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1Bruce Lee

Too many people remember bruce lee as the guy who took on 10-15 guys but only one at a time and only choreographed at that,
But lets see past his movie work, the mans mindset was not of I'm going to smash your face in like some of today's fighters" his mindset was IF you can smash my face in" I Will openly shake your hand" BUT? WHEN I smash your face in I hope you are capable of shaking mine? There was no if in his mindset, like any great fighter he visually saw his opponent defeated before it began, now this level of thinking was increased by how ridiculously fit and powerfully he trained, I mean dam the man was a machine, at 9 0r 10 stone in weight he could send an 18 stone plus guy reeling backwards 15 feet by hitting him with his now famous 1 inch punch, not with a haymaker full swing but just one inch" look at it this way if he could do that at one inch what the hell could he do with a full on snap or reverse punch? Because even from a distance away his ...more

I don't know if he's the best fighter but definitely ahead of his time in terms of martial arts.

People need to put their hate towards him aside and realize that he was an amazing fighter especially for his size. Many people who had lived during his time have all said that there is no doubt he is one of the greatest fighters they had seen.

The fact that people have to compare people like Fedor to Bruce Lee just proves that Bruce has obviously made his mark in the world of martial arts.

Let's put aside our views and agree that he was an extremely talented martial artists.

I Agree completely. For him, size didn't matter, because in a fight on the street there are no classifications of weight, height, or age. Last man standing wins. What is so incredible is they had to slow his footage down in the movies, because he was so fast. He is a guy that comes around every 500-600 years, and thank goodness I experience his works while he was alive. I heard an interview with one of the Gracie's and he made a really interesting point. He said we all compare fighters against Bruce in the early 70's. what if he would not have passed? Where would he have taken martial arts today? Say what you want, I am a coach and all things being constant, the person who wins is the fastest, and no one was faster and more powerful than he.

People like to talk smack about bruce lee just like they do about so many of the best. Comparing Lee and his skills to many of these other people is silly and pointless. It's like comparing a real soldier to a police officer. He trained to win, and win fast, and win without getting hurt. To do that you can't be using an MMA mindset or moves. The whole point to his personally created method was efficiency. He didn't have to be bigger or bench more weight because he could strike and be away again before his opponents, period. It's that simple. That said, there are those today who may have given him a run for his money - Tony Jaa, Li, Chan, and probably others - sadly we'll never know.

Good reflexes

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2Muhammad Ali

He's probably the worlds best known boxer, he's the greatest thinker, the greatest mover, the GREATEST BOXER

The purest fighter. He had legs, hand speed, swift body movement, very fast and very smart

By far the. Greates

Boxer ever number 1 has even come close, better dan tyson and sugar ray any day

Self Bruce Lee says that Muhammad Ali have the talent to be the best fighter of all time...

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3Jet Li

Jet li is the best in wushu and he is popular for his speed

First of all Jet li is better than chan, norris, the person in places 5, and 6 too. In fact he comes second, right after bruce lee. Not to mention jet li is the second greatest all time. Also UFC fighters are no match for Lee and Li

I think Jet Li is one of the greatest fighters alive he remind of another bruce lee that he was that dam good he is the best in wushu fighting even though in the movie wjen he fought jackie chan they were about a tie but if I think if they got into a real fight I think jet li would put a hurting on jackie chan but don't get me wrong jackie chan is a bad man he put a lot of beating on people but I don't think he would beat jet li but I think jet li should at least on number 3 on this list because chuck norris is not even close to be as good as jet li I don't even think chuck is better then jackie chan if jet li and chuck norris fought jet li would kill chuck no problem muhammad ali is a good fighter but he just a boxer jet li would destory him but I think jet li should be number 3 on this list and they should change it

I don't think that jet li is better then chan

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4Chuck Norris

I don't believe that Chuck Norris could have beaten Bruce Lee. Chuck Norris is deceiving himself, if he thinks that he could defeat Bruce Lee in a professional fight. Bruce Lee would take Chuck Norris to school and back again.

Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then it exploded

Let me just say this most of these people are actors for a reason they all can fight have speed but they are actors yes chuck Norris acted but he was the world champion for years and yes that is the same world Bruce lee lived in. Bruce lee was awesome but chuck Norris is the best on this list maybe of all time oh and these boxers come on no boxer could stand with a mixed martial artist duh and yes Bruce lee really trained created his own style but why no competitions because he was an actor lol

Chuck Norris belongs number 1 or 2

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5Fedor Emelianenko

Best fighter to climb into any arena. Undefeated 10 years against top competition at the time. Decisively won or finished all his fights. Defeated a number of former champions (UFC, Pride, Rings etc)

Heavyweight fighter with a legitimate ground game, that alone puts him over everyone else on this list. He is too big for Silva, can take all of the Traditional Martial Arts fighters down, and crush their face like Minotauro's (I wonder if Bruce Lee ever perfected his sprawl), and could definitely submit top boxers like Ali, who was struggling against Inoki, and Mike Tyson, who would have the position as second best fighter on this list. Sure; Ali was a better boxer, but in a fight I'd take the guy who is knocking people down with hooks to the head, rather than the man who can keep his distance with the jab for 10 rounds. Makes for a good boxer; Not a great fighter, who fights in realitiy rather than the ruleset or container of a boxing ring.

But I digress; Fedor Emelianenko.

Hands down the best mma fighter I have ever watched. He's crazy to watch, image fighting him. He's so explosive. And he's so relaxed. He can fight and be dangerous in every position. If you thing you have him, think twice. He's able to get out of every submission, and his ground and pound is more unique than anything else.
He's great standing up, on the ground, he can take any kind of punishment, but at the end he gets out of every dangerous position and find the way to win, every single time.
He's striking is phenomenal, his Jiu Jitsu is amazing. He's been undefeated for 10 years straight, and nobody understand how the hell he was able to mange that. I don't think we will be able to see a more confident, straight forward fighter like Fedor. He's unique, he just amazes me. Long live to the last emperor!

Well rounded fighter, can stand and has ground game. That gives him an advantage over one dimensional fighters such as ali

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6Jackie Chan

When I say the best fighters, I don't pick fighters who was the most strongest. I believe there were more deadlier fighters than Bruce lee, it is just we just don't know (he was influential though). Jackie Chan had courage which many people can't show any more which we could see from the bloopers in the end credits. He also did the best "fixed fight" of all time. I don't like fight scene with technology. He also had talents in other category like singing and directing. Jackie Chan isn't the best, isn't the greatest but he should be deserved to be the #1 on this list.

he is amazing and funny! his movies are so good to watch! and his skills are impeccable - robertoantonioortuso

Jackie Chan done fight with a fanny style. His stunt is amazing and risky. His fighting skill is impressive

Jackie is the best fighter he deserves to be one his fighting skill is amazing fantastic and super

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7Mike Tyson

In his prime he had speed, power and a killer instinct. He would destroy opponents. If his personal life had not fallen appart he would have amassed many more KO wins. If you could travel in time and take any fighter from their prime I don't think any fighter could have withstood Tysons power, speed and fury - probably.

Look up Mike Tyson's old sparring videos, back in the 90s, Mr. Mike was a knockout champ, with great speed, accuracy and aggression. There was nothing stopping him.

Mike in his prime was pretty vicious, too bad his prime only lasted 5 years. With Mike in his prime, Ali down in the 4th.

Tyson is the best fighter ever

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8Anderson Silva

Best thus far and will be for a while, no one is currently at his level. I don't see anyone else on this list worthy of Greatest fighter of all time other than him and Bruce Lee.

