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The Top Ten

Headstrong - Trapt
Best best fight song in the world
Bad blood 2003 song. Its a blood pumping song. Outstanding, awesome fight song. Everyone likes and loves it.
Awesome song keep up the good work
[Newest]Amazing beat greatest fighting song ever! :D

2You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
Id enter a ring to this song. It is a kick your teeth and laugh. Make Marines listen to this before a patrol. The job will get done and then see what else happens.
Best ever! Speed up the song and it becomes the best!
Fast-paced, intense, and adrenaline-filled. I want to get into a fight while this song plays in the background.

3Lose Yourself - Eminem
1. Lose Yourself
2. Till I Collapse
whenever I feel low I just put this on


To me it is the best song EVER!
[Newest]It's a good song but I think till I collapse is a better fight song. thanks

4Bodies - Drowning Pool
Best song in the world! Great to listen to before a contact sport. <3 RIP Dave William's we <3 you!


What can I say? Let the bodies hit the floor
Makes you just want to Go at it

5I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
Great song I really love it.
Great song really can picture an epic battle to it laugh out loud
This is one of my favorite songs!

6Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
Makes me wanna rip open someone's ass...

7One Step Closer - Linkin Park
It's the coolest song ever
It brings you in the fighting mood
This is a perfect song for the fight scene I'm writing in my book in wattpad

8Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
this song just get me into a violent mood


It has an awesome beat
My new intro theme!

9Die MF Die - Dope

10White Knuckles - Five Finger Death Punch
I like how this song goes from quiet rage to just straight up crazy then back to semi calm it gives that uncontrolled feeling as if you know your going to die but your still taking the MF with you
Best song ever! This would definitely get your blood pumped before a fight
I'm taking back control with my knuckles!

The Contenders

11Riot - Three Days Grace
lets start a riot just get the dark side of me to the surface


12Back for More - Five Finger Death Punch
"You gotta reach down, dig deep --- break ground
Show them all you won't be beaten,
Brush it off and then come back for more!

13Last One Standing - Simple Plan
This is the best song ever, Perfect for working out, and gives you confidence to kick someone's ass.

14Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine
Not only does the title say it all but it will make punch random strangers

15Guerilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
Great song to pump you up

16Indifferent to Suffering - Chimaira

17Set to Fail - Lamb of God

18Time of Dying - Three Days Grace
Best fight song ever!

19Face the Pain - Stemm
Amazing metal riff, first heard it on ufc and I was totally hooked to the song.
Serious stuff. UFC rocks!
This the best blood boiling song it shuld b number 1 by now

20Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
You know this song started violence at one of Limp Bizkit's live performance. Awesome song with awesome vocals, lyrics, guitars, drums, bass and all.L.B. forever!
What! This song is number 1! This song breaks every other song on this list!
#1! This song gets me pumped!

21Fight Music - D12
this song is super fight song as its name indicates
Boss ass song :3
Em absolutly kills his verse. Song is amazing

22Had Enough - Breaking Benjamin
Amazing song whenever I listen to it gets me pumped great song should be number 1to me a great fighting song and a great band bens voice is great breaking Benjamin rocks!
best hard rock fight song best music till starting to the end. one of my personal favourite band


The Best, where are they now?

23From the Inside - Linkin Park

24Whatever - Godsmack

25Determined - Mudvayne

26Enter Sandman - Metallica
Yeah, Enter Sandman is the bed FIGHT SONG EVER.
Guitars and music is you pumped up.
Best metal song.

27Get a Life - Limp Bizkit

28Till I Collapse - Eminem
Amazing beat plus Nate's chorus pumps you up every time

29Awake - Godsmack

30The All Night Lights - 36 Crazyfists

31I'll Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars

32Warrior - Disturbed
Heard this on the radio and I love it!

33Indestructible - Disturbed
Indestructible determination that is incorruptible From the other side a terror to behold Annihilation will be unavoidable Every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible! Take a last look around while you're alive I'm an indestructible master of WAARR!
It might be not hit and run song but it lifts you so high that your strength and will to fight reach maximum, must be at least in top 5 fight music
I can't believe this isn't among the best 20 O. O great battle music
[Newest]This should be top 1

34Saliva - Always
Awesome riff. Great fight music

35The Fight Song - Marilyn Manson
How the hell is this not number 1?


