Top Ten Best Fighters of All Time

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The Top Ten

Bruce Lee
Too many people remember bruce lee as the guy who took on 10-15 guys but only one at a time and only choreographed at that,
But lets see past his movie work, the mans mindset was not of I'm going to smash your face in like some of today's fighters" his mindset was IF you can smash my face in" I Will openly shake your hand" BUT? WHEN I smash your face in I hope you are capable of shaking mine? There was no if in his mindset, like any great fighter he visually saw his opponent defeated before it began, now this level of thinking was increased by how ridiculously fit and powerfully he trained, I mean dam the man was a machine, at 9 0r 10 stone in weight he could send an 18 stone plus guy reeling backwards 15 feet by hitting him with his now famous 1 inch punch, not with a haymaker full swing but just one inch" look at it this way if he could do that at one inch what the hell could he do with a full on snap or reverse punch? Because even from a distance away his speed was also ridiculously fast" most if not all pro fighters will if lucky know its coming by the time its 3 inches from impact to your face But by then the brain wouldn't have time to tell your body to block or evade! So bang! I will tell you myself as a martial artist of 32 years, the very best warriors in history are a combination of spiritual enlightening coupled with hard training, hard training alone isn't enough, a lot of today's competitors are very based on aggression and kill kill attitude but this actually leaves them vulnerable to defeat, bruce lee knew how to harness and control spirit and body, to be relaxed and composed in a fight is so much better than letting adrenaline control you, if you can do this coupled with your training you can take even the most aggressive opponent to pieces with ease! And bruce had this combination of input to the extreme"... I've seen footage on youtube where chuck norris was asked did he spar or could he have taken and beat bruce" and arrogant chuck says come on I wouldn't spar with him because I was a professional fighter and world champion! As if to imply that bruce would of been out of his depth" funny how easy a statement to make when the guy isn't around to question his statement isn't it? I've seen chucks fights on youtube check them out" personally extremely overrated comes to mind, there's a guy on the web who competed with chuck and also joe lewis another world karate champ and he beat both of them and he openly said that he used to train and spar with bruce lee and he was too fast and too powerful and couldn't get near him let alone land anything while bruce toyed with him and made it so obvious bruce could have chosen when and how he could knock him out at any given moment, so lets be honest chuck would have been murdered by bruce if they fought and to be honest I think they did spar and chuch DID get an hiding but due to his image and status it couldn't be known knowledge to the media or general public, so take away the hollywood razzmatazz and and see what the real bruce was all about, he didn't train or fight like chuck or joe with the hindsight to score points and stop and restart like in the karate kid movie" bruce trained and focused on seriously hurting you and taking you out in a very quick and easy process, this is why I'm certain that bruce lee was the best fighter the world has possibly seen because he wasn't a sportsman aiming to score points or a cage fighter aiming to pound you with seemingly uncontrolled aggression, dam if those guys charged at bruce like I often see them do it would be GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART laugh out loud I have no doubt about that and yes chuck well? May have been a champion in the days when lets be honest wasn't a lot of real competition about and it was only points scoring after all, if he seriously fought bruce it would have been like putting a goldfish in a tank with a piranha, ANNIHILATION, there isn't any real debate here if you really think about it guys, and to mention van dame and jason statham even in this category? ? Come on laugh out loud
I don't know if he's the best fighter but definitely ahead of his time in terms of martial arts.

People need to put their hate towards him aside and realize that he was an amazing fighter especially for his size. Many people who had lived during his time have all said that there is no doubt he is one of the greatest fighters they had seen.

The fact that people have to compare people like Fedor to Bruce Lee just proves that Bruce has obviously made his mark in the world of martial arts.

Let's put aside our views and agree that he was an extremely talented martial artists.
I Agree completely. For him, size didn't matter, because in a fight on the street there are no classifications of weight, height, or age. Last man standing wins. What is so incredible is they had to slow his footage down in the movies, because he was so fast. He is a guy that comes around every 500-600 years, and thank goodness I experience his works while he was alive. I heard an interview with one of the Gracie's and he made a really interesting point. He said we all compare fighters against Bruce in the early 70's. what if he would not have passed? Where would he have taken martial arts today? Say what you want, I am a coach and all things being constant, the person who wins is the fastest, and no one was faster and more powerful than he.
People like to talk smack about bruce lee just like they do about so many of the best. Comparing Lee and his skills to many of these other people is silly and pointless. It's like comparing a real soldier to a police officer. He trained to win, and win fast, and win without getting hurt. To do that you can't be using an MMA mindset or moves. The whole point to his personally created method was efficiency. He didn't have to be bigger or bench more weight because he could strike and be away again before his opponents, period. It's that simple. That said, there are those today who may have given him a run for his money - Tony Jaa, Li, Chan, and probably others - sadly we'll never know.
[Newest]Bruce lees fighting skills were inhuman. If there was any man I would wish to train me it would be Bruce. Him and yip-man were on a tier of their own.