Anderson Silva is labeled the best fighter that has ever lived. He has taken mma to the next level. Bruce Lee actually said Muhammad Ali could beat him, so to say he is better is just ridiculous. Anderson Silva has one hit KO'd people faster than Bruce Lee (Vitor Belfort). If somebody who is faster, stronger, more experienced, and better trained than Lee can't handle Silva, than why say Lee is any better? Ali was an incredible mix martial artist. Fedor and Chuck are jokes. Fedor is the laughing stock of MMA and even Bruce Lee told Chuck he would not be a great fighter. Lee, Jackie chan, Chuck Norris, and Jet Li all trained together. As to why they're even in this list is phenomenal. Shows how little people know. Might was well put the power rangers on here. Not hating on them as fighters, but to put them in this is list, or even consider it, is a joke. Without Lee, most fighters would not even be known. I could make a new sport, make it famous, then get whipped in whatever it is. ...more

I think Anderson Silver is easily the best or second best fighter who took step on this planet and even when he couldn't take a step because his major leg injury (Broke his leg in half so had to replace it with metal) he still came back to fight in the UFC. His first challenge after the injury was to fight Nic Diaz he still attempted to do it and he achieved, by beating Nic Diaz so if that isn't brave or strong I don't know what is call it what you want but first put yourself in his position would you do that after all that I sure wouldn't

Anderson Silva is the best to me, I mean I always go with my American fighters but Damn give Anderson the respect I truly believe he was not knocked out with chris butt that's just me,

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9Tony Jaa

His is unique skills in muay boran, he is the best fighter of our generation

This guy here is a strong and a stylish fighter than all

He has ancient muay boran's techniques which makes him more powerful and sharp besides having a fast thinking against his opponents move.

Tony jaa is best fighter for ever ever

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10Yip Man

He could beat anyone, like everyone knows that. He was the master of bruce lee (who for some reason above him) but he taught bruce lee, and when he was learning he went away for some time and then came back after learning a new type of wing chun but was rejected by his own master but then it proved to be the better one. You can't beat this guy, he beat the best boxer in the world (at the time) and he was only partially injured with a black eye, he survived the war because he was a master of martial arts and he beat the Japanese general who could easily beat three martial arts masters in a matter of secconds.

I heard from a reliable source that yip man had a record of 40 fights undefeated..he once really beaten a world known boxer..his speed and style is unmatched and he is untouchable even when he was older..I believe what he practiced was a special shaolin wing chun style mixed with tai chi and other moves..he was perfect in his fights and an is silly to compare between him and UFC fighters because we didn't see the actual for me I would bet that yip man is a winner in any fight.

To beat somebody you have to be able to hit them or hold them, good luck with Yip Man. This is the man who not only trained Bruce Lee, but his fighting style was copied and adopted by many of the best known martial art disciplines.
Not saying he was the best fighter ever known, but would be very hard to touch him let alone beat him.
Shame he wasn't around in his prime when Bruce was discovered.

Can't help but wonder

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11Scott Adkins

He is best fighter. He must tied with world's no. 1& 2 fighters lee & fedor. He is no.3 fighter for me

Scott Adkins is the most complete fighter in the world. He has skills, muscles and technique. I think He is the most complete fighter in the world now in the 21 century. Sriously, do you think Scott Adkins should be this far behind?

Scott Adkins should at least be in the number three spot in the world, he is also a real fighter. I agree with the people who think that he is one of the top ranked fighters.

He should be top 3, and another guy called marko zaror who played a negative roll in the movie undisputed 3. please even elect him on the top, I saw some movie, he is really extraordinary.

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12Don "The Dragon" Wilson

We don't need words for the don

13Brock Lesnar

Not the greatest fighter, however he definitely is the guy who has worked hard. He is massive and has accomplished a lot in his career despite going through illness etc. NCAA Champion, UFC heavyweight champion plus (despite scripted) is a Champion in professional wrestling. Headlined 4 out of the 6 highest PPV events, two of them are the top two. Plus moves around the cage/ring like a light heavyweight guy

Brock lesnar is true fighter even after going through serious illness he has regained 80% or more strength the workout he follows is something not every many can do it he has proved the world he can crush anyone and also bad things happen to good people who stand in ring against him

