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Bruce Lee


Check this out. I knew the guy who cut Bruce Lee's hair back in the day, and me and my cousins asked him for a story that was never written in any books about Bruce. He told us about the day he met Bruce at his Melrose studio back in the late 60's. Check this out, I have talked to a lot of fighters over the years and have read a few books on Bruce Lee's life, but I have never heard anything as crazy as what Joe told me and my cousins. When he walked into the studio, Bruce was demonstrating the one-inch punch with his students. Joe laughed when he witnessed this and Bruce stopped the entire class and asked Joe, "What is so funny? ". Joe replied back to Bruce saying that was a neat trick, which he would later regret saying. Bruce looked at him and said " You think my art is a trick? ". He then yelled at one of his students in Chinese and the student grabbed a big thick book from the bookcase in the studio. He gave the book to Bruce who then threw the book at Joe. Joe opened the book to read it, but it was written in Chinese and he didn't understand it. Bruce then told him, don't read it, put it under your shirt, because I don't want to break your ribs. At this point, Joe was really scared. He said Bruce's students put him on the mats with the book under his shirt and Bruce calmly walked up to him and gave him the quarter-inch punch. Joe said it knocked him back five feet in the air on his butt and took all his air away. Bruce walked up to him while he was down on the mat and said, "Now you know my art is not a trick, it is for real." Joe told us he never questioned Bruce ever again about his martial arts and said he had never met a human being that strong and quick.


Bruce may only be matched by his teacher IP Man and even then I don't know. The world lost big time when he passed away he was a man of many talents and master to them all
Bruce Lee is the best fighter the world has ever seen and ever will see even better than Fedor Emelianenko
look guys you all compare these fighters for nothing my opinion is that bruce lee whould take them down for sure and why I believe that? I have seen with my eyes too many fights of bruce lee cause I am 78 years old and I am from china... this man was a cat no one never touched him in a fight and when I say never I mean never. the fastest, the strongest, the most experienced at his age, and with his own way to fight. not only kung fu, not only box or kick boxing, he was the first mma fighter..
I've known a man able to disable me in under two seconds whom has in the past killed armed men with his bare hands. He was open to any challenge at the gym at which he taught as well.He was an incredibly skilled fighter and says he's never felt completely outmatched by a single person before besides Bruce Lee whom he said was so hard to land anything worth calling a hit on it seemed almost inhuman. He claims Bruce Lee was by far the fastest person he has ever seen and kid hit with extreme power and precision when and wherever he felt like. I appreciate that many UFC fighters may be able to produce more power and even beat Bruce in a ring match however in a fight without rules I'd assume Bruce would be exceedingly deadly and brutally efficient.
Bruce Lee deserves the top spot not just because he was a great fighter, he was also a pioneer. He was way ahead of his time in terms of blending different types of martial arts together. Bruce was also the first to be open with his knowledge. Before him, if a stranger walked into a martial art school, everyone would stop in fear of leaking knowledge.

Thanks to Bruce we now have open gyms. Not many people know this but he was the first to do this.

Guys like Gene Labelle like to take credit for being the first MMA fighter, but in reality he was a Judo guy and that is it. When he fought Milo it wasn't an MMA fight. It was Judo vs Boxing, plain and simple! MMA is when the fighters know more than one form of martial art.
Bruce Lee believed in fighting in its purist form, for self-presevation. For this reason, he did not compete in tournaments. That mentality with his skills assures that he would destroy Fedor, Norris, Silva, and even Tyson with lethal or paralyzing blows to nerve centers and/or pressure points. His techniques for victory would be banned though in any regulated fighting match. Ali may have posed the greatest threat with his speed combined with comparably heavier hands. Jet Li, Chan, Jaa would have to strike first and with lethal intent because Lee was still too quick and would seek first blood unless caught off guard somehow.
No one on this list is physically capable of what this man did. He was so quick with movements that he had to slow down for the camera. In boxing we clearly see every punch. It took some takes for bruce to make sure the camera saw his fist or foot when he striking. He can't bench more than brock lesnar, kimbo slice, or the young mike tyson. But neither one of those three guys are capable of knocking some one out as fast as Bruce lee. They are not capable of sending any man 15 feet away with a no swing one inch punch like Bruce lee neither.
Read his books, and check out his regimes along with what people have said people just don't up, and make stuff up about people. Bruce Lee was at one point 160 pounds that's junior middleweight. So, that tells me that P4P Bruce Lee till this day is the greatest fighter ever. People only say actor because that's the only time you seen him fight, but you got to understand Bruce fought in the streets with no rules or regulations which means no banning of techniques.
Bruce Lee actually mastered every mixed martial arts known to man. Raised by the monks since childhood, trainned so much to the point he couldn't even have anytime to hang out with his friends, Lee fans believed him to have a sixth sense (which isn't real, but maybe he just had really good hearing), and could defeat anyone with one simple kick that makes a person go flying backwards about 6 ft or possibly more and that wasn't only from the movies neither. He also mastered almost every melee style as well such as nun-chucks, knives, and disarming. Even since his death long ago he still has no equal to this very day. Still exploring other fighters but haven't found a match yet!
Bruce is the best fighter for sure.
When he was alive this actor could do and say as he pleased and no one could call him out on anything even if they disagreed with him, as no one could openly challenge him one on one. Nobody could beat him and they knew it.
Bruce could put tournaments down, he could put competitors down, he could put styles down he could do and say anything, as everyone knew he knew what he was talking about and the man.