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2Muhammad Ali
He's probably the worlds best known boxer, he's the greatest thinker, the greatest mover, the GREATEST BOXER
The purest fighter. He had legs, hand speed, swift body movement, very fast and very smart
By far the. Greates

Boxer ever number 1 has even come close, better dan tyson and sugar ray any day
[Newest]Man I'm big fan of Mohammed ali

3Fedor Emelianenko
Best fighter to climb into any arena. Undefeated 10 years against top competition at the time. Decisively won or finished all his fights. Defeated a number of former champions (UFC, Pride, Rings etc)
Heavyweight fighter with a legitimate ground game, that alone puts him over everyone else on this list. He is too big for Silva, can take all of the Traditional Martial Arts fighters down, and crush their face like Minotauro's (I wonder if Bruce Lee ever perfected his sprawl), and could definitely submit top boxers like Ali, who was struggling against Inoki, and Mike Tyson, who would have the position as second best fighter on this list. Sure; Ali was a better boxer, but in a fight I'd take the guy who is knocking people down with hooks to the head, rather than the man who can keep his distance with the jab for 10 rounds. Makes for a good boxer; Not a great fighter, who fights in realitiy rather than the ruleset or container of a boxing ring.

But I digress; Fedor Emelianenko.
Hands down the best mma fighter I have ever watched. He's crazy to watch, image fighting him. He's so explosive. And he's so relaxed. He can fight and be dangerous in every position. If you thing you have him, think twice. He's able to get out of every submission, and his ground and pound is more unique than anything else.
He's great standing up, on the ground, he can take any kind of punishment, but at the end he gets out of every dangerous position and find the way to win, every single time.
He's striking is phenomenal, his Jiu Jitsu is amazing. He's been undefeated for 10 years straight, and nobody understand how the hell he was able to mange that. I don't think we will be able to see a more confident, straight forward fighter like Fedor. He's unique, he just amazes me. Long live to the last emperor!
[Newest]The most scientific fighter of them all. Very skilled and smart. It was like watching a genius at work.

4Jet Li
Jet li is the best in wushu and he is popular for his speed
First of all Jet li is better than chan, norris, the person in places 5, and 6 too. In fact he comes second, right after bruce lee. Not to mention jet li is the second greatest all time. Also UFC fighters are no match for Lee and Li
I think Jet Li is one of the greatest fighters alive he remind of another bruce lee that he was that dam good he is the best in wushu fighting even though in the movie wjen he fought jackie chan they were about a tie but if I think if they got into a real fight I think jet li would put a hurting on jackie chan but don't get me wrong jackie chan is a bad man he put a lot of beating on people but I don't think he would beat jet li but I think jet li should at least on number 3 on this list because chuck norris is not even close to be as good as jet li I don't even think chuck is better then jackie chan if jet li and chuck norris fought jet li would kill chuck no problem muhammad ali is a good fighter but he just a boxer jet li would destory him but I think jet li should be number 3 on this list and they should change it
[Newest]If Ali lasted 5 seconds with Li I would eat my legs

5Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva is labeled the best fighter that has ever lived. He has taken mma to the next level. Bruce Lee actually said Muhammad Ali could beat him, so to say he is better is just ridiculous. Anderson Silva has one hit KO'd people faster than Bruce Lee (Vitor Belfort). If somebody who is faster, stronger, more experienced, and better trained than Lee can't handle Silva, than why say Lee is any better? Ali was an incredible mix martial artist. Fedor and Chuck are jokes. Fedor is the laughing stock of MMA and even Bruce Lee told Chuck he would not be a great fighter. Lee, Jackie chan, Chuck Norris, and Jet Li all trained together. As to why they're even in this list is phenomenal. Shows how little people know. Might was well put the power rangers on here. Not hating on them as fighters, but to put them in this is list, or even consider it, is a joke. Without Lee, most fighters would not even be known. I could make a new sport, make it famous, then get whipped in whatever it is. Because you are somewhat of the founder, does not make you the god of whatever it is. But then again modern day fighters can't use steroids like Lee did, so their bodys can't be pushed as far. But also steroids couldn't beat silva either. SIMPLE FACTS.
Best thus far and will be for a while, no one is currently at his level. I don't see anyone else on this list worthy of Greatest fighter of all time other than him and Bruce Lee.
I think Anderson Silver is easily the best or second best fighter who took step on this planet and even when he couldn't take a step because his major leg injury (Broke his leg in half so had to replace it with metal) he still came back to fight in the UFC. His first challenge after the injury was to fight Nic Diaz he still attempted to do it and he achieved, by beating Nic Diaz so if that isn't brave or strong I don't know what is call it what you want but first put yourself in his position would you do that after all that I sure wouldn't
[Newest]UFC stars are animals. Bruce Lee is not an animal
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6Chuck Norris
I don't believe that Chuck Norris could have beaten Bruce Lee. Chuck Norris is deceiving himself, if he thinks that he could defeat Bruce Lee in a professional fight. Bruce Lee would take Chuck Norris to school and back again.
Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then it exploded
People forget that chuck Norris was the worlds raining martial arts fighter for 5 years in the 70s, much better than anyone on this list
[Newest]Chuck Morris is harry and chubby

7Jackie Chan
When I say the best fighters, I don't pick fighters who was the most strongest. I believe there were more deadlier fighters than Bruce lee, it is just we just don't know (he was influential though). Jackie Chan had courage which many people can't show any more which we could see from the bloopers in the end credits. He also did the best "fixed fight" of all time. I don't like fight scene with technology. He also had talents in other category like singing and directing. Jackie Chan isn't the best, isn't the greatest but he should be deserved to be the #1 on this list.
he is amazing and funny! his movies are so good to watch! and his skills are impeccable


Jackie Chan done fight with a fanny style. His stunt is amazing and risky. His fighting skill is impressive
[Newest]Hilarious! Would love it if he played in more movies like Rush Hour

8Mike Tyson
In his prime he had speed, power and a killer instinct. He would destroy opponents. If his personal life had not fallen appart he would have amassed many more KO wins. If you could travel in time and take any fighter from their prime I don't think any fighter could have withstood Tysons power, speed and fury - probably.
Look up Mike Tyson's old sparring videos, back in the 90s, Mr. Mike was a knockout champ, with great speed, accuracy and aggression. There was nothing stopping him.
Mike in his prime was pretty vicious, too bad his prime only lasted 5 years. With Mike in his prime, Ali down in the 4th.
[Newest]He is a talent

9Tony Jaa
His is unique skills in muay boran, he is the best fighter of our generation
This guy here is a strong and a stylish fighter than all
He has ancient muay boran's techniques which makes him more powerful and sharp besides having a fast thinking against his opponents move.
[Newest]Best fighter in the world

10Yip Man
He could beat anyone, like everyone knows that. He was the master of bruce lee (who for some reason above him) but he taught bruce lee, and when he was learning he went away for some time and then came back after learning a new type of wing chun but was rejected by his own master but then it proved to be the better one. You can't beat this guy, he beat the best boxer in the world (at the time) and he was only partially injured with a black eye, he survived the war because he was a master of martial arts and he beat the Japanese general who could easily beat three martial arts masters in a matter of secconds.
I heard from a reliable source that yip man had a record of 40 fights undefeated..he once really beaten a world known boxer..his speed and style is unmatched and he is untouchable even when he was older..I believe what he practiced was a special shaolin wing chun style mixed with tai chi and other moves..he was perfect in his fights and an is silly to compare between him and UFC fighters because we didn't see the actual for me I would bet that yip man is a winner in any fight.
To beat somebody you have to be able to hit them or hold them, good luck with Yip Man. This is the man who not only trained Bruce Lee, but his fighting style was copied and adopted by many of the best known martial art disciplines.
Not saying he was the best fighter ever known, but would be very hard to touch him let alone beat him.
Shame he wasn't around in his prime when Bruce was discovered.
[Newest]What is this nonsense, yip man would tear Ali to pieces he should be much higher on this list.