Brock lesnar is the beast he's a freak of nature

I like him and I love him

King khan

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14Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell in his prime was the best mma fighter of all time the power the way he sucks guys in and then just ends it. I believe chuck liddel in his prime a long with fedor and bas rutten are the best mma fighters to have ever lived coture is over rated, silva is scared, henderson gets everything handed to him on a plate no way he beat edger, cruz isn't hungry, jones is the only decent champion in the ufc today yet look at all the people calling him out and a failed fighter in cheal sonnen gets the shot good on matchmakers you know the fans. And what about this nick diaz and a title shot id fight nick diaz his record is equal to bonnars ( who silva the greatest fighter on the planet my arse ) defeated in great fashion, but seriously what do they think will happen to diaz he's a crybaby little girl and should run home have a milo and go to bed by nine oclock, he's a sponge and all he will be good for against gsp will be absorbing punishment.

I go with Chuck because he beat so many fighters I didn't like and he won the war against Randy Couture so why is Randy ahead of Chuck. - Sabbath

A true MMA legend

Chuck would bum rush any of the competitors and throw off any kind of martial arts defense

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15Royce Gracie

Considering his size and techniques he was probably one of the best fighters ever. He has submitted a number of good fighters 50 pounds heavier than himself.

One of the most influential and dominating fighters who kicked ass since the beginnings of the UFC.

When world-cage fighting started, he took the world by storm. "

He'd beat anyone else mentioned on this list - remarkable fighter

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16Georges St-Pierre

Hey nobody really got to see the fight with silva who is known as the best until chris weidman knocked him out the first time and how silva broke his leg by kicking him in the second encounter but not taking anything away from silva but George st Pierre proved himself time and time again with his take downs which anderson silva isn't really good at defending but as for street fighting at Pierre would superman punch bruce lee than take him down also in a street fighter

The fact that georges st pierre is not even in the top 3 let alone the top ten is beyond me. This guy didn't just beat his opponents he absolutely dominated them he and given the high caliber of opponents that he had faced it is remarkable how bad he made them look! (also this list is for best fighters not actors the inclusion of people like jet li on this list is baffling)

GSP is one of the best Athletes of all time. He got great skills and is one of the best fighters, his style is kind of perfect!
hands down

He is a killer no one could beat him

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17Huo Yanjai

This guy actually existed one of the best of all time you may know him from the movie based on his life staring jet li in jet li fearless

He has to be one of the best, he was the grandmaster before yip man and was the one of the best first guy to combine many Chinese kung fu into one. He was also a famouse Chinese culture hero.

18Jon Jones

Looking at astrology in fighting, Jones is a cancer sign which is a great trait that many heavy hitters have. Mike Tyson, Vitali, and Dempsey were all cancers. The cancer trait gives the people being born under the sign incredible arm strength and impregnable defense much like what Tyson said, it due to the fact that cancer sign is represented by a crab, the cancer’s ideology is mindset is in defense, a good defense is a good offense. Jones is much like that being barely hit in fights make it even harder to defeat him. An opponent of Jones must be able to first hit Jones, but even after doing so his power of defense due to the fact that he is a cancer allows him to take more blows than the other zodiac signs. With incredible reach, speed, and technique Jones is practically unbeatable. The trait of cancer is most using the strength of arms to defeat opponent which is why cancers tend to take you down and use ground and pound and it will make it much easier if they know wrestling and ...more

He is not the best ever yet but he will be

Why is jet li, Jackie chan and other actors ahead of this guy haha I would smash them

One of the best pound for pound fighters

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19Floyd Mayweather Jr.

How is he ahead of Rocky Marciano? Marciano never ducked fights - Sabbath

I don't like him. But he's good in the ring. Not sure about outside the ring!

Floyd is undefeated and how can he be below pac man as I'm typing this he just defeated him tonight.

Floyd money is the best boxer in the world Marciano is the best to but Floyd has more money but if they fight it will be a tie.

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20Junior dos Santos

He got the best chin in world just few improvement in abilities and cardio he is best heavy weight of today's generation. JDS Cigano Forever fan.

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