Well it's in the name and that's what marilyn manson IS.

36The Pretender - Foo Fighters
it is a serious song directing to the system


37Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

38Take It Outside - Brantley Gilbert
This song is incredible, and it really gets the blood flowing. It's a mean, angry song and makes me wanna beat the outta something. If I ever were to get in a real fight I would want this song playing... I listen to it before a test, speech, etc to fire myself up!

39Stricken - Disturbed

40Coming Undone - Korn
Just saying I'd beat the living tar out of someone to this song any day.

41Not Afraid - Eminem
its something that won't let you stop


42Last Resort - Papa Roach
This song is badass, should be number 1

43You're Gonna Go Far Kid - Offspring
Great fight song, it's amazing.
It's a great song in my opinion but there are better remiced versions of it so try those...

44Can't C Me - Tupac

45Honest Eyes - Black Tide

46Live to Win - Paul Stanley
This is bad ass ROCK at its finest! & Charlie Sheen's theme song! Jk
It's an adrenaline pumping song, telling you that you should Live to Win!

Live life as you seem fit, to accomplish your goals and dreams!
It really gets you driven and in the zone, and just the mere fact that this is sung by Paul ' Stanley is enough to keep you pumped!
MAKES ME WANNA JUMP UP AND SHOUT! Totally cool, terrific song to keep your spirits high when you're feeling low :D encouraging message and really amazing guitar solos!

47Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

48This Means War - Nickelback
Serious blood-pumping song, always listened to this before I went to the gym

49Hall of Fame - The Script

50Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
Old School, but straight to the point

51Fire It Up - Thousand Foot Krutch

52Kickstart my Heart - Mötley Crüe
How is this song not in the top 10? When I listen to it I can barely sit still and do nothing, it makes me want to punch a hole in a wall.
Pure old school adrenaline

53Undead - Hollywood Undead
Great song to walkout to.

54For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
This song always gets me pumped and makes my head nod to the beat. Metallica has always been one to write these awesome songs that pump you up and also have killer riffs

55Kim - Eminem
Love it because I love eminem

56Drop the World - Lil Wayne
I starts in calm way but at the end it lits all your ass on fire eminem raps

57Badass - Saliva
Hey what the heck!. This deserves to be in the top ten

58Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti

59Raise Hell - (Hed) P.E.

60One Finger and a Fist - Drowning Pool

61Shoot It Out - 10 Years

62Takedown - Blue Stahli

63Survive - Sick Puppies

64War Is the Answer - Five Finger Death Punch

65Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback

66Off With Their Heads - Devlin Ft Wretch 32
Thought id add some uk grime to this

67Raised by Wolves - Falling In Reverse

68The Night I Called the Old Man Out - Garth Brooks

69Knuck If You Buck - Crime Mob

70Let's Go - Trick Daddy

71The Last Fight - Bullet for My Valentine

72Nookie - Limp Bizkit

73Undaunted - Adrenaline Mob
Listen to this band they r sick

74Shake Your Blood - Probot

75Burning Heart - Survivor

76Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei
For those of you that don't know this is the song that plays in Kill Bill Vol. 1 when she is fighting either the crazy 88, the crazy chick, or the leader I'm not sure but it's in that general part.

77Go to Sleep - Eminem, DMX & Obie Trice

78Whoop a Man's Ass - Trace Adkins

7950/50 - Colt Ford

80Nobody Likes Me - 50 Cent

81Raining Blood - Slayer

82You've Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest

83Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch

84My Fight - From Ashes to New

85Undertow - Tool

86No Love - Eminem
This song just can kick you around the universe in 4minutes

87Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth

88Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold

89Race You to the Bottom - New Medicine

90Counterfiet - Limp Bizkit

91T.N.T. - AC/DC

92The Takeover - New Medicine

93Riptide - Sick Puppies

942nd Sucks - A Day to Remember

95I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

96End of Days - Devlin

97Devour - Shinedown

98Mockingbird - Eminem
I love this song and I'd recommend looking at the official video!
How is this song hardcore?

99I Could Kick Your Ass - Justin Moore

100Erase My Scars - Evans Blue

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