The Contenders

11Scott Adkins
He is best fighter. He must tied with world's no. 1& 2 fighters lee & fedor. He is no.3 fighter for me
Scott Adkins should at least be in the number three spot in the world, he is also a real fighter. I agree with the people who think that he is one of the top ranked fighters.
Scott Adkins is the most complete fighter in the world. He has skills, muscles and technique. I think He is the most complete fighter in the world now in the 21 century. Sriously, do you think Scott Adkins should be this far behind?
[Newest]He is the most complete

12Brock Lesnar
Not the greatest fighter, however he definitely is the guy who has worked hard. He is massive and has accomplished a lot in his career despite going through illness etc. NCAA Champion, UFC heavyweight champion plus (despite scripted) is a Champion in professional wrestling. Headlined 4 out of the 6 highest PPV events, two of them are the top two. Plus moves around the cage/ring like a light heavyweight guy
Brock lesnar is true fighter even after going through serious illness he has regained 80% or more strength the workout he follows is something not every many can do it he has proved the world he can crush anyone and also bad things happen to good people who stand in ring against him
Brock lesnar is the beast he's a freak of nature
[Newest]My best fighter. He is a strongest and powerful man. He work very hard

13Jon Jones
Looking at astrology in fighting, Jones is a cancer sign which is a great trait that many heavy hitters have. Mike Tyson, Vitali, and Dempsey were all cancers. The cancer trait gives the people being born under the sign incredible arm strength and impregnable defense much like what Tyson said, it due to the fact that cancer sign is represented by a crab, the cancer’s ideology is mindset is in defense, a good defense is a good offense. Jones is much like that being barely hit in fights make it even harder to defeat him. An opponent of Jones must be able to first hit Jones, but even after doing so his power of defense due to the fact that he is a cancer allows him to take more blows than the other zodiac signs. With incredible reach, speed, and technique Jones is practically unbeatable. The trait of cancer is most using the strength of arms to defeat opponent which is why cancers tend to take you down and use ground and pound and it will make it much easier if they know wrestling and is also why Jones and even Brock Lesner who is a cancer have taken wrestling, the cancerian trait of take down is just second nature for them. The best way to fight them is not on the ground but even doing so Jones will still use his techniques to fight you using his advantage of size, reach, spinning elbows. Being a cancer myself I am afraid to fight, I'm am usually not afraid of the opponent but of my emotional instability, when I am in a fight I’m usually there because of a bad situation and I’m emotional, I feel more emotions then others, I feel scared of the emotions each telling me different things, the the emotion I’m most afraid of is my anger which I put in first concern because when I fight if it does take over I feel like I must kill the other person, sometimes my emotion of concern comes in and I really don’t want to punch the guy, but after the first punch my mind is automatically highjacked by rage. I feel this is the same for most cancers when they fight.
He is not the best ever yet but he will be
Why is jet li, Jackie chan and other actors ahead of this guy haha I would smash them

14Manny Pacquiao
Woah, Pacman should be at the top of the list! Number one, I mean. He is our National Hero from the year of His birthday till today. We, Filipinos love him so well that we gave him a lot of jobs to do. He is a boxer, a promoter, a congressman/statesman, a Wall In Their Family's House, a supplier of goods in General Santos City, a vendor of peanuts before, a good, religious guy, a loyal person, a rich fella, an honest human, a guy with strong passions, a persevered Filipino, and a nice guy to have a match with. Wohoo! Pacquaio #1! Hail on you. IDOL!
This Guy did things no man could do 8 division world champion 4 lineal crowns in 4 different
Divisions beats the crap out the best fighters from flyweight to super welterweight
He should be the greatest
WOHHOO! My Idol in our Martial Arts/Boxing is Manny Pacquiao because of his very fast movement, very fast and very strong punch combinations. Unlike other martial artist they don't use like Manny skills, that why cause I like Manny than other martial artist, he is my ever idol in martial arts and also Donnie Yen because they have a similarities in Manny Pacquia... !
[Newest]He is the king of the ring

15Don "The Dragon" Wilson
We don't need words for the don

16Chuck Liddell
Chuck Liddell in his prime was the best mma fighter of all time the power the way he sucks guys in and then just ends it. I believe chuck liddel in his prime a long with fedor and bas rutten are the best mma fighters to have ever lived coture is over rated, silva is scared, henderson gets everything handed to him on a plate no way he beat edger, cruz isn't hungry, jones is the only decent champion in the ufc today yet look at all the people calling him out and a failed fighter in cheal sonnen gets the shot good on matchmakers you know the fans. And what about this nick diaz and a title shot id fight nick diaz his record is equal to bonnars ( who silva the greatest fighter on the planet my arse ) defeated in great fashion, but seriously what do they think will happen to diaz he's a crybaby little girl and should run home have a milo and go to bed by nine oclock, he's a sponge and all he will be good for against gsp will be absorbing punishment.
I go with Chuck because he beat so many fighters I didn't like and he won the war against Randy Couture so why is Randy ahead of Chuck.


