose! WOW... - Shelalalala

9Ralph Fiennes VS Daniel Radcliffe

An amazing story which played by fabulous actors. It's unbeatable!

10Lord Shen vs. Kung Fu Council

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11Robert Downey Jr. vs Mark Strong
12Tom Hardy VS Christian Bale

The Dark Knight Rises is EPIC.. - Shelalalala

13Dwayne Johnson VS Vin Diesel

That fight was amazing. Two of the most danger men. They have power. This fight was featured in fast five. Watch it.

14Angelina Jolie VS Brad Pitt

She has the gun, guys! And Pitt is good shooter. - Shelalalala

15Gandalf vs Balrog
16Tom Hiddleston Vs. Chris Hemsworth

Totally epic scene and you have to admit we all LOVED Loki's Poll 'Stunt' (Dancing) scene Haha

17Mad Dog vs Rama & Andi
18Nightcrawler vs Secret Service
19Neo vs Agent Smith
20Eowyn vs Witch-King
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1. Angelina Jolie VS James McAvoy
2. Bruce Willis VS Alan Rickman
3. Wulan Guritno VS Volland Humonggio



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