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Break evolve as well as mega evolving

Greninja is a water and dark type

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He's awesome just like lucario my favorite fighting type is mega lucario

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No one votes terrakion?! This should be the best fighting Pokemon! What guys?! I know it have so many weakness but come on! Awesome move, stats and not to mention, he's legendary that is obtainable before fighting elite 4! I sweep the stupid dark type elite four perfectly with no damage thanks to terrakion! This guy will make the game easier! Why no one vote for him?! Do you guys even play Pokemon?!

Super strong he reminds me of Slobber Trap / Slobber Tooth from skylanders

44PikachuPikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.V5 Comments
45Mega Mewtwo X

Hey he is mega Mewtwo X he can defeat lucario in a single hit what the hell is he doing on 41 rank

My move change into fighting type when I mega evolve - Mewtwo_

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46CobalionV1 Comment
48MienfooV3 Comments
49HelioptileV2 Comments

Awesome pokemon. A good tank early in the game

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51PanchamV2 Comments

You guy did not forgot about the pre evolution of scrafty right...

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It is so very strong because it has a super power that turns it into a giant

Dude he isn't fighting why is it here

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Hey nope he shouldn't be in the list.

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East or west pignite can be best.

Whatever it eats, becomes fuel for flame in it's stomach. When it is angry it's flame grows very high. This fire pig Pokemon is evoluted form of tepig.

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This is not a fighting Pokemon but all is well.

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Superb deserves to be in the list under toxicroak.

This toxic mouth Pokemon is rarely found fighting fairly but endures to use survival. Brock's croagunk is best of all croagunks.

Wow a poison/fighting pokemom that a rock trainer brock has totally amazing.

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He's not fighting type unless he turns into a fighting type Pokemon

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59ZoroarkV1 Comment

Gary is not very good. But we all know that the best Pokemon is magicarp especially with that move set up of splash and tackle witch he learns atlvl 15

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