A true MMA legend

17Georges St-Pierre
Hey nobody really got to see the fight with silva who is known as the best until chris weidman knocked him out the first time and how silva broke his leg by kicking him in the second encounter but not taking anything away from silva but George st Pierre proved himself time and time again with his take downs which anderson silva isn't really good at defending but as for street fighting at Pierre would superman punch bruce lee than take him down also in a street fighter
GSP is one of the best Athletes of all time. He got great skills and is one of the best fighters, his style is kind of perfect!
hands down
I am not impressed by your performance, gsp would dominate chuck norris he is ridiculously overrated.
[Newest]Amazing fighter in and out of the ring.

18Mirko Filipovic
Best kicker in the world
"after emelianenko, the best fighter in the world"
Its a wonder that mirko didn't use his variety/combos of punches in his fights as he did in the trainings
Just Mirko! Emiliyanenko afraid to fight Mirko and finally thanked his ear that was able to beat him. Mirko is the best!

19Royce Gracie
Considering his size and techniques he was probably one of the best fighters ever. He has submitted a number of good fighters 50 pounds heavier than himself.
One of the most influential and dominating fighters who kicked ass since the beginnings of the UFC.
When world-cage fighting started, he took the world by storm. "
[Newest]He'd beat anyone else mentioned on this list - remarkable fighter

20Buakaw Banchamek
Muay Thai is brutal, and Buakaw is one of the best. In a fight where Muay Thai isn't butchered to oblivion, Buakaw would beat almost anyone.
He is the best fighter ever. So brave and strong to do a KO to his opponents. Buakaw is the best. MUAY THAI FOR LIFE!
He is so brave, I think he is better than bruce lee

21Huo Yanjai
This guy actually existed one of the best of all time you may know him from the movie based on his life staring jet li in jet li fearless
He has to be one of the best, he was the grandmaster before yip man and was the one of the best first guy to combine many Chinese kung fu into one. He was also a famouse Chinese culture hero.

22Cain Velasquez
Cain could be better then fedor but and the new best in mma but he's not yet fedor 10 years as champ
Wot a fighter, definitely number 1 for me.
This guy should be above Brock Lensar and dos santos this guy should be on the top 10

23Junior dos Santos
Cigano is the best fighter theothers is not perfect like him. He is breave, strong and he has high tecnic. And he is not an actor

24Jason Statham
Jason Statham is the best. I'm a big fan.
Jason statham taekwondo champion
Jason statham is a wing chun kung fu master
[Newest]He is the best simple as that lol

25Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones will always be the best fighter in the world to me, I really miss those days they were really great times in my book, I don't think he should stop boxing if it makes him happy because in the end a person should never stop doing what they love to do regardless of what other people think:-) Roy Jones forever!
Fastest jab in the business

26Shane Carwin
He is the toughest man to beat. He had knocked out 12 fighters in his record of 12-2
He lost his last two fights one by sub and another by decision but truly he is the best

27Sugar Ray Robinson
By far the greatest boxer of all time his record of 128-1-2 speaks for it self, he started his career at lightweight but could knock out middleweights with one punch from either hand
Won 173 fights out of 200 with 108 knockouts. Defeated Jake LaMotta 5 times and was a welterweight and middle weight champion.
How the hell is this number 29? There is no justice.
[Newest]Probably the greatest boxer of all time.

28Wanderlei Silva
When wanderli used to fight in PRIDE, man people would go crazy...

29Michael Jai White
He's easily the best fighter in the world, 7 blackbelts and he's still fast as lighting even though he's the size he is. I don't know any fighter alive better, I even think Bruce lee would have a hard time beating him.
Undoubtedly the most phenomenal fighters in the world today if Bruce Lee were to be reincarnated so he could fight just one more person it would definitely be M.J.W this gut should be in the top 3.
Right now he is the best fighter he is a 7x black belt. He has got speed, power and one of the cleverst fighters
[Newest]What the Bloody Hell is Michael jai white doing way back here. he would destroy many people ahead of him on this list.

