Best Fighting Movies of All Time


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The Top Ten

Undisputed III: Redemption
Scott Adkins can act very well, This has to be the Greatest Fighting movie of All Time
Extreme action and impact, perfect angles to spot the moves in thrilling detail... Great story and such an extreme movie!


It is an amazing movie, with great visual effects, the fighting sequences are awesome!


[Newest]Skills of adkins have taken the movie to the next level, awesome watch...

2Never Back Down
Best film iv ever seen you could never beat this film one of the best. You should gt this film.
This movies is super fight movies
Amazing movie one of my favorite movies personally as well as number 2 it's a great series of movies
[Newest]I love this and undisputed so its hard to choose

Rocky is my personal role model. I'll never be old enough to stop saying I want to be like him.
It is the only best fighting movies and also the greatest film at all the time never less looking at any time.
I love rocky I think its #1 because it shows lessons of fighting
[Newest]Best boxing movie in my opinion


4Undisputed II - Last Man Standing
Undisputed II is by far the best! everyone knows this! Michael Jai White is so good in this movie!
Last Man Standing is the best Undisputed! Michael Jai White is mad in this movie!
A pretty good movie! the best out of the undisputed series! one of the most underrated films to date!

5Fight Club
This movie is a total masterpiece! Brad Pitt and edward norton give stunning performances!
This movie is the greatest of all time and deserves to be number 1 on the list it has so many great moments and is great! Please vote up!
Fight Club always impresses people, no matter how many times you watch it, you can't get enough of it!
[Newest]This movie is more than about fighting. It's about sacrifice. It's about materialism. And it's one helluva masterpiece.

Should sit within top 5. The best fight movie for ages. Can't believe it did win any Oscars, should have at least won best stunts.
Hands down one of the best mma (fighting) movies out there, the storyboard was good and the fight scenes were epic. This has to be in the top 3!
This movie deserves to be top 5. It's so intense through out the whole film. Also it should be considered on of the best movies of all time. Can't believe it didn't get nominated for no Oscars!
My favorite movie!
[Newest]Should be in the top 3 best fight movie in 2 decades

7Enter the Dragon
All the moves in this movie are completely real. They actually had to slow down the movie just so you could see what he was doing. He Was that fast


Bruce Lee is a great martial artist and this is the best fighting movie
Bruce Lee is so fast in this movie, and he kills a lot of people, this is his turning point RIP
[Newest]I have no idea how this great movie fell behind fight club that is not even a real fighting movie it has like 3-4 fight scene's. enter the dragon is by far one of the best fighting movies of it's time

8Blood & Bone
The only hardcore fighter iv seen yet.
This movie is best movie
Awesome Taekwondo by Michael Jai White. I think this more than deserves to be in the top ten...
[Newest]This movie is amazing

9Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat really makes for a great adventure, one of the best movies ever made and definitely one of the most timeless fighters.
mortal kombat is the line drawn between amazing unforgettable action packed thrillers and overrated baby movies. I think it stepped on the good side!
This movie is one of a kind, it is tonnes better than Street Fighter, and it is an amazing movie to watch, with a gripping storyline and soundtrack! There are spectacular visual effects and movies.
[Newest]I love this movie

Russel Crowe and Joaquin phoenix are brilliant in this movie
I love this movie

The Contenders


12The Fighter
One of the greatest boxing movies and performances ever made! I have to mention how good Christian Bale was!


The Fighter, is the greatest performance ever! That performance is by Christian Bale, who won an oscar, and definitely deserved it! This movie was so amazing to watch!
The Fighter is a new taste of boxing movies. There hasn't been a good boxing flick in a long time, and this came to beat Rocky and such
[Newest]Nice movie... good actor...


14The Raid: Redemption
Brilliantly crafted Fight Scenes further refreshed by a unique and innovative display of Indonesian martial arts (silat). This is then embellished by a perfect cast and the starring of Iko Uwais is an absolute match for the design of the movies since he delivers believable animosity and admirable prowess. Not to mention several WOW moments of action that leave the viewer breathless.
No need to know what any is saying in this movie, it doesn't matter. They fight their asses off. this is a no holes bared, fight fight and fight some more, by any means necessary kind of movie. loved it.
The best ever fighting movie in my life
[Newest].. I don't know what to say... It's to awesome

15Raging Bull
This movie was, and still is a true masterpiece of Cinema! Excellent performances, a boxing movie that is actually enjoyable and maintains its realism.
Raging Bull is the prime of Robert De Niro's career, it is his greatest performance and the movie was overall pretty good, definitely deserves the number 1 spot!


Most excellent performance you are gonna see from Robert De Niro

One of the greatest Sports movies of all time. Definitely full of action packed thrills
Kick Boxer is better than any movie on the top ten list EVEN ROCKY!
Best movie he had ever made and it deserves to be in the top ten, because of the fighting in this movie, Jean CLaud
[Newest]Best fighting movie ever!

BloodSport is cool! Jean CLaude is a very talented martial artist
Jean Claude Van Damme is the greatest fighter in the western world!
MAd Movie so underrated, just watch it, best Jean Claude Van Damme Movie Should be number 1
[Newest]Best fight of Van Damme The Great

5 star movie I have watch it so many times

19Million Dollar Baby

20The Tournament

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