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Sacred Sword is an amazing attack with a lot of power. The Grass type allows it to deal with water Pokemon as well.

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He's so cute! I want this Pokemon so bad! A lot of people think it's a stupid design, but Its actually very creative! I'm surprised it's a water type that's so creative!

It had a good fight with Kyurem (80 or 120 higher stats than Keldeo) and Keldeo has two forms.

He is the most awesome fighting Pokemon no doubt.

My father will be using its ability on th card in his dark expanded deck

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23Mega Lucario

Lucario's upgraded form with super punches

Lucario is best. How would be its mega? Think

It is the mega evolution of lucario


Emboar should at least be in the top 10 not 20. Having a large variety of moves in his move pool and has strong attack and lots of HP. Poison, rock, thunder, it's move pool can take out all of its weaknesses. Put any other Pokemon in the fight, emboar comes out on top.

Emboar is pretty damn good fire fighting combo, nice looks good too

I saw him in the black and white movies

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25Arceus (Fist Plate)

With the fist plate, it would easily beat all fighting type pokemon in the fighting type top list and would be awesome since judgement becomes the best special attack fighting has to yield.

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Not only does it sport an amazing Physical Attack with Pure Power, but it can learn all three elemental punches for the ultimate type coverage. I have a Medicham in my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke run, and I use her so much she is usually a couple levels higher than the rest of the team.

Medicham is a pink monkey with huge buttocks. Also it's the same types as gallade. That's an insult to gallade!

This Pokemon has an amazing move pool basing on psychic moves and fighting type moves. It dominated the team in my Platinum.

This Pokemon bosses anyone who dares look at them with high jump kick

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He's already been stated on this list

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This guy's amazing! Drain Punch, High Jump Kick, Jump Kick, and not to mention Lucario's signature move Aura Sphere, this guy just wrecks face, should be number 2, not 48!

, how does this Pokemon have such low amount of votes. It's so amazing. It's got awesome Attack and Speed, it's basically a 2nd Class Lucario.

Great attack and speed makes it so dangerous. And it looks awesome too!

It is graceful, strong and fast! Who doesn't like it! It should be higher up on he list.

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Sawk is very good has a alright move pool and yes could take out lucario with a karate chop due to lucario beefing half steel.

Sawk and thro have already been stated on the list

I like sawk way more than throh he stinks boo

I prefer sawk but I love them both

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(i spelled that wrong) you forgot him

We didn't forget, we just prefer his evolution

Come on show Riolu some love. though I like Lucario better to be honest

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31SeismitoadV2 Comments

Scrafty is one of the best Pokemon there are! Mine took out the elite four and can take out one of the members all by himself. He has a REALLY good move pool and can smash almost every Pokemon. His dual types make him a really strong Pokemon. Even my cousin is afraid of him and he has been playing for longer than I have.

Scrafty is my absolute favorite Pokemon (fighting is my favorite type). With his dark typing giving him immunity to psychic attacks, it's excellent move-pool allowing him access to excellent moves like Ice-Punch or Dragon Dance. When combo'd with his ability, Moxie, Scrafty has the potential to sweep entire teams almost effortlessly. Not to mention he has pretty good defense. Especially considering he's a sweeper.

Scrafty should at least be in top 10. Speed is it's only problem. Spark doesn't matter cause he learns physical moves anyway. Great definitely and speed and good attack. With an ability like Moxie Scrafty becomes AMAZING.

Evolves from scraggy

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33Mega BlazikenV2 Comments

What can I say? He's a chicken that looks like a penis

Combusken is a great Pokemon but not as great Blaziken or the other fighting type Pokemon, so I think combusken should be added

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35MachokeV1 Comment
36RapidashV3 Comments
37MankeyV2 Comments

Do you have to put Magikarp on every Pokemon list? - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Magikarp is the worst Pokemon ever

Dude magikarp could defeat the elite four

Best pokemon.

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Rattata is not even a fighting type

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In the fighting type form its almost best like lucario cause when you see one it will use relic song then close combat

Very creative design using music note line as hair

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