30Steven Seagal
I'm personally not a fan, he thinks he's the baddest man alive but is nothing more than a camera glorified fool. His skills are not impressive regardless of what belts he has, I've known many black belts who can't fight their way out of a paper bag. Not to insult aikido I think it's a fine art indeed.
Most amazing real fight in competition videos on internet. This guy was the real deal and in his prime was most likely the most lethal martial arts fighter of all time.
There's is no way any of these names already listed, with the exception of bruce lee, could have beat Steven Seagal!

31Floyd Mayweather Jr.
How is he ahead of Rocky Marciano? Marciano never ducked fights


I don't like him. But he's good in the ring. Not sure about outside the ring!
Who even put him on this list? He's a embarrassment to boxing.


[Newest]He's definitely one of the greats.

32Mate Parlov
Best and first world champion.

33James DeCore
James DeCore is a Cleveland local hero. The art that he has been studying and mastering for years is amazing. The work he does with his students shows how much love he has for the art and sport.
James DeCore is not famous but an amazing fighter. He is one of the quickest and most accurate strikers. His students are a great example of what James knows and does. Great pick for this list.
Best axe kick I've ever seen. Doesn't showboat, and is humble. Quality individual.

34Saenchai Fairtex

35Rocky Marciano
This looks more like a popularity contest, come on! If rocky marciano hit half these guys without gloves they would be dead
Hands and arms like sledgehammers Marciano would have punched the crap out of the others on this list!
Rocket marciano would kill some one like Bruce lee 9 times out of 10 because it isn't like he is going to let Bruce lee kick him in the knee
[Newest]The best of all time

36Randy Couture
He is the smartest fighter of all time. He can come up with a gameplan for anyone and execute it like nobody else. He only loses to elite competition and beats the elite as well in his prime in the years 2000 and 2003 I would pick him over anybody in a fight.
Best fighter the world has ever seen aside from Muhammad Ali. The two make up a unique category.

37Antonio Rodrigo Nougeria Minotauro

38Cung Lee
He is the best mixed martial arts fighter and he is Vietnamese and he was a champion but then Michael Bisping beat Cung Lee.

39Joe Frazier
The best and most under-rated

40Donnie Yen
Donnie yen learned different kinds of martial arts including western boxing and kick boxing at the very young age now he have got all kinds of skills... He knows how do beat the big guys and how to fight with ten peoples infect he is fast strong like Bruce lee I consider him one of the best martial artist that I've ever seen... ! He is awesome... ! "Like a Cheetah on fire..." which means strong and
Super fast... With the perfect strike bom... !
Donnie Yen is one of the best fighter that I've ever seen...! His kicks his punch, Thw way he Strike with his fist its awesome..I think he should be next to Bruce Lee
Donnie is one of the best fighter of all time, he has a unique skill and style,
[Newest]Donnie yen can kill muhammad ali

41Lennox Lewis
Quite a simple straight punch and the opponent away. Fearful. Tyson kissed him hand.

42Matt Hughes
Matt Hughs (A)a former 2 time UFC Welterwight Champion (B) The first and one of the only men to beat GSP (C) The only man in the world to beat GSP by submission (D) A UFC Hall of Famer

What more can I say nothing else but LEGEND!

43Frank Dux
Made his own style with ninjutsu
He is my favourite fighter
Frank Dux never fought in the Kumite - He bought the trophy at a local trophy store and made the story up. Look it up!

44Badr Hari
Badr Hari is the best and no one can say any other thing. His secret is that he is close to god and worships him with an honest heart. He is my personal inspiration and I wish him all the best. Good Luck Champ 👍
Must be on the top
He should be on the top ten!
[Newest]Your are the best an you will be the best forever..

45Ken Shamrock
Ken is one sun of a gun and he is the best at submission
Best of the best

46Amir Khan
Not as good as kendo nagasaki

47Jean-Claude Van Damme
He is one of best kick boxer of all time after bruce lee
I salute you van damme
Van Damme was born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg on 18 October 1960 in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium, the son of Eliana and Eugène Van Varenberg, who was an accountant.
At the age of 16 he took up ballet, which he studied for five years. According to Van Damme, ballet "is an art, but it's also one of the most difficult sports. If you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive a workout in any other sport. " He began martial arts at the age of ten, enrolled by his father in a Shotokan karate school. His styles consist of Kickboxing, Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. He eventually earned his black belt in karate. He started lifting weights to improve his physique, which eventually led to a Mr. Belgium bodybuilding title.