You will notice people who voted for fedor or whoever is in second place has to mention the word Bruce lee to try put him down and in his place by being spiteful. Its because they are threatened by Bruce.
Not just a fighter, but also a philosopher, director, actor, and the founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts style. What an amazing person; my idol. Even Chuck Norris admitted that Bruce Lee would kick his as*, and how long did it take him to say that when asked - Not even a second.

If it weren't for his assassination, Bruce Lee would be the most admired and respected person in the world with even MMA fighters bowing to his magnificence.
Bruce Lee was the best fighter to ever grace this world. Now people need to understand that he wasn't a tournament fighter, in tournaments there are rules that you need to respect during the fights. That is why he probably would'nt win any world tournament, but in real life fight, with no rules Bruce Lee was the best, there are people who fighted against him that are still alive, some of them are even tournament winners, and they all said that they never fought anyone like him, and that in a real fight Bruce could beat us all.
Isn't is obvious? Bruce lee was the best fighter of his era and the best of all time. he had speed, strength, discipline, and everything else you could possible want in a fighter. for everyone hats says taut he was nothing more than a actor, maybe you should do more research in his work before you open your mouth. Bruce lee was the best martial artist and fight to ever fight.
He is and was the best fighter ever been and seen, nobody could beet him!
His shape size and build was amazing, and the way he thought was the best way anybody could fight, well he made a good name for himself and is the best martial arts expert ever been, RIP Bruce lee, never forgotten
Too fast for any fighter mentioned below. Anything you throw at him he will throw it back faster, stronger and more accurately. He basically created MMA, so don't even try to put any MMA fighter above the creator. Greatest of all time.
Bruce Lee was I believe the best fighter in the world. He could even block bullets with his nunchuck. He could also dodge bullets. He defeated so many black belts very easily and did not get even one hit. His opponents did not have a chance to attack. He defeated multiple people at once. No matter what people tried, with weapons or without, the people who fought always were defeated. He died because people secretly poisoned his food.
On this list... Lee was a great fighter in many ways. Not only in the ring. His passion for the art is unmatched. He trained with true legends and became one. He gave his life to furthering everyone's understanding of what being a great fighter is all about.
To put this simply. Prime Fedor, Cain, or perhaps Rickson Gracie would be favorites against anyone in history in an anything goes fight based on overall skills and mental toughness. Bruce Lee was a great actor and fantastic person but like the other actors and karate tournament guys (Norris, Chan, Li) he wasn't a professional fighter. Let's be real. Ditto for boxers, boxing is a different sport. A one-punch KO specialist like prime Tyson or a boxer / kickboxer like prime Vitali could surprise anyone but they'd more likely be taken off their feet and submitted. A boxer-mover like Ali or Floyd would have zero chance - guaranteed taken down and submitted in one round. Of course any guy over 200 could conceivably KO anyone under the right circumstances - but the odds favor the person with the best overall tool box. That mean Cain, Fedor, or Rickson. Of course, as great as those guys are and were, there is always someone better around the corner - it is the nature of the game.
Bruce lee was the best fighter of all time. Its not about if there is someone today who could beat him, you can't compare time periods.

But Lee was lightyears ahead of anyone in his time and stood out like a sore thumb. He would amaze people today if he was transported to nowadays in a time machine.
Master with hands and feet in any situation you could think of. Can inflict major damage with a single blow! Can fight with anyone with a lot of stamina, to back it up. Definitely don't want to be in a dark alley with this man! Laugh out loud.
Its an insult for Bruce Lee that his name is even in this list.
He should be placed somewhere even higher than number 1 if there is any (maybe S-Class)..
Simply the best. Fast, strong and above all has the heart of a warrior.
He wouldn't even compete he was a teacher that was trying to become famous
The best ever period. "The way of the intercepting fist" is so much more then some muscle head throwing punches and being able to take a few on the chin. Bruce was a master at fighting, fitness, philosophy and life.
When I think about the greatest fighter ever I think, "if I were on some special forces team and we had to perform a close combat insurgence that would involve thinking fast, intelligence, quickness, and overall ability, I'd want Bruce lee." Hand to hand combat is important, but being quick to react in an Intelligent way is just as
Bruce was 1 of a kind we only wish we had half his talents. He is the real deal we wish he was still alive. In the time of his career. Bruce has done more than anyone else in their lifetime. People under extimated him. The guy was a superman very powerful and lightning speed with skills that we could only imagine he's the best of the best 1 of a kind. We will all truly miss him.
Most people these days just judge others based on their own preconceptions and by other people's appearances. I just want to say that it doesn't really matter how big or small people are, you never know what skills or talents this "kid" have until when it is the right time to show.

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