48Lyoto Machida
One of the best knockout artists of all time a real life modern samurai.

49Kimbo Slice
ITS KIMBO! He fought inside the ring and outside the ring and won in and out! From ufc to just boxing he was dominating the competition.
He could probably kill someone with his fists

50Wladimir Klitschko
You don't want to see a fight of the Klitschkos because they are like snakes. They wait until they see their chance and then the enemy has no chance.
Destroys everyone in his category
Could beat any boxer to big best opportunist
No one has even touched this guy in the Heavyweight Division.


51Mike Zambidis
Explosive punches combined with a very good character
Just iron small but speed punch.. Greece of cource
Probably the only natural 70kg in his division fighting a lot bigger opponents very strong and fast the most entertainment k-1 fighter in middleweight division.. all his fights are awesome to watch... pound for pound defiantly one of the best kick boxers off all times

52Alex Schulz

53Alexander Karelin
887 wins - 2 losses in Greco-Roman wrestling (heavyweight). 13 years of domination. 3 times olympic champion in a row, 9 times world champion in a row. No one could beat him in 13 years. No one could just win a point against him between 1993 and 2000. This guy is just a legend...
Karelin was undefeated för more than 13 years! He is the most dominant fighter the world has ever seen! He could lift a man weighing at least 150 kilos! No offense to any other on the list but he could slam anyone ANYONE straight to the ground.

54Son Goku
He can do a kamehahameha, and he knocked out Bruce lee as a kid and he didn't even try so yeah he the strongest on the list.
Where's Madara at on this list! His skills defy logic for gods sake.
The best fighter in the air can fly without wings ever

55Dan Inosanto

56Alistair Overeem
he just a killer. he knocks the hell out of other fighters.
and he's just getting better and better.
he only have to win the ufc and than he has everything in his pocked
as well ass the dream k1 strikeforce and ufc title.
any way for me he'll be one of the best players for ever.
Are you kidding me? Overeem is just 26!?
It must me joke;)

57Ramon Dekkers
8 time Muay Thai world champion.
And the the first western to beat thays in their own game.
Just watch any of his fights in youtube to see pure power and fierce.

58Andy Hug
Has invented a kick while kickboxing wasa just init's beginnings - absolutelly amazing!

59Iko Uwais
He's the real deal. I'd watched every martial arts superstar and I chose Iko Uwais for his skills, fastest, and style. He can managed 5-15 opponents in 4-5 minutes and one more strange thing about him, that he could fight in a very small space. I stronly vote him and you should change yours because fighting comes from a true fighter.
He is not just the best martial art artist but in real-life he can truly beat Bruce Lee, John Cena and cain velasquez.
He's very fast and skilled
[Newest]I don't even support

60Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Fastest feet in the world! His slap kick is insane by the time you feel the first kick he probably of followed with 5 more. Hands down the best fighter.
Bad to the bone

61Mas Oyama
Oyama is easy top ten he took on other styles to prove himself and his style and won. He has 1000s of followers. He is a real legend look at youtube. Why mohammed ali is so high is stupid he was a great boxer but he was beaten by kenny norton you wouldn't see him anywhere near this list.
Just come ON guys! Just search him up and you'll see that he should be WAY up higher than 60! At least top 5!
He should at least second place behind Bruce Lee

62Grandmaster Ed Parker
I met Master Parker in Canada at the international championships back
In 1989 before he did and he told me the he trained Mohammed Ali and give him his black belt And trained Elvis and gave him his black belt I wish he was
Still here.

63Bas Rutten
Should definitely be ranked higher. He is a proven great fighter, not to knock the actors (seagal & Chan ) who have they competed against?
Liver shot that's all
Seeing the best fighter of the 90's nott in the top 5 is sad

64Don Nagle
Yes my instructor was his student I also had a chance to train under him
Don nagle would beat van damme and seagal
He learned in Okinawa Japan by the headmaster of Isshinryu karate he would go to other masters & challenge them & win he was told by his sensi that if he continued he would not teaxh him anymore so he stopped he is no longer with us but he will never be forgotten he was 1 of the best fighters of all time

65Rickson Gracie
Gracie the best there was the best there is the best there will ever be, never lost a fight to anyone
I take Rickson over any one the man never lost a fight on the professional stage. He faught people twice his sizes and beat them
406 victories - 0 defeat

I have to agree with that, but he seemed to quit training after he met that girl and cut his hair.
Killed over one thousand Phillistines with just a jawbone of a donkey.
Destroyed a temple killing over 3000 Phillistines as he was sacrificing himself as he was blind.
He would beat down the best fighters you think because he had God with him.

67Vitali Klitschko

68Joe Lewis
One of the best ever. Period. Didn't matter what style of fighting... Joe kicked A
he was voted number on karate guy he's the best next to bruce lee

69Helio Gracie
The true grandmaster he was and is the best grappler of all. Time.

70Jeff Speakman
I' kaireiti. Tokou and I vote for him because he is the best fighter with sticks like bruce lee sticks. so every opponents should wear protection from feet to head if not you will face a consequences.

71Benny "The Jet" Urquidez
Wait, wait, wait hold up. This guy is the hands down the best fighter in the world. He has literally a perfect record. No losses. HOW THE HELL are actors higher than Benny?

He is a real fighter. He can whup Bruce and Chuck Norris and any boxer he wants to, and he has PROVEN this unlike some overhyped movie stars on this list.
I think he is one of the best kick boxers, in my opinion.
I have seen benny fight, he never lost, but as the best fighter of all time
Its someone no one ever herd of what about skipper mullins

72Nick Diaz
Where you at George! Yeah that's right homie I coming hire on the list for you homie. I want my rematch George!
Can be one of the best in modern times. Can beat george sp if he really want.

73Brandon Lee
One of the Best

74Cüneyt Arkin

75Richard Plowden
Holds the most wins in Open Karate championship fights Plowden new how to cut a speedy fighters speed in half. He he was so Seasand he knew what his opponent was going to through before he threw it. And forced him to do so he would counter it what he didn't have in speed he had is smarts he would use mathematics to fight and physics he always said a straight line beats a circle every time.

76Chip Wright
Chuck Norris Doesn't Do his own Stunts! Chip Wright is Chuck Norris's Stunt Double! Chuck Norris's real name isn't even Chuck Norris! Its Carlos Ray Norris!


77Bearcat Wright

78Stan "The Man" Longinidis
8 time world heavy weight kick boxing champion. 88 wins 8 loss and 5 no contest 65 wins by KO. Held 3 seperate world titles in different styles. Broke the The Terminator's leg with one kick to win the title in 1992.

79Kazushi Sakuraba
No. 1 he beat the Gracie

80Roy Shaw
An animal in no rules street fight

81Semmy Schilt
Few people that rated fighters here did their homework. Semmy is the absolute record holder of K1 world titles. At his peak time he would have knocked out all of the other fighters listed here without any doubt. Looking at the facts will place him on top of this listing.

82Georges Laraque

83Rashad Evans
Rashad should be in top 25

84Masahiko Kimura

85Hirokazu Kanazawa
He is the best karate fighter of all time.

86Kubrat Pulev
Has many boxing victories and titles and I am pretty sure he can defeat vladimir, who is considered the best boxer right now.
Great boxer. A lot of power he has. Probably the best right now.

87Aleksander Emelianenko
This dude got some dirty hands

88Jason "Mayhem" Miller

89Jack Johnson
This guy should definitely be higher on the list. He was fast as hell, nearly impossible to hit, excellent chin and outstanding endurance. Not to mention his thunderously powerful uppercuts.
Won 80 out of 114 fights with 45 knockouts. World Heavyweight Champion.

90Joe Taslim

91Quinton Jackson
I wouldn't say best but definitely top 20

92Frank Mir
He is greatest submission artist of all time
Lived after a moter bike crash as a champ then got striped of the titel then got it back
First to ko an sub big nog
Beat tim silva for his first titel in 36 secs
And ko cro cop
15-5 wins 9 being subs
I would love to see any of these guy take him

93Gina Carano

94Cuba Thomas

95Sammo Hung

96Heath Herring

97Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
This guy has one of the best submission ever and is a heck of a kicker

98Kostya Tszyu
Best Light-Welter of his generation, Undisputed champion of the world with a record of 32-2-1 (28) An exhilarating human being that needs to be listed amoung these other great names.

99Elpidio Tagalen

100Nato Ficarra

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